BLOG POST 4 - Beacon

As I read and listen to various reports concerning President Trump, the State of our Union, and the world, Donna Fargo’s Song came to mind.  You may love him or hate him but if you honestly consider what he has done or attempted to do in his short time in office you would acknowledge that his light has been shining on many fronts.  He has kept many of his core campaign promises, unlike virtually every other president we have had in modern times.  He has accomplished more with North Korea, dealing with ISIS and Islamic Terrorism, the Economy, Tax Reform and recognized Israel’s right as a sovereign nation to name their own Capital than previous presidents.  He has done what he has done dealing with the Democrats in Congress who have uniformly opposed everything he has done or tried to do.  The GOP Leadership and Never Trumpers within the Republican Party have joined the chorus of Democrats and dug their heels in the ground making his accomplishments even more impressive.  Those facts alone make his accomplishments praiseworthy.

However, to the amazement of those two groups, the Hollywood elitist activist, and the MSM that has afforded him 90% negative coverage, his poll numbers have continued to rise and remain solid.  The Left and the Never Trump crowd cannot fathom how that is possible any more than they can understand how he won the election in 2016.  The Media Research Center (MRC) conducted a study to examine how each of the major broadcast networks covered Trump from January 1, 2018, to April 30, 2018, and discovered that 90% of the comments on Trump were negative.  Some were so vitriolic and mean-spirited they should make everyone’s skin crawl and be found repulsive, but they are not.  There was 1,744 minutes or roughly one-third of all evening news airtime directed at Donald Trump negatively.  With the antics of those in Congress, the indoctrination of Academia, the activist groups inciting riots and unrest, Hollywood’s never-ending diatribe against the President, and the MSM his poll numbers are climbing.  HOW CAN THAT BE?  His poll numbers have risen from 37% in December 2017 to 43% (more in some polls) in April 2018.  That is reflective of a Beacon that is Shining and Resonating with the public.

No matter how hard the Democrats in Congress, the Media, and elsewhere decried the Tax Cuts, most of the public has realized that they are benefitted by this action.  Sadly, some won’t fully realize the benefit until they file their 2018 Tax Returns next year and that will be too late for the mid-term elections.  If everybody receives benefit economically, how is that bad?  Is the hate for anyone having money so strong that we want them to suffer even if their economic progress directly or indirectly benefits us?  That is the message of the Democrats and they thrive on hate.  The racial divide grew larger under the presidency of Barack Obama than it had in decades and the impoverishment of the Black Community escalated under BHO but under the Trump presidency, the unemployment of Blacks has decreased dramatically.  How is that bad?

When President Trump talked tough to North Korea the Democrats chanted, “War Monger! War Monger!” and claimed he was going to plunge us into a nuclear war.  When North Korea began to respond to his tough talk realizing that this president was a man of his word peace negotiations began.  When that happened, the Democrats accused the President of coddling North Korea.  It was and is “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”.  Therefore, Mr. President just do what you know needs to be done and hopefully, there is enough sanity left in the American public to see through the hysteria and divisiveness of the Democrats in Congress.  Everyone will not wake up or even admit that Trump’s Light is becoming a Beacon but I am hopeful that a majority will.

President Donald Trump has a propensity to “shoot from the lip” and that has and will cause him problems and earn him the disdain of many.  He can be crude and even appear rude but from some research that I’ve done and viewed by some who I trust he has a big heart wanting to help those in need.  He is also a devoted pragmatist and his motor runs on “problem-solving”.  Part of that is driven by his ego and part of it by a genuine interest in efficiency and his love for the United States of America.  There have been times, I wished he’d lose his phone and twitter account but that is who he is and leopards do not change their spots.

He has endured more attacks and been under the pressure of a dogged investigation trying to find something to charge him with and yet appears undaunted.  The Democrats are in lock-step in seeking his ouster and far too many Republicans are echoing that same chorus.  The Light that I see shining and becoming a Beacon would be a Massive Lighthouse were the Republicans in Congress to get behind the promised agenda of the 2016 campaign.  The Light and Benefit for All Americans would be incredible if the Democrats stopped being the Party of Opposition and Divisiveness and attempted to work with the president, not manipulate and control him.  If their focus was not on the Russians, Impeachment, and Obstructionism the Beacon of Hope would be shining even brighter.

Please understand, I am not saying that I consider the President Donald J. Trump a saint.  I DO NOT!  Sometimes he confuses me and his “quick lip” concerns me.  However, I am fully convinced that he is the man needed for this hour to turn the tide in American politics and redirect the Ship of State in a more Constitutional Direction.  You may vehemently disagree and that is your right.  I only ask that you consider the benefits of what has transpired and realize that the avowed promise of the Democrats if they regain control is to REPEAL EVERY ACT of this President and RETURN US TO OBAMAVILLE.  If that is something you can live with then you will likely vote Democrat in November.  If it is not and you want to see a more LIMITED GOVERNMENT and the fulfillment of the Campaign Promises made to us the by the President and GOP then please VOTE NO on the Democratic Agenda.  If you will pray, study, examine the facts and consider the cost I believe we will STOP THE BLUE WAVE the Democrats believe is coming.  America will benefit and the window of opportunity will continue at least a couple more years.

God bless you and God Bless America!


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