I realize that what I am asking and will say, may irritate some, not go far enough for others, and may place a target on my back, but I feel compelled to address this issue.  When what?  In this case what I’m referring to is the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh by President Trump to become the newest justice on the Supreme Court.  His confirmation hearings went through the Judiciary Committee and prior to the public interrogation many Democrats have refused to meet with him deeming him UNQUALIFIED.  However, their ‘gold standard’ for all nominees has been the endorsement or rating by the American Bar Association (ABA).  Their dilemma is, the ABA has given Judge Brett Kavanaugh their highest possible rating calling him “Well Qualified.”  What do they do with that?  Before you move past that rating you must realize that the ABA is a ‘left-wing organization’, frequently taking the liberal side of issues including the 2nd Amendment, LGBT’s agenda, national sovereignty, immigration, and more.  Basically, it has been and is an extension of Democrat Policies, Ideologies, and Agendas.  That is problematic for the Democrats in Congress.  Their own organization or an organization that they depend on in promoting their policies and agendas has stamped a man they hate as WELL QUALIFIED.

Former Presidents, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama virtually NEVER nominated anyone the ABA did not endorse or rate as QUALIFIED or WELL QUALIFIED.  Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) are on record as declaring that the ABA ratings are “the Gold Standard by which judicial candidates are judged.”  NOW, WHAT?  Are they now going to disregard the ABA’s ratings and continue their assault on Judge Kavanaugh simply because he was appointed by their mortal enemy?  The ABA has often given conservatives a lower rating than their records indicates is justified simply because of politics.  With that in mind, this is almost shocking that the ABA would give Judge Kavanaugh their highest rating, WELL QUALIFIED. 

I have no doubt they will continue their NEGATIVE approach to this nominee because he is deemed a threat to their agenda and ascension to power.  They are attempting to use their resistance to his confirmation to fan the flames of hate and engender excitement in their base.  They want to use this nomination process as a means to GET OUT THE VOTE in November.  CNN’s broadcast some days ago, “At This Hour” hosted Demand Justice Executive Director and former Hillary Clinton Campaign Press Secretary Brian Fallon.  In that interview, Mr. Fallon declared that any Democrat that voted for the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, “is risking suppressing the historic level of enthusiasm we’re seeing right now from Democratic voters.”  He went on to say that, “Brett Kavanaugh is the most unpopular nominee in the last 35 years.”  Who might have been the most unpopular before Kavanaugh, in their minds?  Think about that for a moment.

The troubling allegations and accusations resulted in a second hearing where Judge Kavanaugh and one of his accusers Dr. Ford were on display for the world to see as the politics played out.  I wish I could say that this was devoted to the discovery of truth but when one side or the other could say BEFORE hearing either’s under-oath testimony they believed or disbelieved one or the other.  That suggested to me that TRUTH was not the objective but POLITICS.  I came away from the grueling and painful event with an even more deeply rooted belief that was exactly the intent.  The demand for a one-week delay and an FBI investigation into the allegations was granted and immediately the Democrats began to cry ARBITRARY and UNFAIR.  They got what they asked but it was not sufficient suggesting that this is likely less about truth than delay.  Now that the FBI has virtually concluded its investigation everyone awaits their report, and should it give no corroborating evidence to suggest guilt on the part of Judge Kavanaugh, what then?  Many on the left declared even before his being named they would not support Trump’s pick. Can that be deemed anything other than politics?  It is about Roe v Wade, the Second-Amendment, and other liberties.  I desire an Originalist, a Judge that will rule based on the Original Intent and the wording of the Constitution, not one that is a political activist and seeks to legislate from the bench and rewrite or erase portions of our American Constitution.

Turn back the pages of time and history to Ronald Reagan’s nominating to the Supreme Court a judge who was sitting on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, where Kavanaugh now sits.  Do you remember who that was?  It was Judge Robert Bork and surely you remember the vilification that ensued over his nomination and the victory by the Democrats led by the infamous Senator Ted Kennedy.  Kennedy argued that Bork could not be confirmed because he was “outside the mainstream.”  That was completely illogical and insidious, but the demagogic attack was launched.  President Reagan had carried 49 of the 50 States and Bork’s views were embraced by President Reagan, so how in the name of sanity could Bork’s views be outside the mainstream?  Senator Kennedy argued that Judge Bork’s willingness to fire Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox was “sufficient by itself” to DISQUALIFY him.

It is déjà vu all over again and the Democrats now focus on Judge Kavanaugh’s views on the firing of special prosecutors.  It makes no difference if the prosecutors are rogue agents of unconstitutional agendas.  His views, to many of us, would make him squarely within the mainstream, but to the Leftist and those following the views of Toxic Liberalism and Anti-Americanism, HE MUST GO.  They argue as they did with Judge Bork that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, women will be relegated to ‘back alley abortions’, and that blacks will once again be ‘enslaved’ by rogue police and racist Republicans.  They argue that women, gays, and virtually everyone in the Leftist mainstream will be endangered and seek to fan the flames of hate, mistrust, and discord.

Judge Bork’s defeat was a “watershed event in judicial politics.”  It defeated a conservative realignment of the Supreme Court and in his place, we got Justice Anthony Kennedy who became the Swing Vote that too often voted with the liberal left.  Some have argued that Bork was defeated by a party-line vote but remember six Republicans voted with them.  The question this time is how many Democrats, if any, will cross over and vote for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation should the FBI report offer nothing of significance?  The next question is how many Republicans will side with the Democrats and bring us another fiasco such as we witnessed with Judge Robert Bork?  I will watch both carefully and pray that the Republicans, I pray that you will STAND FIRM and that some Democrats will examine their hearts and heed the desire of 60% of Americans who desire that the Judge is confirmed if there is nothing damning in the FBI’s report.

The Supreme Court is an incredibly important part of the direction America will take in the foreseeable future.  I ask that each of you PRAY earnestly, WORK diligently, and CONTACT your Senators and let them know how you feel about this nominee and vote. The Constitutional Republic may well be hanging by that vote, so it is critically important.  I would hope that the Senators and all Americans will realize that unless the FBI provides damning corroboration against Judge Kavanaugh this is a “He said, She said” situation and in America, we MUST remain “innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent.”  Would you now want the same for yourselves, your husband or wife, son or daughter, father or mother?  Of course, you would, so it is important that we, as much as is possible, lay aside politics and look at qualifications.

God bless you and God bless America!



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