EMBRACE OR ERASE – That is the Question…

BLOG POST 3 - Embrace the Past

I tried to sign up for an online course of “Snowflake 101″ but we denied access because I think.  The hoopla, diatribe, rhetoric, and faux moral offense being touted by some national leaders and regurgitated by their followers in the Snowflake Society, Leftist Ideological Advocates, the MSM, and Far Left Hate Groups is troubling.  No, it is a precursor to a Second Civil War if it does not end.  The result of their newest attacks on history will have the same effect as throwing gasoline on an open flame – IGNITION.  I caution those on the Right and on the Left from taking any action that will fan the flames of hate that are erupting into an out of control raging fire with nowhere to go except full-blown war.  I cannot believe that any rational person would desire that so I make my appeal attempting to use reason for the reasonable.

The claim that the memorials and statues of Confederates are immoral because they represent an advocating of slavery is troubling.  No, I am not a defender of slavery.  I detest the very idea of any human being forced into servitude to another human being as slavery is defined or recognized.  The cries of Al Sharpton and others to remove the Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson was a slave owner is misguided.  There have been calls to do the same with anything relating to George Washington for the same reason.  If that is the moral stance of Mr. Sharpton, the Hamilton Star, the MSM, the Democrats, the Elitist in Washington, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers or any other Leftist Group then we must focus on the entire world and make our voices ring to the heavens against any memorial or reminder of slavery, tyranny, or despotism.  Maybe they should target the Democrat Party because of its history regarding slavery, racism, and the fight against civil rights.  It does not matter that we have no right to tell other countries how to celebrate or embrace their history, if it connects to slavery we have a moral obligation to erase if from the earth and thereby sanitize history so we offend no one, do we not?  Yes, I’m going to the extreme but so are they and I do so to show how dangerous this trend can be.

Those in Congress, including some Republicans that want to censor the President because they didn’t like his remarks about the tragedy in Charlottesville need to step back, take a deep breath and THINK.  The argument that the Confederate monuments, memorials, and statues are associated with slavery, tyranny, and oppression needs to be taken to its natural conclusion if it is going to be argued as a basis for sanitizing history.  I saw an article recently that listed 6 Worldwide monuments or memorials that must be targeted if they are going to be consistent and demonstrate they are truly seeking moral clarity.  The list included the Jefferson Memorial because Jefferson owned slaves.  The 130-foot statue of Genghis Kahn in Mongolia the founder of the Mongolian empire that conquered half the known world and brought terror to the hearts of millions.  The Blue Mosque, the crowning achievement of Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan because the Ottoman Empire was a slaver state.  In 1609 it is estimated that 1/5th of the population of Constantinople were slaves.  It is an Islamic Mosque that is associated with past and present slavery.  How about the Chichen Itza in Central America erected by the Mayans.  On the top of that structure, human sacrifices were a regular occurrence.  The Mayans never got around to abolishing the practice and they allowed non-Mayans to be taken as slaves.  Next, we have the Great Wall of China because it is a monument to brutal dictatorship and tyranny.  It has been nicknamed the longest cemetery in the world because as many as 1 million workers died erecting it.  So much for the left caring about the working class.  Then we dare not omit the Pyramids of Giza, the last remaining Wonder of the Ancient World.  Most accounts report that they were built using slave labor but regardless we know from the historical record that Ancient Egypt was the original slave-state.

Before you argue that that was a long time ago and we have no right to tell other countries what to do or how to celebrate or embrace their history the morality issue demands we insist on those monuments being removed from the face of the earth.  Let’s send in the special forces with enough explosives to leave nothing but a hole in the ground where they once blighted the earth.  Wait.  There is no need for boots on the ground we can use drones and do so easily or better yet we can send the protesters and activist now running amok in our streets and let them take on those governments. 

We can either embrace our history or attempt to erase it.  By saying embrace I do not mean condone or applaud the events or even the people represented I mean accept that it is part of our history.  Attempting to erase those things from history or remove them from public view because the Snowflakes are offended will not prevent offenses of other kinds of the same kind in the future.  The only way we can avoid repeating history is to know it and learn from it in an honest evaluation.  How much time must transpire before a memorial, monument, or statue no longer offends?  There are things in our human history that we never want to repeat but attempting to protect the Snowflakes from exposure will not enable them or us to learn from past mistakes and move toward a more sensible and sane world.  It will open the door to new offenses from both sides.  When we endorse the Antifa protesters and try to equate them to the soldiers of WWII we do a disservice to history and those brave souls who fought in that struggle for Freedom in the world.  We convey the idea that it is okay to become violent if something offends you rather than embracing the truth that everyone has the right to believe what they believe and peacefully speak their minds.

I am troubled and if I allowed myself to be offended would be offended at what is happening in this push to sanitize history.  If we are morally offended how about the millions of babies aborted each year in America and the world?  If we are morally offended how about taking exception to the calls of some groups to kill the president, kill white men, women, and babies?  If we are morally offended why are we not equally offended by the KKK and the New Black Panthers, both are hate groups?  If we are morally offended why not cry out against Islamic jihadism?  There are many legitimate areas in which we can take a moral stance against something without attempting to force everyone to accept some groups sanitized version of history.  One of the reasons we record history is to provide an example of both the good and bad to enable us to LEARN FROM IT.  The objective should be to repeat and build on that which is good and avoid making the mistakes of the bad.  All Whites are not evil racists any more than all Blacks are.  I pray that we will find a way to become Americans and human beings who can accept differences and work together for the good of ALL mankind.  The color of one’s skin does not make them good or bad it is the character of the heart and the conduct that a man or woman should be judged by.

America, I stand for you and will not be bullied into submission by anyone.  I will continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.   Freedom for Everyone!  God, bless you and God bless America is my prayer and desire!


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