BLOG POST 1 - Trust Government

How can we trust the federal government or believe the activist who wants to strip us of our 2nd Amendment Rights, when we have documented evidence of gross incompetence, failure, or complicity by the FBI, Law Enforcement, and the Government?  I know that paints a target on my back but in most of the most recent mass-murders, we have factual evidence that the FBI knew there was a potential problem and FAILED.  They failed to act!  They failed to warn!  They even cleared some of the shooters BEFORE they committed their acts.  With that kind of track record, how are we to trust the government? 

I would like to think that the FBI is simply overwhelmed or undermanned and unable to keep up with the demands to investigate and respond to the clear and present danger signals of mass-murder.  I would like to think that, but with the incredible investment of resources in trying to find something or anything on Donald Trump in the RUSSIAN COLLUSION theory, I cannot give them a pass.  NO, I do not blame most of the rank-n-file agents, I blame those at the top who are giving directives counterproductive to good law enforcement and transforming the agency into a political arm of the Leftist.  Therefore, it is imperative that we find a way to replace the Swamp Denizens in the FBI with honest people who will provide good Law Enforcement that is unbiased and follows the Law and the Constitution.  Is that possible?  Not with the current state of Washington, D.C. but it is possible!

The egregious failures of the FBI, local law enforcement, the school, and others in the Parkland, Florida shootings scream INCOMPETENCE and reveal a willingness to ignore problems in order to advance an agenda.  The Obama plan to reduce the statistics of “classroom to courtroom” and jail among school-age students.  It became a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy where Law Enforcement ignored crimes at school to facilitate that agenda.  That is not just wrong it is criminal and destructive, in my view.  If the Parkland shooter, Nickolas Cruz was an isolated case I would not be so adamant in my insistence that we cannot trust the government and cannot believe them in their demands that we give up our inalienable right of “self-defense” or the 2nd Amendment.

Omar Mateen, the diabolical individual who killed 49 people and wounded 58 others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida in June 2016 is one of the many who had been on the FBI’s terrorist watch list.  He was cleared by the FBI BEFORE he committed his act of treachery.  WHY?  Next, we must consider, Esteban Santiago who committed an act of terrorism and mass-murder, killing 5 people and wounding 8 more at the Fort Lauderdale, Florida airport, walked into the FBI’s Alaska office with a “loaded handgun magazine” two months before his crime and told them “I have terroristic thoughts.”  They ignored him and dismissed the matter without following through.  Devin Kelly, the individual who killed 26 people at a church outside San Antonio, Texas this past November had been booted from the Air Force following a conviction and prison sentence for domestic violence, but the Air Force forgot to notify the NCIC, so he would be prevented from purchasing firearms.

We dare not omit, Major Nidal Hassan, the shooter at Fort Hood in Texas for we are aware there were a number of warning signs including email exchanges between the Major and Anwar al-Awlaki, a known terrorist.  The Major had expressed his support for suicide bombings and the killing of civilians in the name of Islam.  He wrote in one of his emails, “I would assume that (a) suicide bomber whose aim is to kill enemy soldiers or their helpers, but also kills innocents in the process is acceptable.”  The FBI had been aware of him for over two years but did nothing and the result was the loss of lives at Fort Hood.  What about the Tsarnaev brothers in the Boston bombing massacre?  The FBI and the U.S. Government had been warned by those dastardly evil Russians that these brothers were terrorist.  They warned a full year and one-half before the bombing that the older Tsarnaev brother was a violent radical Islamist.  What did the Obama administration do?  NOTHING!

To complicate the matter, even more, we now have findings that the FBI gun background-check database is missing records of millions of cases making it inept at best and useless at worst.  But rather than fixing the cracks in the floor the Leftist and Gun Control Activist insist that we need MORE LAWS and BAN GUNS.  That has never solved the problem and will not solve this one.  A report from the National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics reports that as many as 7 million records are missing from the FBI database and that 25% of felony convictions are not logged into the system.  Where is the problem?  Is it the evil gun or is it the ineptitude and flaws in the current system?  Remember Dylan Roof who committed his act of terror at the church in Charleston, South Carolina?  The FBI declared, after the fact, that the previous confession of felony drug possession should have disqualified him from purchasing a gun, but the FBI missed it.  Doesn’t that make you feel good?  But rather than deal with the problem let’s BAN GUNS is the cry of the Left.  STOP THE INSANITY!  We are dealing with problems of the heart, the mind, the morals, and the ideological beliefs of individuals not the weapon of choice.  We are paying the price for the toxicity of liberalism and political correctness that is running rampant in our nation.

The failures by the government and arms of government in doing their due diligence, their jobs, and enforcing our current laws are far more the issue than any firearm.  BUT, we know that the knee-jerk reaction of politicians who seek to be on the “vote getting side” of any event or wave of public sentiment will result in MORE LAWS and MORE RESTRICTIONS on our 2nd Amendment Rights.  What do I say?  I say it is time that we SHOW THEM THE DOOR and find people who will honor the Constitution and defend our inalienable rights.  We need to find people who will demonstrate integrity and help us return to our moral moorings and foundational principles in America not gravitate to the Political Opportunism and become Political Elitists.  It is time to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

God help us if we fail to do this and I pray that God will bless you and America again!


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