BLOG POST 1 - Miserable Life

There is a classic Christmas movie called “It’s A Wonderful Life”, starring Jimmy Stewart that tells a story of devastating that has a wonderfully happy ending.  CNN has now deemed this movie “sexist” and declared that it should be retired and never reshown.  A Boston professor has declared the “Jingle Bells” is racist and should no longer be allowed.  With every passing day, we find something new that the Leftist, Liberals, Democrats, and Activist have determined is no longer Politically Correct and must be banned from our vocabularies or lives.  Living with that mentality must be a “Miserable Life.”

What a burden it must be to feel that it is your life’s mission to Police the Thoughts and Actions of society.  What a Miserable Life it must be to find yourself so filled with HATE that you feel obligated to stamp out everything that does not align with your political or personal view.  I grew up many decades ago in East Texas and we enjoyed life at a much slower pace and with a much simpler worldview that the PC Police of today deem acceptable.

The Leftist, Liberals, Democrats, MSM, Hollywood, and Activist so HATE President Trump that they continually attempt to compare him to Hitler.  Imagine that?  Hitler would never have moved the embassy to Jerusalem and compared to Barack Obama this President, Donald J. Trump is very Pro-Israel.  Former President Obama was Pro-Palestinian and Muslim and took every opportunity to do damage to Israel and no one ever called him Hitler, but Donald Trump moves the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and he is Hitler.

I guess the old saying, “Misery Loves Company” must be true in the antics and activities of the Democrats for rather than seeking to allow people to fight their way out of poverty and have the opportunity to succeed they want to keep us miserable.  They hate any deregulation that allows business, small and large, and individuals to climb the ladder of success.  They hate across the board tax cuts which benefits everyone rich and poor seeking rather to be the sole benefactor of people on the lower end of the economic scale.  So long as they can keep us miserable and dependent upon them for our handouts we never receive a hand up and remain in our condition and they manipulate us for their purposes.

I cannot fathom the MISERY that must thrive in the hearts of those who find the simple greeting, “Merry Christmas” so offensive it must be rewarded with such vitriol the greeter fears to say anything.  What a Miserable Life when you must walk on ‘eggshells’ fearing some word, deed or thought is a violation of the Liberal Religion of Political Correctness.  What a miserable life where a man cannot compliment a woman on her appearance without being attacked with a vengeance accused of sexual harassment and worthy of being destroyed, politically, socially, and economically.  What a miserable life when you cannot acknowledge anything good as a result of a political move of any president that actually benefits or has the potential of benefitting Americans.  What a miserable life when one has such hate, as the Governor of California that rather than deporting Illegal Felons he would use the power of his pen and pardon them.  What a miserable life when the Leftist Ideological position of Citizens of the World becomes of more importance than protecting legal American citizens and American sovereignty.

We can continue allowing everything in this nation and in our society to be attacked, tarnished, diminished, and destroyed and one day all of us will join the Leftist, Liberal Democrats in A MISERABLE EXISTENCE and LIFE.  We will plunge his vibrant wonderful nation into the abyss of the darkness of Political Correctness where life is no longer fun or enjoyable but a miserable existence where trepidation rules and navigating the ‘eggshells’ of the PC Police impossible.  I tremble when I think of my grandchildren and their children having to live in the PC World of the Leftist.  They will not enjoy the Life and Learning we enjoyed and rather than having Hope they will find a world that deems Miserableness normal and Happiness a figment of the imagination.

That is why I continue to fight for Constitutional Conservatism and largely vote for the Republicans in elections.  I do not consider much of the GOP constitutional or conservative but the avowed hatred of the Left for everything that this Republic was founded as and has stood for during our history prompts me to fight to oust every Leftist from office.  If we do not unite and evict from Washington many if not most of the professional politicians we will enable them to plunge is into the MISERABLENESS they seem determined to bring upon us.  I truly believe they are so miserable they now believe their rhetoric as the only righteous path for the world.  THEY ARE WRONG!

If you want to live in an America where Life is Wonderful, and everyone has and enjoys the inalienable right of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, join me in fighting for FAITH, FAMILY, and FREEDOM.  We must defeat the Miserableness of the Left at the polls and in our interpersonal interactions in society.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer.

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