BLOG POST 6 - Replaced

I’ve had a lot of people laugh at me and attempt to ridicule me over my warnings about Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Development Initiative of the United Nations, the globalist, and the federal government.  Laugh if you please, but there is something coming down the pike that causes the hair on the back of my neck to stand up and gives me incredible pause and concern.  Its roots are deeply entrenched in the ideology and philosophy of Agenda 21 and fits squarely in the desire of the Big Government proponents to CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL every aspect of our lives.

You may think I am overreacting and deem me a conspiracy theorist to be ignored.  If so, that is your right, but before you totally dismiss my warnings I would urge you to both read what I am writing and do some investigation of your own.  I believe you will also find things that cause you to be concerned.  The item that I am going to bring up, on its face seems benign and many would deem it wonderful and possible a safety experiment long overdue.  I can see some elements that would lend to that but far more that make me leery of this futuristic plan and technological unveiling.

What am I talking about?  Autonomous or Driverless Automobiles.  Before you laugh and dismiss me let me offer some thoughts from my pondering on the matter and investigation.  On the surface, a driverless vehicle seems quite benign and even a pleasant thought but what about the potential problems and issues with government intervention?  Yes, there are both to be concerned about.

It is being proposed and pushed by the federal government, automakers and other entities to have “autonomous” or “driverless” automobiles on the road in large numbers by 2020-2024.  That’s not that far down the road.  No, they won’t be flying cars but will occupy the space that you and I now occupy on the highways and byways of America’s roads and streets.  There are several levels of “autonomous” vehicles proposed from limited driver involvement to complete autonomy of the technology of the vehicle.  The latter is where the government wants this to go and if that happens that is when the government regulations and intervention will take place that will be off the charts.  The government would or could control where and when you could occupy the roadways.  It would also require permission to take a trip and determine what speed you traveled.  That would make off-road travels for those who hunt and fish a virtual impossibility, but then the Leftist and Activist don’t want you hunting or fishing, so in their minds, no problem.

Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development seeks to press people into smaller spaces and force everyone to live in apartment type high rises where they can live, work, socialize, and shop in limited environs.  This is more of the government’s desire to CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL our lives.  Back in 2013, the federal government released some regulations for “driverless cars” and estimated they were looking at a 10-15-year window before they became a reality.  The argument was that far too many “senior citizens” and people with “disabilities” were on the road and insisted that this would solve that problem.  Would or will it?  That remains to be seen but that is not my concern in this issue it is GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

But there is another issue that nobody seems to want to talk about.  If this is software technology that drives the vehicle it is hackable and that poses an additional danger.  What happens if a terrorist takes over vehicles and uses the driverless automobile as a weapon of mass destruction?  You would have no terrorist on the scene and a several-thousand-pound weapon bearing down on victims.  But, what about someone with a grudge against anyone including those in elected positions, hacking into and taking over the vehicle.  That vehicle could be driven over a cliff, into oncoming traffic or simply shut down in the middle of the freeway causing accidents and havoc.  You may make light of that but consider this possibility as well.  If the government has a system that regulates where and when you can travel and someone hacks into that vehicle (even governmental agencies) and takes you somewhere that is morally, socially, economically, or politically embarrassing how would you defend yourself and insist you did not initiate the trip?

I see this as one more step down the path of stripping us of our Freedoms and Liberties and a precursor to deeming the elderly and disabled as being an unnecessary burden.  Am I overreacting?  Possibly but I do not trust the government for they have proven to be untrustworthy.  Have you ever used technology and found that a glitch caused it to do something totally other than what you desired?  How comfortable are you in trusting government controlled software to propel you down a busy freeway at 70 MPH?  This was a technology that former President Barack Obama endorsed and if the Leftist endorse something red flags immediately go up for me and I begin to examine the possible dangers.  We’ve already seen fatal crashes with the Telsa automobile and imagine 18-wheelers barreling down the highway with no driver.  I am also concerned that too often when the federal government is involved they leap before they look.

It is partially that I don’t want to give up my independence and choose where, when, and how I travel but it is more.  I also don’t trust the federal government to build a better mousetrap or regulate the building of one.  Everything (virtually) that the federal government regulates and controls come at a higher cost and with less efficiency.  How much control do we truly want to give the federal government in the name of safety or efficiency?  Some have argued that those of us who are “seasoned citizens” are less safe than younger drivers should be around some of the newly licensed products of the past few years.  Those of us who learned to drive when the rules of the road meant something is usually far safer than many of those who think that turning on the turn signal makes them invincible.  I deal with ineptitude behind the wheel daily in the DFW area and wonder how some people make it from Point A to Point B without an accident.  Those people would be a far stronger argument for driverless cars than the arguments now being used but even then, trusting the government is difficult for this citizen.

That was my rant and you may be 100% in favor of the “autonomous driverless automobile” and long for its full release.  I hope you are right and it is truly something benign not another step in the Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development Initiative.  I hope you are right!

God bless you and God bless America!


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