BLOG POST 11 - Surrender

Barack Obama said, “Elections have consequences” and I was hopeful that with the Republicans having a majority in both houses of Congress and the election of a Republican president that the 2016 election would have positive consequences for America.  I guess I was wrong because what I see happening from even before Donald Trump was inaugurated was a positioning of the GOP Establishment to SURRENDER and SELL US OUT as a Republic.  Am I being too harsh?  Hopefully, but thus far I see no evidence to suggest that I am wrong and a myriad of examples that suggest I am right.

Most of us, who view ourselves as conservatives, constitutionalist, patriots, and lovers of liberty and freedom have grown weary with the whining of the GOP Leadership and Establishment that nothing could be done without having both houses of Congress.  We gave it to them and they whined that the pen of Obama, the maliciousness of the MSM, and the uncooperative Democrats prevented them from achieving their promises and our wishes.  They then pleaded that we give them the White House along with both Houses of Congress.  We did and now they whine that either Donald Trump is the wrong man to be in the Oval Office or that the uncooperative Democrats won’t let them fulfill their promises.  Their new claim is they need a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate to do what they promised.  I wish I could believe that, but I do not. 

It is more than the omnibus spending bill that has set me off, it is the lack of willingness to get behind this president and advance the agenda that was promised in the 2016 elections.  There are members of the GOP that openly express their venom toward the president and side with the Leftist Democrats to block his agenda.  John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John Kasich, and even the Bush Family have either joined the chorus against Trump or sat silent when their support would have moved the needle positively for America.  The GOP leadership acts as though Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were still in the majority and rather than doing what the Democrats did in ramming Obamacare down our throats and using the nuclear option to silence the Republicans, they cave or collude and the Democrats win virtually every battle.  WHY?

The omnibus (Omni = all) and (bus =what we are being thrown under) bill is probably the last straw for many who voted Republican in the 2016 Elections.  I talk to more and more patriots who have grown weary to the point they are fixated on the GOP Establishment’s continual failures and WILL NOT VOTE except on local and State issues.  They have declared, “If the Republicans want to act like the minority party, let them become the minority party.”  I keep holding on to the faint hope that there is hope and alarmed by the glaring truth that if the Democrats regain control WE ARE UP THE PROVERBIAL CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE.  America cannot afford Democrat control, nor can we afford RINO control of Congress.  I see the GOP Establishment and leadership of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as being in FULL SURRENDER MODE.

In eight years under Barack Obama, we saw our national security weakened, our military decimated, our borders erased, our healthcare system damaged incredibly, and spending spiral through the roof.  Our national debt doubled during the Obama years and the Republicans promised to repeal Obamacare, secure our borders, strengthen our national defense, reduce our taxes, and reduce spending, the debt, and deficit.  They have fulfilled very little of those promises and with the latest surrender, and the act of cowardice, and/or treason toward their promises and supporters one has to wonder if the MAGA agenda of Donald Trump dead?  What will happen to the conservative judges he seeks to appoint?  Will the GOP Leadership once again, run into the shadows and allow the Democrats to block those appointments?  What will happen to border security and in the illegal immigration situation?  Will the GOP Establishment and Leadership once again allow Schumer and Pelosi to control the agenda?  Will people like Adam Schiff become the drivers of the truck of state and the Republic be hijacked by the Leftist while the GOP (the party in the majority) sit in silence in the shadows and watch it happen?  HAVE THEY FULLY SURRENDERED THE REPUBLIC?

I realize that this continual dripping of water on the rock of freedom will have a negative effect and those that reluctantly supported Trump will bail saying, “What difference does it make?”  My concern is that with the continual failure and cowardice of the GOP Establishment many who are truly lovers of liberty, freedom, and the Constitutional Republic will also turn their backs on the Republicans in November.  I am not trying to pick a fight nor am I degrading anyone who makes that choice, because I understand where they are coming from.  What keeps driving me to VOTE NO on the Democrats is what I know they will do and the damage to the Republic that will ensue.  Will the GOP do better?  I guess I have to ask, “Is even marginally better not better than sure destruction?”  Please, don’t attack me for that because I am in the same boat with every other lover of America, patriot, and conservative who values the constitution and rule of law.  I am more than disturbed, I AM ANGRY!

Someone suggested that the Russian Collusion charges, Stormy Daniels, and the many other things which have been thrown, at Trump have had little effect, but the abandonment of the Promises by the GOP have.  They argue that the GOP Establishment, the Anti-Trump faction, and the Democrats have found the Achilles Heel of Donald Trump and the way to separate his supporters from him and that is through forcing him into a no-win situation where he signs bills like the omnibus spending bill.  That kind of event could and likely will cause many supporters to head for the exit and declare that the proverbial “fat lady” has sung.  America, we can only win this war if we both defeat the Democrats and replace the GOP Establishment Leadership in Congress.  No, I’m not forgetting the need to Drain the Swamp and Dismantle the Deep State, but until we truly control Congress that is not possible.  CAN WE DO IT?  That depends on our resolve and how much ground we lose in 2018 and/or 2020.  The Battle for America is not an easy one and the duration of the war may extend over multiple election cycles.  ARE WE READY TO RUMBLE?

God bless you and God bless America!

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