BLOG POST 3 - American

Some would say, “What is the difference?”  I contend that there should be no difference but considering what has transpired over the past few decades, there is a vast difference.  The continued devaluing of America and American citizenship by the liberal leftist progressive Democrats is an attempt to fulfill Barack Obama’s pledge to “fundamentally transform” America.  That transformation was to reduce America from sovereign nation status to citizens of the world.  How a person with such a perverted and distorted view of America, our history, and purpose became President is beyond my ability to fully comprehend.  I know how it happened, I have difficulty with why it happened.

There are hundreds of thousands of immigrants who come to this country with the desire to become AMERICANS and citizens of this great nation.  They want to embrace American culture and assimilate into our society and become productive members advancing their state as well as benefiting the nation by their contributions on every level.  However, there are those who are legal citizens who have no such desire and those who want to become citizens not to advance the cause of America but to tear her down.  THAT IS REPULSIVE TO ME!  It violates everything that America was founded to be and has been for over 200 years.  Sadly, there is an incessant attempt by the Left to erase our borders and throw the doors open to all who would come to this nation.  They hold the view that we are all citizens of the world and there is no value in American citizenship.  They would remove the restriction that you must be a citizen to vote in our elections.  They would make us amenable to and fully under the oversight and governance of the world body known as the United Nations.  They would either totally remove our Constitution or so rewrite and reinterpret it that it is meaningless in guiding the Democratic Republic that operates as a Representative Democracy of self-governance.  They, for the most part, do not believe we are capable of governing ourselves and therefore they must decide for us what rights, liberties, freedoms, and ideologies are acceptable.  THAT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!

If you were to attend an Immigration and Naturalization Citizenship ceremony you will find that the vast majority of those taking the citizenship oath have no desire to run to the nearest welfare office and sign up for freebies.  They came here with a dream and are willing to work tirelessly to make that dream come true.  They might be willing to receive a hand-up, but they have no desire for a handout.  Barack Obama’s drive to devalue American Citizenship resulted in exempting citizenship applicants from a major part of the Oath of Allegiance.  They no longer have to pledge to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY.  Did you hear me?  Why would we accept anyone unwilling to defend our Constitution and the Republic?  Why would we accept anyone who demonstrates and avows a stronger allegiance to another country than this nation?  WHY?  Because of the continued devaluation of American Citizenship by the Leftists of this nation.

In allowing tens of thousands or millions of illegals and unvetted refugees free passage over our borders we are endangering the Republic, legal American citizens, our economy, and our way of life.  Former President Barack Obama literally gave away American citizenship and if something is free it has little to no value.  The illegals are not citizens and should have no access to the benefits afforded citizens, they do.  That was part and parcel of the Obama “transformation”.  They now receive free attorneys, college tuition, welfare checks, abortions, food stamps, and more.  They supposedly do not vote but we have frequently found evidence that they did, often with impunity.  When I hear a politician speak against a strong immigration and secure border policy saying, “This is not what we are as Americans” I cringe.  IT IS WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT AS A REPUBLIC!  If you do not value your sovereignty as a nation no one else will and you will soon be sucked into the black hole of meaninglessness as a society and under the thumb of some despot or oligarchy.

The Left desires and believes they should control every aspect of our lives and they are working diligently toward that objective.  The Entitlement and Amnesty ideological stances of the Left so erode America as a Free Republic it is frightening.  They chide us about “fairness” and “compassion”.  They celebrate those who have developed a lifestyle of entitlements and teach them how to stay on the dole generationally.  They devalue the Bible, the Family, the American ideal of Earning, and wage war on those of us who stand against those destructive views.  I believe the Bible and when it says that if a person WOULD NOT WORK they SHOULD NOT EAT I believe that is the right direction for us to take.  WHY?  Because if you make it easy for a person to remain in poverty they will do less and less for themselves and become more self-centered and self-serving expecting everything to be provided for them.  They will hate those who work and have rather than seeing the way out of their state.  They become lazy losing all drive, desire, pride, and self-respect and become slaves to the Leftists who are responsible for getting them their monthly check.  They sell their souls for money and that is prostitution, of the worst kind.

How would you feel if someone broke into your home uninvited, took food from your refrigerator or pantry, turned on your television, sit on your sofa and propped their feet up on your coffee table?  How would you feel if they occupied your home and expected or demanded that you provide for them while they provided nothing?  How would you feel if when you complained of a home invasion, the police, media, and government called you a racist, a hater, a Xenophobe, a misogynist, and more vile names?  How would you feel if the government, taxed you excessively in order to enable those invaders to occupy your home?  WELL, that’s how we feel about the illegals flooding across our borders and thumbing their noses at our laws and system of government.

You may despise Donald J. Trump, the current president of these United States, and hate his immigration policy, but I applaud it.  I applaud raising the bar for citizenship and access to America.  I applaud vetting those desiring to come and screening out as many undesirables as possible.  By undesirables, I mean those who want to do harm to America or Americans, and those who want to come to drink at the Entitlement Trough and become a parasite rather than a productive member of society.  Call me whatever you please but only Legal Immigration should be allowed and ANYONE coming Illegally should be shown the door.  America can only remain the Free Constitutional Republic so long as her citizens protect and defend the American Constitution and demand that our government follows the Rule of Law.  If we lose our Sovereignty we lose our Republic!  I am not against Immigration, I am against Illegal Immigration or any Immigration that does not include Assimilation.

God bless you and God bless America!


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