BLOG POST 1 - What in the World

The more I consider what is happening with the Supreme Court confirmation process for the nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the more I realize that our world is a sick, sick, sick place.  I have come to realize that there is no depth to the debauchery and diabolical dirty tricks the liberal leftists will descend.  They have one purpose, and that is to destroy President Donald Trump and I honestly do not know if they know or care that in the process they are ripping our Republic to shreds.  It is more than simply a ‘double standard’ employed by the leftists it is willing blindness, attempts to justify, and sitting as judge, jury, and executioner of any conservative or Republican while extending the hand of mercy and insisting on the age-old principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ for Democrats.  In today’s political world, accusations are sufficient to convict if it is a conservative or Republican!  The Democrats in Congress, the MSM, Hollywood, and the Never Trump coalition ignore the many revealed charges of sexual impropriety against Democrats, for the most part, but strive to convict a Republican in the Court of Public Opinion.  Never mind that the charges may be baseless, without the possibility of corroboration, and politically motivated, destruction of the accused is the desire, not truth or justice.  It almost seems, if you are a Conservative, Christian, White Male – YOU ARE GUILTY!  Never fear, they will find some charge to level at you because based on your political ideology, your faith, and your ethnicity – YOU ARE DEEMED GUILTY!

I cannot help but wonder why Senator Diane Feinstein would readily and eagerly receive a letter from Dr. Christine Ford with an accusation that the Senator confesses she does not know if the allegations are true.  It is simply because she seeks to destroy the nominee for the Supreme Court?  Yet, that same Senator refused to even read the deposition of Juanita Broderick regarding her charge of rape against Bill Clinton.  WHY is one credible and the other not worthy of even a cursory reading of the charges, Senator?  I will not hold my breath awaiting your response for that will likely never come.  I cannot help but wonder, how the Democrats can now insist that these allegations disqualify Judge Brett Kavanaugh from consideration for the Supreme Court since they insisted that Bill Clinton’s prior sexual scandals had no bearing on him serving as President.  Is the Supreme Court more important or to be held to a higher standard than President?  Again, I won’t hold my breath waiting for an explanation from the Left.

Dr. Ford’s memory of the events appears to be sketchy and I will argue that any person suffering from PTSD and anyone who experienced an attempted rape or anything of the sort, NEVER FORGETS!  I’ve talked to Psychological Counselors and dealt with situations in my years of ministry where the victim could give details to the minute, yet this woman cannot.  That is problematic, in my mind.  Her husband stated on one occasion that she came forward to her analyst in 2012 and brought up Judge Kavanaugh because as is recorded in a Washington Post article, “his wife used Kavanaugh’s last name and voiced concern that Kavanaugh – then a federal judge – might one day be nominated to the Supreme Court.” Motive? Isn’t that a bit suspect?  Her liberal activism has been undeniably documented.  She has been and is a Democrat Activist.  A little known piece of the puzzle might be found in the fact that Judge Kavanaugh’s mother ruled in a foreclosure case regarding Dr. Ford’s parent’s home.  It is a bit odd that her social media has been scrubbed, her high school yearbook removed from the internet along with the history of wild partying by girls in her school.  She has been a long-time donor to the Democrat Party and makes the “P” hats and wears them to Anti-Trump rallies.  Her brother has worked for the ‘Baker Law Firm’ for 15 years and by the way, that law firm is the Law Firm for ‘Fusion GPS’.   Do you see a possible pattern yet? 

At this ‘gathering’ or ‘party’ where the alleged attempted rape took place, we now know that supposedly there was also another girl present.  It might be possible to forget the names of the other boys, other than the alleged attacker but not the girl.  I would suggest that she would have likely told the girl what happened.  She claimed to have been so traumatized by the incident that she received, ‘medical treatment’ but there are no known or revealed hospital records to verify this account.  Strange isn’t it?  If there were records why would they disappear?  Who took her home?  Would she not remember the name of that person, her Good Samaritan?  How could you forget their name or not remember who if anyone took you home?  Repressed Memory?  That is a bit much for rational thought, but alas, she has made the allegations and to the Democrats, MSM, Hollywood, Activists, and Never Trump Crowd that is sufficient to convict without a trial or any rebuttal.  After all, Judge Kavanaugh is a White Male who is Conservative and was nominated by the dastardly Donald Trump, he must be guilty, no need for a trial.

Dr. Ford has released selective portions of the therapist’s notes, “cherry picking” is the term the Democrats like to use for partial disclosures that might lead to distortions.  Her therapist’s notes describe the alleged attack, but there is no mention of Brett Kavanaugh or Mr. Judge in those notes.  The notes indicate that there were four boys present but her letter to Senator Feinstein says there were two.  Both alleged assailants and another supposed attendee have all categorically denied the event ever took place.  She cannot remember the exact location, the date, or even the year and isn’t sure if it was a bedroom or just a room with a door.  One time it was a bed and the next it was a room.  Those details are problematic or should be.

