BLOG POST 1 - Blue

There has been a great exodus of people from the Blue States that have been Democrat run for decades to the Red States where there are lower taxes, lower cost of living, and more freedom we are experiencing Red State Blues.  Those exiting the stifling Blue States and moving to the Red States appear to have missed what caused their former State to be in the condition it is in.  They come but bring their liberal leftist ideology with them and then begin the process of transforming their new State into their old state.  What happens then is that the State they sought out because of the things it offered will no longer offer those freedoms and liberties but will become another Blue State strangled by liberalism.  Is that bluetrification inevitable?  Sadly, it appears so.

People are moving to my home State, Texas, by the droves.  Over 79,000 since the 2016 Elections.  That is well and good but when they bring their Leftist views with them it is bad.  In Texas, we have enjoyed one of the lowest tax rates in the nation because of Conservatism and Common Sense.  But when these Blue State liberals immigrate to Texas they want to have all the social programs, freebies, and liberal politics they had before.  What they fail to realize is that it was the Leftist, Socialist, Liberal views and policies of the Democrats that cause the problems they ran from.  If they succeed in transforming Texas and the other Red States into Blue or Purple States Texas will become California or New York.

What that would then mean is that businesses and people would begin to depart the State because of the liberal policies those people help to vote in.  The definition of insanity is, “continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result.”  Hey, newcomers to Texas and the other Red States, we have what you want because we did not follow your Leftist Liberal Ideology and Policies.  WAKE UP!  If you insist on being a liberal Democrat and vote leftist into office you will have to flee again to somewhere else, seeking a reprieve from the devastation of liberalism.

You will continue to take another lap around the proverbial mountain UNLESS you wake up and realize that what you are seeking is Conservatism, Constitutionalism, and Freedom.  You want lower taxes.  You want fewer restrictions that stifle business and the economy.  You want the benefits of the Free Market.  You want limited government.  But, you do not seem to understand that your ideological view is what created the problem where you were and will create it where you have come.  It is inevitable that the Red States will turn Blue or Purple if enough of the Liberal Leftists from the Blue States move in without assimilating into the culture and mindset of the Red States.

I remember when Obamacare was being forced upon us the former president insisting that, “if you like your plan or your doctor you can keep them.”  I remember that he and the Democrats assured us that we would see a minimum of a $2,500 per year reduction in costs.  The reverse or worse was the reality.  We did not get to keep either our plan or our doctor in many cases.  The Medicaid demands of that program would have bankrupted the States and those who tried to implement it felt the pinch and pain and resisted.  I remember Nancy Pelosi telling us, “They had to pass the plan to find out what was in it.”  That is absolute nonsense.  Would you buy a car or a house if the seller said, “Buy it and then we will start it or open it up for you to view?”  If you are a follower of Toxic Liberalism as is now on display by the National Democratic Party, you just might.

The idea of throwing open our borders to whomever without proper vetting is sheer insanity and poses a grave danger to our nation and our people.  We don’t know their medical condition, their political ideological beliefs, or their criminal history.  Would you open your home to anyone?  If you say, yes you are either not being honest or you are delusional.  You would want to know something about them, especially if you have children.  If we allow illegals to flood our nation with no regard for our laws or our sovereign border we have destroyed the Republic.

Immigrants seeking asylum in another country do not seek to enter that country illegally and boldly wave the flag of their former country.  That’s what invaders do not refugees.  If one is seeking the safety and protection of a new nation, rational logic would suggest that they would praise the new nation, not call it evil names.  If someone came to your door seeking a place to stay and began to trash talk everything you do and who you were would you willingly allow them to enter?  No, you would not!  You would expect them to show some gratitude and follow the rules of your home.  Anything less would be irresponsible and that is how it is with our nation.

It is a topic for another blog, but I applaud the President in suggesting he will, by executive order, end the ‘birthright citizenship’ practice.  I have presented details as to how this is not a constitutional mandate or precept.  It comes from a misreading of the 14th Amendment.  Those writing the amendment did not view as valid the idea that a person simply being born on our soil afforded them automatic citizenship.  The requirement was that one or both parents were legal American citizens at the time of the birth.  Some will argue, and I will present my case again at a later time but for now, I argue it is not constitutional.  What other country affords that right to anyone?

We have the opportunity to get this right and see our Republic restored to its moral moorings and founding principles.  We can allow the toxicity of liberalism and socialism to transform our Republic from a Free Market Capitalist Economy to a Socialist or Liberal Freebie Economy and die nationally.  Just around the bend are the 2020 Elections and we either get on board with the desire and agenda to reclaim our liberties, limit our government, and see America restored to her former glory or we do not.  The choice is yours and mine.  As for me and my house, we will vote FOR AMERICA and that will mean voting NO on the Leftist Agenda and Candidates.

God bless you and God bless America!

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