I ask that question for any number of reasons including the Hillary Clinton email imbroglio.  We are told that it is complicated, even embarrassing, and somewhat confusing for Law Enforcement, but the message is she was and is deemed above the law. If that was not their intentional message they failed because that is the message conveyed. However, that is only one reason for my question, another is the Lawlessness of the Obama administration and the view of those working for him and his loyal followers.  To them, it seems, the Law is whatever he says not what has been enacted by legislation and firmly established by the constitution.

Back in April 2015, there was an article written by Suzanne Hamner where she referred to the ICE Director Sarah Saldana’s testimony before Congress that “ICE followed President Obama’s policies, not the Law.”  That is nothing short of incredible but the open admission and the many declarations and actions of Barack Obama indicate that is his and their law.  He (Mr. Obama) has said, “I’m president, I can do what I want.”  NO, Mr. Obama, you may have done whatever you want but Constitutionally and Legally you cannot and should be held accountable for any directive that coerces anyone to violate existing law.  He has declared that he is willing to circumvent Congress, the Courts, and the Constitution saying, “If Congress won’t do what I want, I will go it alone.  I have a pen and a phone.”  YES, you do and you have done just that, at times, but it is still Unconstitutional and Illegal and you should be held accountable.  I do not fault you as the lone culprit for your actions because your entire history has been one of getting and doing whatever you want with a sense of entitlement and exemption from the rules that apply to everyone else.  You have dealt with a weak-willed Congress for 8 years, therefore one can understand why you’d feel you can order anyone to do whatever you desire and be immune from the consequences.  You are your own god, so it seems and anyone disagreeing or resisting your edicts is a person to be destroyed and eliminated.

Representative David Young of Iowa asked Ms. Saldana about a concern, which continues to this date, that ICE officials and agents were uncertain whether they should follow the LAW or obey the Policies of Barack Obama.  That should be an easy decision, although it might cost them their jobs.  However, from a Constitutional and Legal position, it should be an easy decision.  Even in the military, we were obligated to follow ‘LEGAL ORDERS’ and not follow ‘ILLEGAL ORDERS.’  Congressman Young argued that if there was a policy that violated the law, the normal expectation should be to follow the law.  The ICE Director said, “And that’s where you and I probably have a fundamental disagreement.”  Her continued testimony revealed that she considered the wishes of the president to be a higher law than AMERICAN LAW.  That should have been grounds for her immediate dismissal and should have resulted in an in-depth investigation to determine if the President had, in fact, issued decrees threatening anyone because they followed the Law and rejected his wishes.  It didn’t happen and therein is a revelation of how we are in the mess we are in. 

I remember President Obama threatening ICE agents saying, “If someone’s working for ICE, and there is a policy and they don’t follow the policy, there are going to be consequences to it.”  His policy violated the Law and the Constitution and he threatened people’s jobs if they obeyed the Law and the Constitution.  THAT IS LAWLESSNESS!  Her argument and many on the left that in every level of life and business employees are expected to follow company policy regardless.  That will not hold water because no matter what the policy is IF it violates the law and especially federal law there is no exemption for the employee.  You cannot use, “I was just doing what I was told as a justification.”  The Law is the Law and NO ONE is or should be EXEMPT.

The tragedy over the past 8 years is that Barack Obama and the Liberal Left have effectively “transformed” or enabled the ‘mutation’ of our country through his ‘fundamental transformation’ into a state where the Law of Obama supersedes the Law of America.  If through Executive Order or Executive Action a President can suspend the Law and the Constitution with impunity, we have lost the Republic.  We dare not allow our nation to become one in which the Head of a Department, Military Commander, CEO, or President can issue a decree and it take priority over THE LAW.   That would place us squarely in chaos nationally and would mutate the Republic into a Dictatorship where the only Laws that apply are those the sitting potentate deemed enforceable and only apply to those no part of his/her regime.  We were established as a Constitutional Republic and have been one for a long time.  Are we willing to allow that to be subverted and abandoned?  I AM NOT! 

We must insist that this dictatorial oligarchy of political elitist and professional politicians end.  We must evict as many as possible who are following or allowing that mindset and practice to exist.  It is high time that you and I TAKE BACK OUR GOVERNMENT at the ballot box and with our pocketbooks.  We can but it will be a long and difficult fight and there will be casualties.  IS FREEDOM WORTH THE FIGHT?  Is America worth the commitment?  I cannot answer that for you, but for me and my house, the answer is YES!

God, bless you and God bless America!


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