BLOG POST 3 - Spying Lies and Lying Spies

If it were not so serious and diabolical I would have had a good belly laugh when the Three Stooges of the Federal Intelligence Community said, “Mr. President, we are only spying on you to protect you.”  Their lies and manipulations of facts have been so blatant and outlandish it would seem that no one could possibly believe them, BUT THEY DO!  There are millions of minions out there who do not seem to have any connectivity between the gray matter in their cranium and reality.  THEY DON’T THINK!  They listen, drink in, and regurgitate what they have been told perpetuating the fraud and doing damage to our troubled Republic.

If you remember back in April, Fox News Anchor, Brett Baier asked Mr. James Comey if he had seen John Brennan and/or James Clapper since his firing and Mr. Comey said, “NO, NO!”  Then backtracked and said, “Well, I had dinner with the two of them and our spouses, but we didn’t talk about the Trump case.”  Was that a pig I saw flying outside my window?  Sounds like horse manure to me and reeks with a pungent odor as well.  Mr. Comey has repeatedly shaded the truth, twisted the facts, misrepresented the happenings, and LIED!  Those three men have demonstrated a hatred for Donald J. Trump that can only be described as ALL-CONSUMING.  The more I listen to the three of them, the more it is apparent they are so staunchly against this president and for Hillary Clinton and the Leftist Agenda, the more they remind me of Keystone Cops and/or the Three Stooges.  Their charade (investigation and spying) has one objective and Protecting President Trump is not their motive.  They want him gone any way possible and I am convinced they have become so morally bankrupt they would do anything to achieve that goal.

The dodging of the realities of their phony fabricated document known as the Steel Dossier or the Russian Dossier, compiled by the antagonist of Donald Trump and supporters of Hillary Clinton or the Democrats.  They ignore their illegalities and show no misgivings in their deceiving the FISA Judges or not being fully forthcoming with the Judge(s) regarding their INTEL (fairy tales).  They do not acknowledge their moles and spies in the Trump Campaign and the absence of such plants in the Hillary Camp.  James Clapper has argued that “Spying on the Trump Campaign and his administration as routine, normal, and a good thing.”  He has pleaded ignorance regarding the informant Stefan Halper and insists that no one at the White House knew about him.  Yet, it was Obama’s DOJ, State Department, CIA, FBI, NSA, Homeland Security that engineered this and Mr. Obama was briefed daily.  DID NOT KNOW?  I am certain that I saw a Unicorn playing with a Flying Pig in my backyard.  Yes, I am being facetious because their fallaciousness is too apparent for me to respond otherwise.  If you listen to them, they were not shadowing Carter Page for over a year to entrap him, and they never sought to entrap or manipulate George Papadopoulos to SPY, and Halper was just observing and doing his public service.  George Orwell would remind us of his insight regarding Political Language. He said, “It is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”  A nice way to say it is nothing more than horse droppings.

There has been enough information surface to demand an investigation into the involvement of the Obama administration, Obama, his DOJ, and Hillary Clinton.  That will not likely happen UNLESS we totally rid ourselves of the Democratic debris in DC and dehorn the RINOS replacing them with Constitutional Patriots.  One would have to buy the theory that the FBI went off the rail in a rogue coup attempt without any direction, oversight, or agreement by the Obama White House.  Obama claimed his administration was SCANDAL FREE and even said it was the most “scandal-free administration in history.”  I’m sure he was taking a page out of Bill Clinton’s book of explanation and using the “IS” definition defense.  I cannot forget the many scandals and reasons to investigate the man and his administration.  Dare we forget Fast & Furious, targeting the Tea Party and Conservatives by the IRS, Benghazi and the cover-up, Hillary’s emails, or Spygate?  Those are just a drop in the bucket of the scandalous activities of the Obama Administration and even they pale in comparison to what a Hillary Clinton Administration would look like. It is impossible to miss that at the heart of each of those was Valerie Jarrett, who some say was arguably our first female president.  She was the neck that turned the head in the Obama years.  Some have called her Obama’s Rasputin and assuredly his mentor and the devious mind behind many of the scandals and cover-ups.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Valerie Jarret was a key player in the decision to plant spies in the Trump campaign.  The Obama legacy was and is very important to Jarret because in a very real sense it is her legacy.  I believe the decision was made in the Obama White House and passed along to his surrogate agencies and bureaucracies that if Hillary could not ascend to the White House, the Donald J. Trump had to be destroyed, at all costs.  There is no possible way that the Spying Operation that was conducted against Trump and his Team was unknown to Obama or Jarrett.  Former press secretary Ari Fleischer believes that it would be impossible to have conducted such an operation without the full knowledge of both Valerie Jarrett and Barack Obama. I agree!

I cannot buy the spin and rhetoric that Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, John Brennan, and the myriad of other people involved in the operation were doing so without the knowledge of the President or Jarret.  They were on a mission to keep Hillary out of Jail and seek to provide Obama with plausible deniability and Destroy Donald John Trump any way possible.  We are dealing with a Swamp so deep and filled with vile denizens any positive move toward reality and truth may be impossible.  The Deep State is so entrenched and powerful getting to the truth may never become a reality.  HOW DO WE RESOLVE THIS?  The course of action we must take is PRAY for deliverance from this tyranny and then VOTE OUT every Swamp Denizen and Deep State Operative now serving in Congress from ALL PARTIES.  We must REPLACE them with Genuine Constitutional American Patriots who have the courage and determination to DO WHAT IS RIGHT and CONSTITUTIONAL.   That is up to us!

God bless you and God bless America is my prayer!


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