This has all the earmarks of a ‘set-up’ and smacks with the tactic to delay, delay, delay in order to keep this on the front burner right up to and beyond the mid-term elections.  If this actually happened to Dr. Ford, my heart goes out to her and I would NEVER condone that kind of violence and violation by anyone or to anyone.  Sexual assault is reprehensible and there is no defense.  That being said, this is an ALLEGATION, not PROOF and if we are to be fair and honest it must remain that.  There can be no rush to judgment, but tragically the Democrats in the Senate, and many in the media have tried, convicted, and pronounced sentence on Judge Kavanaugh in a very Un-American manner.  It, at this point, appears to be a political ploy.  If she was assaulted and required medical treatment, her parents would assuredly have been told.  I don’t know her parents, but I know if my daughter were assaulted and I became aware of it there would be no stopping me pursuing bringing the culprit to justice.  Silence for 30 years would not have been an option.  She even alleged that she was afraid that Brett Kavanaugh would “inadvertently kill her.”  INADVERTENTLY?  What does that mean, did he supposedly threaten her?

She reported this incident to her “local government representative” on July 16, 2018.  She then wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein to provide “relevant information regarding the current nominee” to the Supreme Court.  INTERESTING TIMING! This provided a pathway to bring this to the public forum.  She didn’t specify the year but stated that it was the early 1980’s.  With the acknowledgment of her husband that her bringing this to the attention of a couple’s therapist was concern over Judge Kavanaugh being considered for the Supreme Court, I am troubled.  She claimed she told no one out of fear that she would not be believed.  That is possible, but not likely that she told NO ONE if it actually happened.  However, I cannot fathom parents not taking to heart the claims of their 15-year old daughter who alleges an attempted rape.  UNLESS her history with her parents was one of fantasy tales that left her unbelievable.  I’m not saying that was the case only searching for possible explanations.  The second accused person Mark Judge stated categorically that the event never happened as did a third person.  Why would she contact a political representative, not Law Enforcement or the FBI?  Why did the local government official or Senator Feinstein not contact the FBI?  Instead of taking the proper actions the Senator played a political game and held the information as a closely guarded secret until all other attempts to derail the confirmation failed then dropped this ‘bombshell’ of unsubstantiated charges against the nominee.   The Senator still refuses to give a copy to the committee.  Strange Isn’t It?

I see another possible purpose in all this by the Democrats.  The accuser has sidestepped attempts to get her to testify under oath and insists that the FBI investigate the man who has been investigated six-times and come out spotless each time.  Her desire to have the FBI attempt to corroborate or at least bring question regarding the alleged incident would provide her a platform to shape her testimony to conform to the FBI report.  She could then modify or conveniently REMEMBER what she had FORGOTTEN.  Chris Matthews of MSNBC has come out what may be the real intent of the Democrats.  He suggested that the Republicans might confirm Judge Kavanaugh but then on the Monday or Sunday before the mid-term elections Dr. Ford would go on national television and tell her story with no challenge to her statements.  He giddily said, “This is deadly for the Republicans!”  That may well be the strategy.  The Democrats may hope the Republicans go forward and confirm then they can destroy them in the mid-terms with this eleventh-hour fiasco.  However, there is also the possibility that they hope this so clouds the waters the Republicans refuse to confirm, Kavanaugh steps aside, or President Trump withdraws the nomination.  That would leave them in a power position where the next nominee could not possibly be confirmed before the elections and would likely go through the same scenario should the Republicans hang on and maintain control of Congress.

We live in a very sad world where ALLEGATIONS are allowed to destroy a person’s life, shipwreck our judicial and political system, and thereby dismantle our Constitutional Republic.  I will say, once again, I don’t know if this incident happened there is no real way to know.  I don’t know if a person suffering from ‘repressed memory’ as is being claimed might have remembered Brett Kavanaugh because of her political ideology when, in fact, it was another teenaged boy that committed the offense.  I do not know!  You do not know!  No person on this planet except Dr. Ford knows and she clearly has an agenda to STOP Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the next Supreme Court Justice.

What we do know is that there are dozens of women who have worked around or for Judge Kavanaugh and each of them has praised his treatment of women, his integrity, and honesty.  Those who know him have affirmed they have never seen this side of him and do not believe the allegations.  I find it disgusting that people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Keith Ellison, and other Democrats would attempt to eviscerate Judge Kavanaugh while history reveals their defense of Democrats accused of sexual and other crimes.  It is not hypocrisy it is deviously diabolical, and we MUST maintain the principle in America that “everyone is innocent UNTIL proven guilty.”  THAT MUST NOT CHANGE!

Okay, this is a very long argument and hope you were able to wade through it and find something that resonates with you.  Hopefully, this incident and the many other antics of the Leftists will cause you to realize just how important the mid-term elections are to America and our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights.  This is WAR!  Failure to realize that will mean defeat and place us on what I believe will be an irreversible course heading to destruction.  I pray we will not let that happen!

God bless you and God bless America!

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