THE PIED PIPER IS PLAYING – – Will We Follow Him to Destruction?

BLOG POST - Pied Piper

I have been convinced for a long time that the root of the problems now existing in America and evidenced in the activist, media, and political jockeying is the loss of our Moral Moorings.  You can disagree but that is what I believe based on what I am witnessing today, my study of history, and my biblical beliefs.  That last portion is a disqualifier for some, but it is at the heart of my core convictions and life direction, so I stand by that statement.  Even if you do not believe the Bible and that God does or should play any role in our societal evolution and condition, surely you recognize a significant drift in our societal morals.  Surely you recognize a world in which people are much more “self-centered” than “others-centered” and less concerned about the General Welfare but more concerned about What’s In It For Me.

Our Educational System is filled to overflowing with teachers and professors who ascribe to the Alinsky model, Socialism, and that the greatest threat to mankind is what they call “white privilege”.  When a black college professor can openly declare that he is teaching his own children to distrust and even hate whites because of Donald Trump we have a problem.  The problem is not simply one election, it is systemic, generational, and promoted by those in power who want to use and abuse people to achieve their end – CONTROL.  I disapprove of racism regardless of where or from whom it comes.  It is foreign to the biblical principles by which I try to live and diametrically opposed to the ideal presented in our American Constitution.  Racism does not believe, “All are created equal” nor that “All are endowed with certain inalienable rights by our creator.”  Racism is, at its heart, SELFISH and SELF-SERVING and must believe that the end justifies the means; else its error and evil would so convict the heart, a change of mind would occur.  When there is no change of mind, as is evidenced in today’s America by those the most vocal, blindness is revealed.  This kind of blindness willing or otherwise is destructive and creates a chasm unbridgeable by reason and results in the fires of hate reaching such intensity violence are the only natural result.  Hopefully, none of us truly desire that.

I make no defense of any pedophile or any act of pedophilia.  I would not be disturbed if the pedophile were to be relieved of a certain bodily appendage if guilty of such a heinous act with a child.  Any male or female that preys on young girls or boys deserves whatever punishment given.  If they truly repent, God will forgive them and so will I but that does not totally wipe the societal slate clean.  There are penalties for sin even forgiven sin in life and that includes politics, entertainment or religion.  That being said, there are accusations against Judge Roy Moore, and if they those allegations are true he has been a very sick man.  I don’t know if they are true or are not, I don’t have the facts and believe that anyone is innocent until proven guilty.  Some are arguing that the onus is on Judge Moore to prove his innocence but that is not our American system.  Bill Clinton’s alleged and confessed indiscretions were overlooked, justified, and excused and NOT ONE DEMOCRAT called for him to step aside or step down based on accusations.  Sexual abuse or sexual harassment is reprehensible and there is no justification for them.  Again, I do not know if Judge Moore is guilty, but I’m sure some have already deemed him guilty and in their hearts convicted him of those crimes.  The timing of these allegations is somewhat suspect.  The first allegation was from an alleged incident 38 years ago.  It would seem that with all the political jockeying and jousting that Judge Moore has been involved in during that time there was ample opportunity for these kinds of things to come to light, especially if there are as many as are now being reported.  The millions of dollars spent by Mitch McConnell to defeat Judge Moore in the primaries and the continued efforts by GOP Establishment members even before these allegations cause me to wonder a bit.  The Soros money that has been invested to find and destroy Judge Moore and anyone proclaim to be a Constitutional Conservative cause me to wonder.  The mother of the first woman said, her daughter did not seek out the reporter but he came to her and she had no intention of coming out until after that contact.  She also brought into question a portion of her daughter’s story about a phone in the bedroom, which did not exist.  Questions that deserve answers will likely go unanswered gives me cause for concern.

Again, not to present the idea that I am justifying, glossing over the seriousness of those allegations or any allegations but to focus on a larger picture I ask several questions.  If we have reached a place in our society where a person is guilty until they prove themselves innocent have we not destroyed our criminal justice system?  If alleging or suggesting something negative is justified, even when untrue, as with Harry Reid and Mitt Romney’s taxes, we evidence a societal problem.  False or true accusations MUST be proven in court for a conviction and simply allege something should not be the basis of conviction or rejection.  If we can invalidate legitimate elections because we don’t like the outcome do we not destroy our entire system of government?

Our American Republic’s ability to survive is rooted in the Constitution and to a very large extent our moral turpitude as a society.  I argued that if the WikiLeaks information was factual it deserved to be investigated.  I was not seeking to justify any criminal acts involved in securing that information but that if the leaks revealed criminal conduct that should be investigated.  I would argue that if the accusations against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Donald Trump, or Judge Moore, are justifiably matters deserving investigation but not a basis for partisan witch-hunting.  Let the facts and evidence flow to a definitive conclusion, but DO NOT fabricate, twist, or skew things to obtain your ideological agenda and objective.  Those I named are not the only ones with allegations leveled at them and when the MSM, Congress, Political Parties, Activist, and Hollywood can ignore some and pursue others based on ideology we are endangering our Republic if we allow it to stand.

            You may hate the idea that Donald J. Trump is President but we had a legitimate election and even in the face of unproven and unsubstantiated allegations, HE WON!  If those who oppose his presidency succeed in overturning the legitimate election by the voters WHAT IS NEXT?  What in our System of Government or Republic remains safe or sacred?  I am always concerned about accusations such as have been leveled at Judge Moore but as long as it is “he said – she said” it becomes a personal matter for each voter to determine what they believe and act accordingly.  However, I am convinced that Mitch McConnell and the Establishment will seek to find some means to refuse to seat Judge Moore were he to win the Senate seat in December.  How many, presently in Congress or previously in Congress, had allegations not proven hanging over their heads and were still seated?  Again, I am concerned and disturbed by the allegations and if they prove to be true appropriate action should be taken.  I am also concerned about what invalidating elections will do to our Republic.

I love America, as do you, and pray that we will return to our moral moorings and constitutional ideals and receive the blessings of God.  God bless you and God bless America!

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