BLOG POST 3 - Collusion

Before what?  Before the Mueller Investigation comes to a screeching halt and is fully declared nothing more than a partisan fishing expedition.  I’m not sure there are enough shoes in the world to drop and achieve that result because the Establishment Never Trump Republicans are in collusion with the Leftist Democrats.  So long as Jeff Sessions sits on his hands in the Department of Justice and Congress turns a blind eye to the many revelations of partisanship in the Mueller team this will continue.

We know that multiple members of the Mueller Team have been and are in bed with the Leftist Democrats and are ardent Hillary Clinton supporters.  Why is that not a lead story on the various media outlets?  Why?  Because to expose the corruption, collusion, and fraud would defeat their objective of destroying Donald J. Trump, the Conservative agenda, and the fundamental transformation of America desired by the left and some on the right.

Now we are informed that Mr. Mueller’s top deputy attended Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York City.  He was not there as a reporter because he is not a reporter.  He was there as a devoted supporter of the Clinton Campaign.  That alone is cause for him to be removed from the investigation.  However, if Mr. Mueller were to remove all the members of his team that support the Leftist Democrat agenda, he would have virtually nobody left, including himself.  Andrew Wiessmann, a top FBI attorney, referred to by the New York Times as Mueller’s “pit bull” is a leftist activist of the highest order.  Many have said that there are two primary reasons for attending a candidate’s victory party.  They are among the cheerleaders for the candidate or they want a job/promotion if the candidate wins.  Both, are valid reasons to disqualify Mr. Wiessmann from serving on the investigative team.

Mr. Weissman, supposedly unbiased, gushed with glee over then acting Attorney General, Sally Yates refusal to enforce Trump’s travel ban in January.  He sent an email saying, “I am so proud.  And in awe. Thank you so much.  All my deepest respects.”  How’s that for unbiased?  If that is unbiased then the earth is flat, the moon is made of green cheese, and unicorns are real and pigs fly.

We know that at least two members of the Mueller Team have done legal work for people connected to the Clintons.  Aaron Zebley, Mueller’s former chief-of-staff when Mr. Mueller was Director of the FBI, represented Justin Cooper, the Clinton Aide responsible for destroying Hillary’s email server.  Jeannie Rhee, another member of the Mueller Team represented the Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton herself, and former Obama Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes.  So much for unbiased objective investigation. 

Special Prosecutors, Special Investigators, and Special Counsels have a track record of failure, corruption, collusion, and partisanship that make them largely untrustworthy.  They usually promise “short” timelines and fail to deliver.  They begin with limited budgets that rapidly become an endless flow of cash to pursue whatever they are pursuing.  They move from their stated objective to fishing expeditions looking for ANY CRIMES that might taint the character of their target or his/her associates.  Often, they become a Gestapo of sorts and become rogue with little or no supervision. 

This investigation, if it were limited to the initially stated objective of Russian collusion would be over by now.  It has morphed into a search for ANYTHING and we rarely hear the word “collusion” used in connection with the investigation.  The many leaks from within the investigation often appear to have been planned for the purpose of disseminating information designed to harm the President. They are illegal and unethical, but Mr. Mueller seems to have no desire to uncover the source and punish the guilty.  His focus is laser-like in the search to FIND SOMETHING to use against Donald J. Trump, the President of these United States of America.  His team has been called an army, a dream team, and a gathering of all-stars.  James Comey testified that he was responsible for leaking his own notes, hoping to prompt the appointment of a Special Investigator into the President.  Remember also, that Mr. Comey testified under oath that he WAS NOT INVESTIGATING the President.

Comey’s ploy worked and Department of Justice officials, holdovers from the Obama administration quickly acted and selected Comey’s longtime friend and associate Robert Mueller as the investigator.  How Convenient!  That, in the beginning, was clear evidence of a conflict of interest but Jeff Sessions recused himself and allowed it to go forward with no resistance.  The Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe’s involvement is disturbing.  He ran the D.C. office that was deeply involved in the Clinton email investigations and for some strange reason, McCabe did not find it necessary to recuse himself.  If one digs a little they will find that McCabe’s wife Jill had announced her candidacy for a State Senate seat in Virginia and had received a huge donation of more than $675,000 from the political organizations of Governor Terry McAuliffe, a longtime Clinton supporter.  Conflict of interest?  Of course, but ignored by all those in positions to demand recusal.

We know that at least six of Robert Mueller’s staff of fifteen lawyers have previously donated, some very generously, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign are now involved in investigating her arch enemy politically, Donald J. Trump.  How is that not a conflict?  As we have touched on previously, Peter Strozk, an FBI investigator assigned to the Mueller Team and Lisa Page, a consulting FBI lawyer with ties to Hillary were removed with no clear explanation and that allowed the MSM to deem it nothing more than normal attrition.  However, we now know they had an extramarital affair and exchanged over 10,000 texts, of which many were adamantly ANTI-TRUMP and PRO-CLINTON.  Why did that come through leaks, not from a forthright statement by Mr. Mueller?  I guess, you’ll have to conclude for yourself or ask him, which you cannot.  It gets worse, we have learned that Strzok was the man responsible for the wording of the official FBI report on the Clinton email scandal.  He crossed out the original finding of “grossly negligent”, which is legalese that under the statute constitutes a crime, and replaced it with “extremely careless”, which does not warrant prosecution. HOW CONVENIENT!

Let me offer one more little tidbit on the corruption within the Mueller Dream Team of All-Stars.  Senior Justice Department official, Bruce G. Ohr, connected with various ongoing investigations under the aegis of the DOJ, was partially reassigned for his contact with the opposition-research firm responsible for the Clinton-funded, anti-Trump dossier.  There are others and there are more examples that destroy the credibility of the investigation and give credibility to the Trump assertion that this is nothing more than a Witch Hunt.

America and our System of Politics and Justice are hanging in the balance and if this type of activity is allowed to stand and continue, the Republic will incur extreme damage.  If you love Donald Trump or hate him, it matters not.  What matters is honest reporting, honest unbiased investigation of charges such as Russian Collusion not a team of people who are adamantly opposed to the object of the investigation.  THAT IS DESTRUCTIVE!

God bless you and God bless America!

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