WHAT??? The Russians involved with Black Lives Matter…


I apologize for delving into “Old News” but since the Democrats won’t talk about it I feel the need to open this can of worms.  Let me say at the outset if the Russian involvement with BLM is true that would be even stronger evidence that the Russians were not colluding with Donald Trump but seeking to destroy or damage in the 2016 election and our Republic.  I have believed from the beginning that any involvement by the Russians was designed to damage our system of government with the intent of destroying us.  I have never believed they cared who ran or who won but their purpose was to damage America directly and indirectly.  They sought to raise question and doubt as to the security and validity of our elections and thereby subvert our system of government and constitution in the minds of people.  They are not our friends and will likely never be our friends but they are not the reason Donald J. Trump won in November 2016.  He won for many reasons including prayer, the buying into what he was declaring he would or wanted to do, and the rejection of Hillary Clinton and the Obama policies.  Those, not Russia is WHY HILLARY LOST and TRUMP WON.

We witnessed the coordinated effort of the Leftist in the march on Charlottesville and the destruction and removal of historical monuments in the South largely orchestrated by Black Lives Matter and other racist and leftist groups.  Now, the effort to disrupt and defeat America has evolved into a war against our National Anthem.  It was introduced by Colin Kaepernick formerly of the San Francisco 49ers.  It has and is gaining momentum in the NFL and will spill over to other sports UNLESS there is enough fall-out and loss of revenue the owners draw a line in the sand and the players realize they are shooting themselves in the foot and killing their golden goose.

I saw a poll that suggested that 75% of America is fed up with what is going on and are tired of having unfounded and outlandish accusations and insults hurled at them by the activist and activism sheep.  I would never argue that blacks were not brought to America as slaves nor would I ever argue that slavery was acceptable.  However, if we are honest to history we must realize that slavery did not originate in America and did not end with the abolition of slavery in this Republic.  After 150 plus years one would think that we could or would have moved on and addressed the fact much of the black leadership in America seems to be more interested in keeping blacks in an uproar and angry.  WHY?  Because it empowers them and enriches them.  Those of the ilk of Louis Farrakhan, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are doing more damage to the black community than anything else in today’s America.

Statistically, 62% of robberies, 57% of homicides, 45% of assaults in the 75 largest counties in this nation are not committed by whites but by blacks.  Also, statistically only about 15% of the population of those counties and 91% of blacks are murdered by blacks.  Statistics indicate that blacks make-up about 10% of the population but commit about 42% of the robberies and 34% of all felonies.  In 2007 the FBI files indicated that there were 433,934 single-offender victimization crimes against whites by blacks compared to 55,865 crimes committed by whites against blacks.  Interracial rape, according to the FBI report is almost exclusively black on white.  In Chicago, 76% of all homicides are committed by blacks.  I am not trying to target blacks and blame them for our societal problems but suggest that if we want to help everyone we return to our moral moorings and restore the family while dismantling the Government as the Sole Provider.

The Schott Foundation released a report citing a staggering statistic regarding the graduation rate of black males from high school as compared to other ethnicities.  The report showed that only 59% of black males graduated from high school compared to 65% of Latino males and 80% of whites.  In Detroit where the leadership has been black and Democrat for decades only 20% of black males graduate from high school.  That is an indictment that cannot be ignored and should become the focus of all people in America.  We are losing our society through flawed leadership and focusing on the wrong things.  When we fail to truly identify the problem and target things that are not causing the problem we are attempting to treat symptoms and not find a cure.  THAT IS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER!

Statistics indicate that in 2013 71% of black births were to black unwed mothers.  The government with the Entitlement Society and Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty has created a condition where the black fathers do not feel compelled to stay behind and care for their children. WHY?  Because the government is doing it for them.  In the decades prior to the 60’s the two-parent homes in all ethnicities was much higher than it is today, especially in the black community.

Are there problems in America?  Are there problems blacks are facing that are troubling and wrong?  ABSOLUTELY!  But, attempting to fix the problem by banning historical monuments, blaming whites, protesting the National Anthem, marching in the streets with faces covered and carrying baseball bats destroying things is not the answer.  It is an expansion of the problem, not a solution.  All Americans need to focus on the evolution of our government into being a virtual god and the increase in dependence on government rejecting God and the moral foundations and moorings our nation was founded upon.

In 2016 Russia used Facebook to encourage and inflame “Identity Politics” in America.  According to documented reports, Russia targeted Baltimore and Ferguson two volatile hubs of racial activism.  Russia placed ads that promoted “African American rights groups.”  There is evidence that popular activist accounts operating on Facebook and Twitter under the name “Blacktivist” were directly linked to the Russian government.  This group consistently stokes the flames of hate and incites violence.  This group has almost 400,000 likes exceeding that of the official Black Lives Matter account.  Russian has done the same impersonating Muslim groups in America and promoting anti-America sentiment.  The vast majority of the 3,000 Russian ads “never specifically referenced the U.S. presidential election, voting, or a particular candidate.”  They were designed to be divisive and cause civil unrest and even touched issues ranging from the LGBT and Gun Rights.  In short, they are desirous of destroying America and have no real interest or compassion for any of those groups.

I believe the decline in the home and the active assault on traditional marriage is one of the greatest issues facing us societally today.  I am a Christian and believe that our drift from our moral moorings is destroying us.  Therefore, I ask those who pray to join me in praying for America.  I ask all who are concerned about our current condition to stop fanning the flames and collectively seek to find real solutions to real problems not point the finger and wallow in our own personal pity parties.  You can call it white privilege if you desire, but I have never felt that anyone owed me anything and always believed that if I walked honestly, worked diligently, and treated others with respect I could succeed in life.  I am not rich in material things but I am rich in friends and in my spiritual life.  Thank God, I live in America where I have the Liberty and Freedom for “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

God bless you and God bless America!


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