BLOG POST 1 - End Is Near

The end of what?  The Republic as the Framers and Founders established and we have enjoyed for over 200 years, that’s what.  That is if the Republicans continue to do what they have been and are doing in Washington the Republic is in grave danger.  GOP, we gave you the House and you fumbled the ball.  We gave you the Senate too, and you retreated into the shadows claiming you were powerless because of the occupant of the White House.  We gave you the White House to go along with the House and Senate and now you are revealing that you did not mean what you had been saying and are not truly Constitutional or Conservative.  In fact, you resemble the Democrats more than you resemble your base, those of us who desire and are now demanding a return to Constitutionalism in America.  We have not abandoned you, but you have abandoned us and because of your treachery, if it continues, The Republic is doomed. 

Some may immediately discount my warning calling me a ‘fear monger’, ‘conspiracy theorist’ or something worse and tell me just wait it will be okay.  I might have believed that before Barack Obama became president but after watching the systematic dismantling of the Republic over the past 8 years I no longer believe that we can simply wait it out.  I am grateful that Hillary Clinton was not elected because, in my view, that would have been the certain destruction of any semblance of our precious Republic.  However, with the present state of affairs, I would call the development of ‘strange bedfellows’ or ‘collusion’ between the Democrats, MSM, Activist, Leftist, Never Trumpist, and Establishment Republicans I no longer believe that just sitting back and waiting will produce a positive result.  It will, in my view, prove to be the final nail in the coffin of the Republic.  Apathy will produce the death of Freedom and I will not sit idly by and watch that transpire.  Hate me for my stance, if you please.  I only ask that you carefully vet all the news you get, and dig deeper than the surface, if possible, to determine the truth.  I ask that you consider all sides of the issues and determine, in your heart, what is best for the Republic.  The sanitization of history is not the right path nor is total obstructionism.  America is more than political parties, ideologies, and agendas its foundation is revealed in the motto, “In God We Trust” and in the declaration of our Great Document that our purpose and desire is that ALL PEOPLE have the right to pursue, LIFE, LIBERTY, and HAPPINESS.

The Republican Party of today is no longer the Party of Lincoln or Reagan and the leadership of the Party is anything but Constitutional or Conservative.  You can blame Donald Trump for the demise of the Party but I contend that he did not cause the problem but exposed it.  Someone said that the Republicans are not the Party of Conservativism but the Party of Stupid and there is some validity in that argument.  I have formed that view based on the actions of the GOP leadership for the past 8 years and the first half of the first year of Donald Trump’s administration.  I am convinced that the Establishment leadership does not care one wit about what you and I think or want.  They think we are simply dumb loyalist to the point of blindly voting for them regardless of what they do or fail to do.  I PRAY THEY ARE WRONG!  They have been right in the past but that is changing and changing rapidly as will be seen in 2018 and 2020 if they continue their present course of action.

Donald Trump often appears to be the only one in DC trying to get anything done.  They are spineless feckless wimps and in a great measure frauds and need to be called out.  Ted Cruz was vilified when he called the GOP leadership liars but he was spot on in his argument.  The Ole Boy System of Political Elitist could not abide that kind of talk and exposure and they sought and are seeking to oust Senator Cruz and anyone who stands for Conservative principles.   The GOP leadership and those aligning themselves with them are betraying half the population and the base that voted to elect them.  I believe they are also betraying the Republic.

The present GOP is allowing the minority party to control the debate, direct the agenda, and stand with them in all the ridiculous antics to destroy Donald Trump.  Someone suggested it was an example of Stockholm Syndrome but I believe it is far worse than that and it is an example of Protectionism of the Status Quo, the Ole Boy Network, and a thirst for Power that is driving them to do all they can to keep everything business as usual in DC and reject all efforts to do the will of the people.  It is about them not about us or about the Republic.  They knew and know that the constant Russia thing is a farce but it gives them a basis to attack Donald Trump and attempt to paint him as the problem in the minds of those who are gullible enough to buy their spin.  I don’t care if Donald Trump’s personality is grating to you, he has demonstrated that he wants to keep his promises to the voters.  Has he made mistakes?  OF COURSE!  Will he make more?  WITHOUT DOUBT.  Sadly, many in his administration would be perfectly comfortable working for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton and that, in my view, is a huge problem.

What will happen in 2018 and 2020 if they continue their current path?  There are several possibilities and most of them not good for the Republic and Constitutional Values.  Those that got onboard the Trump Train and voted against Hillary might just decide that the GOP is so worthless they will stay home and not vote.  That would lead to a Democrat victory of epic proportions.  They may, and I hope they do, seek to get rid of all the GOP Leadership in the primaries.  Another possibility is the center-right base may become so angry they push back in the way the left is pushing and that would mean that the cold civil war becomes white hot and that would be tragic.  NO, NO, NO, I am not endorsing violence but I am very concerned that is where we are headed.  People are angry.  People on both sides are angry and UNLESS the politicians begin to do what they promised, which would result in a better economy, a safer Republic, and more Freedom for the citizenry, the voters are going to become even angrier.  Anger that sees no possibility of reaching a peaceful and positive resolution usually results in violence.  WE MUST AVOID THAT.

We are facing enemies from without and within.  The world is a seething cauldron about to explode and without a strong healthy and prosperous United States will descend into chaos.  No, I do not believe that America is to be the Policeman of the world nor that we have the right to impose our values and system of government on others.  However, I do believe the America of our Framers and Founders, the America of WWII, and the America of Reagan provides an example to the world of a better way.  Our strength deters those who would abridge the freedoms of others from advancing their agenda.  Our prosperity inspires others to reach higher and strive to achieve more.  When we lose our moral moorings and our Constitutional foundations become fractured we lose our ability to influence the world positively and keep peace within our borders.  I FEAR THAT IS WHERE WE ARE TODAY.  We continue the path we are on, to our hurt or we regain control of our government and begin the long slow and difficult task of RESTORING AMERICA.

God, bless you and God Bless America

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