CARE TO PLAY – What If???

BLOG POST 3 - What If

Neither do I, but for the sake of exposure and examination as we attempt to make sense of the senselessness of today’s political climate of corruption in Washington, D.C., let’s play.  What has transpired, leading up to and in the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election reveals the depth of the Swamp and the breadth of the Deep State?  The events reveal the depth of cronyism and corruption existing in Congress and the incredible complicity by the courts in the perpetuation of the Globalist-Socialist agenda that is being advanced in America.  The former president, Barack Hussein Obama, kicked the progressive leftist liberal socialist agenda train into high gear and Hillary Clinton was poised to move it to WARP SPEED. Thankfully, she failed to ascend to the throne and we have been afforded a small window of opportunity to turn the tide and restore the republic.  Unfortunately, much of the Republican leadership has been complicit in the stonewalling, foot-dragging, and corruption that has transported us to the point in time and history.

Had the situation in American politics not descended so deeply into the Swamp and the ‘Ole Boy System’ not become so powerful, the Hillary Clinton scandals would have resulted in an indictment and probably jail time for her highness.  In all honesty, it has not been just the FBI, DOJ, Obama administration, and the Democrats in Congress who wanted to protect their chosen one, Republicans participated in a significant manner that allowed her to survive the threat of indictment and imprisonment.  That could change, but it will require a complete change in the leadership of the GOP and the removal of enough Democrats in Congress to become a reality.  WE CAN DO THIS!!!

The Clinton’s have a long history of corruption, bullying, and engaging in political dirty tricks to achieve their ends.  Therefore, while she was in the State Department, why would she change her tactics?  Nothing had stuck to her, to that point, and nothing since, so there would no perceived reason to change.  It appears, that Hillary decided to take definitive steps to HIDE her Pay for Play activities because she believed she had done enough groundwork for ample CYA.  She also believed, correctly, that the Barack Obama, the Democrats in Congress, the Leftist in the FBI hierarchy and DOJ would do that for her.  She was right, and she was wrong, but mostly she was right, they did!  If you follow the trail of Clinton corruption back to Arkansas when Bill was earning a paltry $35,000 per year as governor, she invested a measly $1,000 (crumbs to Nancy Pelosi) in cattle futures and make a staggering $100,000.  Man, I could use some of that good fortune, how about you?  If her trading had been legitimate, the odds of her success would have been something like 1 in 31 TRILLION.  Does anyone smell a rat or a Skunk?  The Clintons trashed and stole things from the White House as they vacated it prior to George W. Bush’s arrival.  What upstanding and honorable people they are, right?  Actions do speak louder than words.

Hillary and Bill maneuvered rules changes in the Democratic Primaries in 2008 to enhance her chances of winning the nomination but the Obama campaign thwarted her efforts and rained on their parade.  Obama, then threw her a bone making her Secretary of State, a high-profile cabinet position that would allow her to lay the groundwork for the 2016 elections.  Hillary used her position as Secretary of State effectively for her personal benefit and purposes but to the detriment of America and the American people.  Almost no one trusts Hillary and most people do not like her, even those who voted for her.  Most people see through the veneer and phoniness and know that she has no basis for relating to the average citizen.  Amazingly, millions still pull the lever for the Democrat regardless of who that Democrat might be.

Barack Obama, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and others, in my view, worked conspiratorially to give Hillary the required cover to continue her campaign and the expected ascent to the White House.  The documented evidence revealed, thus far, indicates that Hillary committed numerous federal crimes including the removal of TOP SECRET government documents and records from secure sites.  Her bathroom server failed to meet federal requirements for national security and her gross handling of the 33,000 “yoga and wedding dress” emails (as she called them) should have resulted in an immediate empaneling of a federal grand jury.  Months BEFORE the investigation was concluded and possibly even began the FIX WAS IN.  Before she was interviewed by the FBI the exoneration had been written.  Lying to the FBI (under oath or not) is a crime and Hillary lied.  I must ask, “Where is the perjury charge against her, as is the case of General Michael Flynn?” 

Someone asked, “What if James Comey had been honest?”  WOW!  That is a great question.  If he had been, Hillary would have been forced to suspend her campaign, possibly step down as the Democratic candidate, been faced with testifying before a Grand Jury, and would likely have been indicted for her crimes.  Comey would have also been making inquiries into the involvement of Barack Obama and his administration including the Attorney General and the Department of Justice.  He was not honest, and he did none of those things.  Had that happened, it is quite possible that Joe Biden would have been offered by the Democrats as an alternate candidate and I am quite concerned that he might have won.  So, in one sense I’m glad Hillary was the candidate and in another, I’m appalled that there has been such a miscarriage of justice.

I’ve not touched on the Democrats in Congress led by Senator Chuck Schumer and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi. Their RESISTANCE is doing incredible damage to America, furthering the distrust and divisiveness existing in this nation, and if successful, will result in the completion of the “fundamental transformation” proposed by Barack Obama.  WE MUST NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!  Patriots WE CAN DO THIS!!!

In some ways, President Trump’s hands are tied. Public opinion, if not legal statutes require him to walk softly in some areas and let things play out.  His propensity to “shoot from the lip” will continue to be used as cannon fodder by the Left and I pray that he will, at times, use restraint.  NO, I do not want him to totally abandon his use of Twitter and his in-your-face response to some antics and allegations.  The ‘kowtowing’ of the Republicans have allowed the Democrats to bully them into conceding too frequently.  The Left has no clue how to handle someone who does not quake in their boots when the Leftist dogs bark.  It is my view that the onus is on WE THE PEOPLE to take the appropriate action, put enough pressure on the politicians that we move the needle toward the fulfillment of the campaign promises made in the 2016 elections.  DRAIN THE SWAMP is a rallying cry but we must focus on REMOVING THE RINO’s and EVICTING THE DEMOCRAT LEFTIST SQUATTERS from our inheritance, which is the Republic known as the United States of America.  Patriots – WE CAN DO THIS!!!

God bless you and God bless America!


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