BLOG POST 2 - Shaking

I have been predicting for several years that a “Shaking” was coming in America that would get everyone’s attention.  I have sensed and believed that there would be or will be a shaking politically and it will stretch from the local Courthouse to the Whitehouse.  No, I am not saying Donald Trump is going to be embroiled in a scandal that removes him from office.  That’s the hope of the Leftist and the Never Trump Crowd but I don’t believe that will be the case.  However, some former presidents just might find themselves squarely in the crosshairs of God’s judgment and experience some tremendous embarrassment and scandal.  I have sensed and believe that the Shaking will touch people of high public standing (recognition) and people of all walks of life.  You may or may not believe the Bible and the God of the Bible, but I do. and I keep hearing in my spirit and heart, “There’s a Whole Lotta Shakin’ Coming!”  America has drifted far from her moral moorings and if we are to survive and continue to be the impact on the world for anything good, there must be a purging that will reach from the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top.

I will possibly draw the ire and hostile fire of some for saying this, but I believe that God raised up Donald Trump for this hour.  No, I did not say, Donald Trump was a saint, but the instrument God has chosen to deal with the condition existing in America.  He can be crude, even rude, and does not carry himself with the traditional political polish we’ve grown accustomed to for decades.  He shoots from the lip and is undeterred by the MSM, the Activist, the Leftists, or even the Never Trump Crowd.  He has been undeterred in the sense that he keeps moving his agenda forward, at times, with limited help from the Republican Congress.

He has taken a stance in support of Israel that former presidents have either side-stepped or were openly opposed to.  He has attempted to keep his campaign promises regarding Taxes, the Border, Terrorism, Trade, the Economy, and more.  Will he do everything right?  No, but what person does?  I have been told by some ministers that I respect that Mr. Trump has had a religious experience and his heart change and his desire is to achieve what is right and good for America and Americans.  My personal religious convictions and his are probably not the same, but I know that God can use anyone to achieve His purposes and, at this time, I believe God is using Donald Trump’s courage and dogged determination.

The hysteria and claims that his presidency would mean millions dying, the end of America as a Republican Democracy, and women being relegated to the back rooms, chained, and treated as sex-slaves is just that hysteria.  Men and women, blacks and whites, Hispanics, Asians, and virtually everyone has done better economically under his administration.  There has been much done, that is positive, regarding ISIS and Islamic Terrorism.  There has been a definitive attempt to place on the various courts men and women who respect the rule of law and the constitution.

In the face of the 24/7/365 bombardment by the MSM, the Democrats, and the Activist to somehow taint his presidency, stop him, hinder him, and ultimately remove him from office, he has continued to plod along fulfilling campaign promises.  I’m not sure any of our former presidents could have survived this blitzkrieg largely because they are politicians and he is not among their tribe.  He was elected because millions of Americans were fed up with the corrupt business as usual of politicians and politics.  In that sense, he has been a breath of fresh air.  I am not trying to justify any flaws in his personality only saying, He has been good for America, thus far.

What we witnessed in the confirmation fight over Judge Brett Kavanaugh has pulled back the curtain on what we are in for with every nominee of President Trump.  I believe that God is about to pull back the veil and expose Washington, DC for what it is and that will stretch far beyond DC and will be felt locally.  The Supreme Court is not supposed to be Republican or Democrat but jurist who interpret the Constitution as it relates to the cases brought before them.

Chief Justice John Roberts is not a conservative and might well be called a centrist.  I do not want the court to advance a Republican or Democrat agenda but to make rulings based solely on the Original Intent and Wording of the Constitution.  In that, I may not like some of their rulings and may deeply agree with some of them, but if they are positioned squarely on the Constitution I can accept them.  There is no place for judicial activism in any court and I believe there is about to be a “Shaking” on the court and in Congress that will move both toward a position of Originalism and in that more toward a position of righteousness.  Those who want the Leftist agenda will cry foul on that statement and argue that any decision not in harmony with the Progressive, Globalist, Leftist view is activism.  Yes, some on the Right will cry the same thing if they don’t get what they hope for.  Again, the Supreme Court will be shaken, corruption exposed, and this President will seek to place people on the court who will protect and defend the Constitution.  That I applaud.

In the mid-terms, I believe there will be some surprises, that does not take prophetic insight to say, there always are surprises.  However, there are some races that are deemed locks that will experience upsets and I believe that in the long run, it will be good for America.  I expect such civil unrest that the potential of martial law will be the result.  If, the Left loses and does not reclaim one or both Houses of Congress the protests and attempts at anarchy we have witnessed since the election of Donald J. Trump will be far worse.  Blood will run in the streets to the point that many will call for the implementation of martial law.

I pray it does not come to that but the death threats already coming forth and the blatant calls for the extermination of white men are producing such unrest and hate that the pot is about to boil over. When it boils over the unrest and destruction will be met by proportional pushback from those on the other side.  For the most part, those on the Right have been silent as the Leftist burn, look, maim and murder. That is about to create a shaking that will shake our nation to its core.

Hear me Please!  I am not calling for violence, do not want violence, abhor violence and believe that the ONLY legitimate way, politically, to effect change in America is at the Voting Booths.  I ask that you Hear Me!  Although I believe that is the primary means whereby we effect change it is not the only way.  Because I am a believer in God and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, a Christian I believe in the Power of Prayer!  I believe we can bring about change through Prayer and Spiritual Warfare.  No, I do not mean fighting fire with fire in physical altercations.  I mean by pulling down strongholds through Prayer!  If you do not believe in the Bible, you will reject my argument about prayer without discussion, but if you do believe hopefully you will feel the tug at your heart to pray.

I believe that we are about to see some dramatic changes in the political landscape nationally and there will be Democrats and Republicans shaken because of corruption.  I urge everyone to resist becoming discouraged and believe that we can become what we once were and return to our Constitutional and Moral Moorings in the Republic.  My request is that you join us in Prayer but also that you do not grow complacent and you not only Vote in November, but you encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to Vote as well.  Do what you can!

God bless you and God bless America!



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