BLOG POST 1 - Real Problems

If you will allow me to be a bit facetious and sarcastic, IT’S THE POLITICIANS!   Do I have your attention?  Have I infuriated anyone?  I would wager the answer to both questions received a resounding YES.  I would also wager that some will immediately turn me off and look for the unfriend button on Facebook and deem me demented lunatic needed medical attention and confinement.  I am HORRIFIED over another mass shooting at a public school.  I am HORRIFIED at the dangers faced by the innocent and those unable to defend themselves or those who should not have to as in this type of heinous crime.  I am HORRIFIED by the political and societal reactions placing the blame at the wrong doorstep and failing to grasp the REAL PROBLEM and thereby negate the possibility of finding a REAL SOLUTION.  The latter opens the door and ensures that this treachery and evil will continue and happen again and again regardless of what new legislation is passed to BAN or CONTROL the evil firearm, especially the so-called “assault rifle” such as the AR-15.

If you are still with me, let me explain what I mean and attempt to identify the real problem in America and much of the world regarding this type of terrorism, treachery, evil, and criminal behavior.  I am amazed at how little most of the public actually knows about various firearms and yet, they speak as experts on what we should or should not have access to as law-abiding citizens who demonstrate safety and responsibility.  They are quick to seek to rescind our 2nd Amendment Rights and in doing so will endanger far more than they help and open the door to incredibly governmental overreach and possibly then implementation of Despotism and Tyranny in America.

The AR-15 IS NOT an “assault rifle” or a “machine gun.”  It is a “semi-automatic” version of the old M-16, which was a “machine gun” or could empty the magazine with a single pull of the trigger.  The version of the AR-15 available to the public DOES NOT DO THAT!  That would be illegal as per laws already on the books.  What new law are you going to propose that would prevent a criminal, terrorist, or deranged person bent on evil from modifying or using whatever weaponry they could find?  The AR-15 and similar rifles are getting a bad rap from the MSM, Hollywood, the Leftist, and Activist who want to BAN GUNS and the claim that it is a super-powerful weapon is absurd.  It chambers a 5.56 NATO or a .223 bullet and that is quite underpowered compared to the M1873 “Trapdoor” or the M1903 Springfield 30.06.  The AR-15 is a .22-caliber centerfire and not the monster being reported by the uninformed.  It is highly evolved, and the use of space-age materials makes it lightweight, highly durable, and weather resistant.  Target shooters love it for those reasons and its versatility and so do hunters, contrary to the claim of the Left that NOBODY USES IT TO HUNT.   Wrong again!  It is a favorite of Southern hog-hunters, Western prairie dog-hunters, and is perfect for Texas deer or medium-sized Eastern whitetails.  Also, nobody uses a 30-round magazine to hunt if, for no other reason, it is illegal to do so in most states.

Banning the AR-15 and other firearms because of how they look and the misconception of what they are or can do would be like banning the 747 because terrorist used it to kill people on 9/11.  After all, who needs to fly through the air at 5-700 miles per hour?  What about SUV’s or other automobiles that are used by terrorist and involved in car crashes, many of which have an impaired driver.  Do we ban them as well?  If we could just go back to the horse and buggy we would reduce the fatal automobile accidents, so let’s demand legislation to do that.  Before you attack me for that sarcastic statement and insist that I’m missing the point, let me ask what about the innocent babies in the womb?  If we believe that “banning guns” or more stringent “gun laws” will save one life are we not also concerned about abortions and could we not seek to save EVEN ONE BABY?

There is nothing about mass-shootings that is defensible and should horrify everyone.  We should be actively seeking to discuss everything and anything that might help rectify this problem and bring a sense of safety and peace to American hearts, especially our children.  BUT, I believe we are targeting the wrong culprit and in doing so we will not only not solve the problem we will allow it to grow worse.  We will become more and more frustrated with the inept attempts of legislation to solve the problem.  It will not because evil is evil and cares nothing about the law or human life.  You can’t solve that problem with more laws and more stringent controls on American’s ability for “self-defense.”

We have had guns for a very long time in America and yet, mass-shootings in the degree and proportion they are transpiring is a relatively new phenomenon. You could have used the Winchester repeating rifle of the 1800’s to conduct this type of atrocity witnessed in Florida.  You could have used a bow and arrows, broad-ax, sword or club to achieve that evil.  Why didn’t we see this type of activity back then?  I suggest there are many reasons, not the least of which was the moral and religious condition and position of the nation at that time.  NO, everyone was not a Christian and NO, everyone did not obey the law or value human life.  BUT, Society as a Whole valued our Christian heritage and we had strong families with the influence of the fathers highly regarded.  The Supreme Court ruled in 1892 that the United States was a Christian nation.  That, in my view, is difficult to argue today.  We are faced with the ever-growing influence of paganism and political correctness which is eroding our values and attempting to rewrite our laws and values to accommodate those views which are the antithesis of what America was for most of our history.  Rifle bans, throughout the world, have not stopped mass-murder as has been seen in France, Egypt, and Britain.  James Madison warned us in Federalist #10 regarding the Tyranny of the majority, in which, a faction, “united … by some common impulse of passion … adverse to the rights of other citizens” vies for power and control.”  Where are we today?  Consider the reactions being given a 24/7/365 airing by the youth in Florida and the Democrats.

Emotionally charged teenagers who have endured years of indoctrination in the liberal agenda of the Leftist including the N.E.A, the MSM, Hollywood, the Liberal Leftists, the Globalist, and too many politicians are now the face of “Gun Control.”  We are being told that if we love kids we must hate guns.  We are told the NRA, who had nothing to do with this, is a Terrorist Organization and any Conservative who defends the 2nd Amendment is aiding and abetting Terrorism.  THAT IS ABSURD, but the Kids believe it and the Democrats are ensuring they are out there constantly to touch our heartstrings and move us in compassion or empathy to willingly reject our needed right of “self-defense.”  YES, we need to discuss this incredibly serious and diabolical situation.  But to omit the need for father figures, strong families, moral values, and the problem of mental illness and unadulterated evil is WRONG!  We also must address the failure of communication between Law Enforcement agencies and redevelop our information system so that it accurately and adequately raised the needed RED FLAGS.  The warm-and-fuzzy approach of Gun Legislation is not the answer.  As a Christian, I declare GOD IS.  I know that may not resonate with some, but this is far more a heart and mind issue than a weapon of choice issue.  Until we actually deal with the Real Problem we will not find Real Solutions and this type of thing will continue to happen regardless of who is President or who is the majority in Congress.  Are we willing to honestly look at the matter or will we continue to inflame and divide the nation?  I pray we do the former not the latter.

God bless you and God bless America!


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