THE RUSSIAN INVOLVEMENT – Two Trails We Need To Follow…

BLOG POST 2 - Russia

I, like many of you, have brown exhausted by the continual “Russia Did It, Russia Did It” cry of the Left, the MSM, the NEVER TRUMPERS, and Establishment Politicians.  After this long, if there was anything real it would have surfaced and now anything that surfaces will likely be a fabrication or distortion based on innuendo, not fact.  This nightmare should be laid to rest and done so quickly.

However, recently two pieces of information have surfaced and been reported by Politico and The Washington Post that give us two trails that suggest some very important truths not being discussed.  Facts and revelations that will be ignored by the Left, the MSM, and the Establishment Republicans.  What are those two trails?  One is that the Obama administration was warned in 2014 about potential Russian interference or involvement in our political process.  The second is that in early 2016 the Trump team was contacted by the Russians with an offer to help and were rejected.  That leads to the question, “Who really colluded with the Russians?” or “Who created a situation where there could be Russian involvement?”  If you follow those two stories you can conclude only one thing, it was not Donald J. Trump.  That only leaves one other possibility, which will never be acknowledged by the Democrats, the MSM, the Leftist, or the Establishment Republicans and Never Trump Crowd.  It was Barack Hussein Obama.

Why would the Obama administration fail to acknowledge the Russian threat and why would they fail to take any definitive steps to prevent it?  That would be virtually impossible to answer conclusively but I would suggest that then President Obama was terrified of what Russia might do if he acted forcefully and definitively.  Another possibility is that he thought in his narcissistic mind that the Russians would help him and the Democrats.  He and most of those in Washington, DC failed and continue to fail to comprehend that the Russians were not interested in helping either candidate but to damage confidence in our political system and thereby damage our Republic.  That has been a goal of the communist regimes of the world for decades and with Russia or the USSR, it dates back to Nikita Khrushchev and beyond.  It is not a new tactic or desire of those regimes. The deeper question is why Obama would say, “I spoke to Putin and told him to stop it and he did.”  SERIOUSLY?  Who believed that?  Imagine Putin being obedient to the weak American president?  That is beyond laughable.  Beyond that how about the Democrat involvement with the Ukraine elections and seeking help for a foreign government in the elections?  Nobody is dealing with that.  Why?  That is too obvious to need a response but with the Anti-Trump groups, the anything is justifiable if it does harm or insinuates wrong by Donald Trump or his team.

The other shoe that I want to drop, not that it will get any traction outside those who are defenders of the Constitution, is the Washington Post story that Team Trump rejected offers to meet with the Russians in early 2016.  Newly leaked emails reveal that during the Primary the Trump Team rejected offers to meet with Russian officials, citing legality and protocol issues.  It seems that campaign volunteer George Papadopoulos tried to set up some meetings with the Trump Team and Russian officials.  Paul Manafort and others in the Trump Camp immediately rejected those offers.  Sam Clovis and retired Admiral Charles Kubic slammed the door on those meetings.  They cited legal restrictions and the possible violation of the Logan act.  This information lends credibility to the argument that there was NO COLLUSION and NO “back-channels” between Putin and Trump to take down Hillary Clinton.

What is sad about these new media stories is that it will not end the false narrative about Trump and the Russians because the Democrats and the NEVER TRUMPIST cannot accept that Trump won.  They didn’t want him to and therefore he should not have won and because they do not think he should have won, anything is justifiable in their pursuit to ‘take him out’ and ‘remove him from office.’  Also, there will be nothing done regarding Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or the many Democrats whose hands are dirty with corruption, scandal, and nefarious actions.  We have a divided nation and as I heard a person say to a national radio host, “I want Trump impeached,” based on nothing more than this individual didn’t want him to win.

If anyone things Washington DC is a moral high ground, they are delusional.  If anyone thinks that the political establishment of either party is trustworthy, they are living outside the realm of reality.  I don’t mind political parties objecting and trying to get what they want to be enacted in legislation but I do object to participating in the destruction of the Republic, as is now taking place.  Someone said recently, “What Trump is facing is no different than what Obama faced with the Republicans.”  I WISH THEY WERE NOT SERIOUS, but they were.  There is a dramatic difference in that Obama did not have to contend with detractors in his own party as we saw in Obamacare and many other illegal and unconstitutional actions he took.  NOT A HINT OF RESISTANCE FROM THE LEFT.  Today, Donald Trump is dealing with a Democrat Party that has vowed REFUSAL TO NEGOTIATE with Trump but insists that he negotiate with North Korea.  He is dealing with a Democrat Party that has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop his agenda and impeach him.  If it were just the minority party resisting and obstructing I could overlook it but some of the Republicans are joining in the opposition and that makes what President Trump is facing dramatically different from what President Obama faced.

If you are fed up with the Obstructionism and the Phony Investigations I urge you to begin a letter writing, email, phone call campaign to your elected officials and the leadership in the House and Senate notifying them of your displeasure and put them on notice that WE ARE STILL AWAKE and WE ARE STILL ANGRY.

God, bless you and God bless America!




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