BLOG POST 1 - Dealing With The Devil

I am experiencing an ongoing quandary regarding my continued presence on Social Media because it is becoming more and more apparent that, in doing so, I am dealing with the devil.  However, I have always believed that the real fight is not preaching to the choir but going into the trenches where the devil is, and “plucking some as brands from the burning” and “storming the very gates of hell with the Good News.”  Therefore, as much as I distrust and dislike the censorship, diabolical leftist ideological positions of Facebook and other Social Media outlets, it is where much of the fight for America, Sanity, Reason, Clarity exists, and provides a medium whereby I can articulate (as best I can) conservative, constitutional, and Christian views.

We know the toxicity of the liberal views embraced by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Therefore, when we participate or utilize those mediums to advance the cause of Freedom and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom we do so without blinders.  We know that we are subject to being censored, banned, blocked, and placed in the PC Jail for a period of time.  I have been warned, blocked, and had posts deleted by Facebook but until they kick me completely off that outlet I will continue to bring the fight to the trenches and try as valiantly as possible to persuade some, even one of the validity of the Constitutional argument politically in America.  I wish I knew how many I have positively affected, but I don’t.  I hear from some from time to time who are like-minded and their encouragement keeps me plodding along.  I stand on a passage from Galatians 6 which encourages me, no commands me, to not grow weary in well-doing for in DUE SEASON I have the promise of HARVEST.  I also stand on the Promise that Jesus will NEVER leave me nor forsake me.  Then the words of James 4 keep echoing in my mind, “…him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”  HOW CAN I KEEP SILENT?  How can I become mute when so much is at stake not only for this present generation but for posterity? 

Some time back another bombshell exploded regarding Facebook’s collusion with the Democrats and even foreign governments to the detriment of its participants.  Facebook confirmed that it shared user data with the Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei.  However, that was not the only Chinese company Mr. Zuckerberg funneled information, at a price of course.  He also shared user data with Lenovo, Oppo, and TCL.  He contends that the shared data never made it to Chinese servers.  Please pause while I watch the flying pigs that are attempting to land in my backyard where the Unicorns are grazing.  Hey, if you believe him, I would like to offer you some pristine oceanfront property in the middle of the desert in Arizona and if the price is right, I’ll throw the Golden Gate Bridge in free.  HOGWASH is the nicest word I can think of to comment on his assertion and claim.

Facebook has been funneling information to the Leftist, Liberal Democrats for some time and has taken a very strong stance for Muslims, same-sex marriages, open borders, and much more.  The hierarchy in Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. have been significant contributors to the Democrat Party and especially, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  You can post virtually anything you want on those mediums against Donald Trump, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, and/or Christians but if you post any biblical views of homosexuality, same-sex marriages, or any other view you are likely to be blocked and placed in the Facebook jail for a time.

If it were only one foreign entity or government involved that might be something we could overlook but Facebook has acknowledged giving deep access to at least 60 device-makers including Apple, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung.  Some of those device makers retrieve data from data users’ friends without their explicit consent.  That is and should be disturbing and not something that I can simply say, “Oh, well that is the new world of technology.”  Privacy is rapidly becoming a dinosaur and facing extinction but Constitutionally it is supposed to be one of our guarded rights.  We are all familiar with the misuse of private information by the political consulting firm, Cambridge Analytica.  I am convinced that this type of “spying” and invading our privacy is far more widespread that we see as we look at the tip of the data iceberg.  We know that the Federal Government has been collecting metadata for many years and supposedly not abusing our right to privacy.  However, the Russian Collusion Scam has revealed how far from the truth that really is and how extensive the information the Federal Government and Social Media collects on every America citizen.  Most of it is unethical if not a blatant violation of our Privacy Laws and a usurpation of our Constitutional Rights. 

Someone said, “Facebook is like having locks installed on the doors of your home only to find that the locksmith gave out keys to all his friends so they can come in and rifle through your belongings without your permission.”  Only recently has Facebook acknowledged that some of its partners are storing private data on their servers.  They argue, that no matter where the data is stored, it is guarded by strict agreements between Facebook and the companies or governments.  How do I stop laughing or crying at that assertion?  That would be like giving the keys to the prison to the inmates and say, you can roam the halls but you cannot abuse your privilege or go outside.  How about hiring the fox to guard the hen house?  I’m sure the wolf would love to be the watchman over the sheep and would gladly agree to not eat them.  At least not while you were looking.  PLEASE, Mr. Zuckerberg and Leftist, we may be allowing you to get away with much but some of us are not completely brain dead – WE ACTUALLY THINK and REASON.

What do we do?  We protect our private information as much as possible and cautiously place personal information on any Internet site.  We realize that this kind of activity will continue UNTIL and UNLESS we the people find it within ourselves to demand a return to Constitutionality in America and send people to Washington who will honor the Constitution and truly become guardians of our inalienable rights and freedoms.  There are some Republicans as well as Democrats who need to be evicted from their DC Shrine and kicked off their political pedestals.   If we want to return to being “One nation under God with liberty and justice for all where everyone is viewed as being created equal with the God-given right to Life, Liberty, and allowed to pursue Happiness we MUST become involved.”  HOW MUCH IS YOUR FREEDOM WORTH?  The answer to that question will determine your action or inaction in the November mid-term elections.  Only you can decide!

God bless you and God bless America!        

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