BLOG POST 1- How Low Can You Go

If we are talking about the politics and the diatribe of toxic liberalism, I’m not sure there is a bottom to the depth to which they will descend.  I cannot help but be amazed at the openness of many Leftist Politicians today, those in the Media, Hollywood, and Activist Groups called “The Resistance”.  We have known for a long time the disdain the Democrats have for our military.  By Democrats, I mean the politicians and not necessarily every person who identifies as a Democrat.  Hillary Clinton had numerous incidents where she either uttered or demonstrated contempt for our military personnel.  I’m sure that was partly because those men and women took their oath seriously and she considered them a threat to expose her where they to get too close.  But that is another story for another time.

During the testimony of disgraced and corrupt FBI Agent Peter Strzok before Congress, the disgraceful, disrespectful, and idiotic statement by various members of Congress came to the forefront.  However, none stooped so low and exhibited such disrespect for our men and women in arms who have been wounded in defense of this nation, as that of Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN).  He said, “If I could I would give you a Purple Heart.”  That is diminishing that medal of recognition and is a slap in the face of every Veteran and those now serving.  It is more than shameful it is reprehensible, but demonstrates both the lack of appreciation for our military and the ever-growing view of the Leftists toward our military.  He later tried to “walk back” his comments but, as Pontius Pilate said to the Jewish Leaders regarding the inscription over Jesus’ Cross, “What I have Written I have Written.”  Congressman, “What You Said You Said.”  You can’t run from it and you can’t hide.  Those of us who have served find your attitude about as low as you can go.

The wonder boy, David Hogg, who has become nothing more than an attention whore has demonstrated his ignorance and the depth to which the Left will plunge once again.  He can’t get his facts straight, knows little of what he claims to be an expert on, and demonstrates why it is a bad idea to give most teenagers the right to vote.  He claimed, “The Pentagon promised citizenship to immigrants who served.  Now it might help to deport them.”  The facts are that only 40 of them were discharged out of the 100,000 serving. They were discharged because they could not pass checks for a security clearance, same as American citizens who fail that qualification.  How could a “gun control” advocate be for people handling firearms in the military that cannot pass a background check?  How Low Can You Go?  Well, the Leftist following their toxic liberalism will muddy the waters, change their standards, twist and pervert everything to prove their point, whatever that point might be.

I know it is old news now but the IG Report on the FBI is basically more spin and propaganda for the Leftists.  Someone said, it is Comey 2.0 and that is not far from the truth.  In the IG Report on the Clinton email investigation identifies the depth to which our Justice System has plunged and the real question is CAN WE GET IT BACK?  It is quite possible that the Deep State and Swamp have so much control over that arm of our government and has so many bureaucratic activists entrenched we will not.  I found numerous things disheartening.  They would have been laughable were they not so serious.  The IG Report tried to spin James Comey as being a “straight shooter”.  SERIOUSLY?   The same was offered regarding Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and others.  It reveals the willingness of the Deep State’s bias is to Lie, Lie, and Lie.

Let’s consider the ‘straight shooter’ James Comey and the FBI with regard to Hillary Clinton’s intent.  Intent has nothing to do with the law and Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and even the IG justified her violations of protocol and law by using that defense but the Navy Seaman who demonstrated “no intent” to mishandle classified data was awarded a prison sentence.  How’s that for ‘straight shooting’?  There are many laws where the person breaking that law goes to jail but demonstrated no intent.  How about a person killing someone accidentally because they were incredibly careless?  That person goes to jail even though they never INTENDED to kill the other person.  Before you argue that I’m comparing apples to pinto beans let me remind you that the Laws for the Protection of Classified Data are there to PROTECT LIVES.  Breaking that trust and violating that law can and often does lead to the loss of American lives.  However, with regard to the ‘straight shooter’ James Comey and the whitewash of the IG Report, Hillary could be excused because of lack of intent.  We honestly do not know how many America lives have been or will be lost because of her CARELESSNESS if not WILLFUL VIOLATIONS.

Michael Flynn was indicted because he supposedly lied to the FBI, but there were no indictments against Hillary, whom Comey admitted lied or her associates that lied.  STRAIGHT SHOOTER and NO BIAS?  Look out for the flying pigs and don’t step in the Unicorn feces.  Hillary and her cohorts were not indicted because Strzok and the FBI were working on their Insurance Policy to invalidate the 2016 Election should Trump win, which he did.  Indicting Hillary or her subordinates would severely hamper that objective or destroy it completely.  But, the Leftists are willing to go to the depth of the ocean of corruption to achieve their objective.  How so many still cannot see this is somewhat bewildering.

I read an analogy that is apropos that I will share.  “Imagine a murder case where the prosecution has the murder weapon with only the defendant’s bloody fingerprints on it, has witnesses that placed the defendant at the crime scene, and testimony from multiple witnesses saying that the defendant had strong reason to kill the victim, but the prosecutor says since the defendant won’t confess to the murder they will not prosecute.  That’s what the IG report is.  Apparently unless one of the FBI officials admitted that political bias drove actions which were in favor of Hillary, the IG believes that it can’t say that the systematic bias shown in favor of Hillary and against Trump had any impact.”  (Tom Trinko)

We have a relatively simple choice in November. We can block the path of the Liberal Leftists Democrats or we can allow them to succeed in their attempt to reclaim control in Congress.  What would that mean?  Some argue, nothing, but I challenge you to consider the damage done during the 8 years of Barack Obama.  I challenge you to consider what is at stake with regard to our 1st & 2nd Amendment Rights.  I urge you to think about the Economy, Tax Cuts, Obamacare, the Borders, Illegal Immigration, and our standing in the world which directly impacts our National Security and Sovereignty.  The Democrats, if they reclaim control, will plunge us deeper into the abyss of destruction that was put in high-gear by Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros, and the followers of the Liberal, Leftist, Socialist, Globalist seeking to completely remake America into something of their liking rather than preserving her as the Constitutional Republic of our Framers and Founders.

I will continue to fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.  God bless you and God bless America!

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