BLOG POST 3 - Help Me Understand

First of all, the rhetoric, faux piousness, and being offended by the language or purported language of Donald J. Trump by the left IS A RUSE!  It is their avenue or excuse by which they will continue to RESIST and HARM AMERICA by their unfailing commitment to the Leftist Agenda and Ideology of failed policies.  If any Republicans boycotted or threatened to boycott President Obama’s “State of the Union Address” they were deemed racists, obstructionist, or something sinisterly diabolical was afoot.  However, now there is a growing list of Liberal Leftists Democrats who are proudly proclaiming they are the true patriots of America in their intent to BOYCOTT TRUMP at the State of the Union Address.  How, exactly is that different?  

I had to laugh when Representative Frederica Wilson declared that due to President Trump’s recent racist and incendiary remarks about Haiti and African nations as her reason for boycotting the “State of the Union Address.”  She said, “For the first time since I began serving in the House of Representatives I will not be attending.”  Seriously?  You were elected in 2010 and only served under one other president.  You served under a president who was often blatantly and openly racist and incredibly divisive regarding racial conditions, namely, Barack Hussein Obama.  Your long tenure in the House of Representatives that spanned so many Presidents, right?  She joins other Leftist that include, Representative Maxine Waters, D-California; Representative John Lewis, D-Georgia; and Representative Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon.  Representative Wilson asked the question that Republicans could have asked regarding her illustrious President Obama, “Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?”    Representative Wilson, I’m not sure you’d recognize the truth if it bit you in the behind.

Others are going but going in the fashion of the Hollywood Protesters clad in BLACK.  Representative Jackie Speier, D-California has promised to dress as though in mourning.  Others are bringing guests who have encountered sexual assault or their advocates.  Do you remember the outrage at Representative Joe Wilson, R-South Carolina blurted out “You Lie” during President Obama’s address at the joint session of Congress in 2009 and it cost him his political career?  I’m quite sure that these Democrats will be lauded by the MSM, the Establishment (probably from both sides of the aisle) as courageous patriots and deemed heroes for their protest.

I remember Senator Ted Cruz, Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Antonin Scalia skipping Obama’s final State of the Union Address in 2016 and they were vilified.  I found watching the former President painful because many of the things he said were document fabrications and ran counter to revealed facts and reality.  He could stand with a straight face and lecture all of America on our unforgivable sins while working or appearing to work with those who chant, “Death to America.”  He did more, in my view, to produce irrevocable division in America than Donald Trump could ever do.  Trump’s sin is that he is not a politician, and does not dance to the music of the establishment.  Of course, his mortal sin is that he defeated the heiress-apparent to the Democrat Presidential Throne, Hillary Clinton.  He has done things to force Congress to get off their collective behinds and do their job.  He has taken actions to secure our borders, strengthen our national security, put Americans back to work, and attempted to deal with the Tax issues and Obamacare.  You may call him divisive, but the division is in the Liberal Leftist Democrats who refuse to accept their loss and work with him to govern.  The Leftists in obstructionism being unwilling to cooperate or compromise on anything and they are called patriots.  The Republicans opposing the Leftist agenda are deemed evil obstructionist who hates women, children, the elderly, and any immigrant.

Leftist Democrats, I’m waiting for you to explain to me how your childishness is somehow good for the country.  How have your failed socialistic policies benefitted America? What they have done is provide entitlements to a group of people to ensure they vote for your party without fail?  You have and continue to abuse your office and violate your oath failing to understand that you were elected to serve your constituents and your states?  You promised to “protect and defend” the Constitution of these United States of America, where is that in your continual diatribe, rhetoric, and protests?  How does your vile language filled with hate and sour grapes benefit anyone including your liberal leftist constituents?  You accuse Donald Trump of being a predator and sexual assaulter but defend Bill Clinton as an innocent lamb or in the words of Hillary Clinton, “What difference does it now make?” 

I pray that all Americans will stop the childishness of name-calling and pettiness that is being engaged in not only in Hollywood, the MSM, by activist groups, but in Congress as well.  I pray that we will reach a point that both Democrats and Republicans will set aside their thirst for POWER and CONTROL and consider what is good for America and what will restore that which has been lost, diminished, or tarnished in America.  If you give President Trump a reasonable chance to do what he promised, and he fails, or his policies fail, then vote no on him the next time around.  However, if you find that his policies and promises boost our economy, make dramatic corrections to our Tax Policies, deal with the diabolical law of Obamacare, secures our borders, and strengthens our national security – HOW IS THAT BAD FOR AMERICA?  Those who spend more time parsing every word, phrase and inflection of the President need to realize they are creating a condition for weakening our Republic and System of Government.  Those who seize upon how the First Lady dresses or doesn’t dress, trying to analyze the body language of President Trump, and attempting to explain or define his words often taking them out of context need to realize you are as much the problem as you accuse him of being.

If we truly love America, regardless of which party is in power we must demand that the elected officials follow the rule of law and honor the Constitution.  We must be strong enough and fearless enough that we are willing to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE if they persist in blatant partisanship and ignore their true duties.  If we did that a few electoral cycles, we could dramatically move toward fixing what is wrong in America.  If we all dropped the racial overtones, forgot skin color, and realized that we are all descendants of Adam and Human Beings we could move toward resolution in a wonderful way.

God bless you and God bless America!


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