BLOG POST 4 - Drain the Swamp

In prayer and consideration of what is transpiring and viewing the historic evidence, I believe there are two spirits operating in a powerful manner in Washington, DC today.  One is the spirit of deception and the other is the spirit of betrayal.  I am not going to go into depth on those but for those who pray, I hope it will stir your heart and target your prayers.  It is virtually impossible to identify some of the Swamp Dwellers and Swamp Activity without coming across as a conspiracy theorist but I will endeavor to uncover some concerns and hope they motivate you to become involved, pray, and labor for change in America that is restorative.

We have heard the discussion, supposed investigations regarding the Clinton emails, the Russian collusion, and the involvement of the national intelligence agencies spying on American citizens.  As much as I believe the Clinton corruption in her emails, the Clinton Foundation, and connection to foreign governments needs to be addressed and an honest criminal investigation conducted there are other issues that few are even truly aware of.  The corruption and Gestapo tactics of the Obama administration is largely glossed over and ignored BUT IT MUST NOT BE.  He may no longer be in the White House but he is still doing damage through his surrogates and through his direct involvement in the disruption transpiring and planned.  WE ARE AT WAR!  Before you turn me off because of that statement I ask you to hear, the conclusion of my argument and then render a decision or a judgment.

A recent report revealed that the Obama administration requested NSA data (secrets) on more than 30,000 Americans in 2016 and circulated over 6,000 intelligence reports WITHOUT removing the names of those citizens.  Where is the outcry from the Media, Democrats, and ALL Republicans?  The revelations of the Obama usurpation of the Constitution and wrongly using our intelligence agencies continues without a peep of objection in Congress.  We know that officials searched for the names of 30,355 Americans in comms metadata.  I acknowledge that data only reveals information such as email addresses and phone numbers but they also searched for 5,288 Americans within the communications.  The reports on those individuals were then circulated among various governmental agencies and some of it leaked to the media.  The NSA can ONLY legally gather data on foreigners using the U.S. infrastructure but clearly, they go far beyond that and we are discovering that under the Obama administration they have amassed a myriad of information on American citizens ILLEGALLY.  During 2015-16 the increase in spying on Americans increased dramatically and the number of NSA Intelligence reports and the names of American citizens exposed was well over 3,000 each year.  THAT IS MORE THAN TROUBLING because it is largely ILLEGAL and yet ignored by Congress, the Intelligence Communities, the Media, the Democrats, and too many Republicans.  That is only the NSA, not the FBI, CIA, and other agencies.  If one agency was this heavily involved, how DEEP IS THE SWAMP?

Susan Rice was directly involved in this endeavor and the targeting of Donald Trump and Republicans leading up to and subsequent to the election is further evidence of the need to DRAIN THE SWAMP.  One problem that President Trump or any president desiring to drain the swamp will find is the length, breadth, and depth of the swamp.  Today, there are about 20 officials with the power to unmask a name.  Who oversees those individuals?  Who do they report to?  What are the parameters and the legal guidelines to which they are to adhere?  When we have agencies such as the EPA targeting Conservatives and virtually blackmailing and holding businesses and states hostage to achieve their objective it reveals the massiveness of the swamp.  When we have the blatantly illegal activities of the IRS and the DOJ’s unwillingness to prosecute actively and aggressively those on the Left who violate civil rights, voting laws, and commit destructive acts the swamp looks incomprehensibly large and ominous.

How Deep is the Swamp?  Can we effectively and actually drain it?  Do politicians in Washington truly have any desire to drain the swamp?  The answer to those questions is the swamp is an almost bottomless pit, the swamp can be drained but not without casualties, and no politicians do not truly want to drain it.  Power is addictive and the deception of the requirement to go along to get along impacts every new politician.  We have all observed men and women who campaigned on sound conservative, ethical, godly, and constitutional platforms seem to go through a metamorphosis once they get to Washington.  I often wonder, how that could happen?  Were they wolves in sheep’s clothing?  Did the fall into deception?  What happened?  I cannot fully answer that but after observing politicians for decades I have concluded that Power, Position, Influence, Control, and Self-Preservation is part of the equation.   Some of them truly believe that they must play the game and serve their time in order to achieve some of their objectives. The System becomes All Powerful and the Guardians of Protocol convince them to toe the line.  It is part of the Swamp that needs to be drained.

How Deep is the Swamp in Washington?  If I could give a word of advice to President Trump it would be, “Remove every holdover of the Leftist and RINO administrations possible and do it immediately.”  Every appointed federal judge that operates as an activist rather than simply judging according to the Law and Constitution must be removed.  Every bureaucrat that uses that agency for political activism rather than serving America and Americans as their agency was designed must be removed.  Every bureaucracy and department that drains our economy, and does not actually provide a needed service must be removed.  The Swamp is deep and filled with creatures shielded and hidden by the swamps depth who are systematically damaging our entire system of government.  The Swamp has expanded and now the tributaries which include the media, academia, and even some business which are not drainable by the President or Congress.  It is incumbent on you and me to become informed, aware, alert, and involved.  If you pray now is the time to pray.  If you love freedom now is the time to become involved.  If you are a patriot now is the time to come to the aid of your nation and JFK’s words are applicable today, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” 

God, bless you and God bless America!


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