BLOG POST 3 - Faith and Politics

I understand that I will possibly be challenged by some on both sides of the political aisle but my faith, which formulates my bedrock beliefs, determines how I vote in elections.  There are some issues that as a Christian I cannot reconcile with a particular political party.  I cannot reconcile a vote for them based on my core beliefs and what I believe the Bible teaches.  To do so would require me to renounce my convictions and thereby my faith, and my faith takes preeminence over everything else in my life.  If I am faced with a choice of voting for something that the Bible is opposed or what the Bible supports I choose to stand with the Bible.

For some, on both sides of the aisle politically, that is as grating as fingernails on a chalkboard. But for me, it is who and what I am.  Does that make me more righteous or right than anyone else?  No, it defines me and explains why I take the political stances I take.  If that is objectionable to anyone and you find it impossible to overcome, then I guess we part ways.  Do not ask me to shelve my convictions and core beliefs for the sake of your favor.  I must declare as did the disciples when ordered to no longer speak of Jesus, “Whom shall I obey, God or man?”  I would not ask you to change your convictions and reject your faith so please do not expect me to do so.

One of the issues that I find impossible to reconcile is the Right to Life and that includes the issue of Abortion.  I am adamantly Pro-Life and believe that life begins at conception.  Even if you argue that it begins later, surely you recognize that when that baby in the womb has a heartbeat in the first month, that signifies life.  Some will not acknowledge that reality and say No?  If you are like Hillary Clinton, you may argue that that thing in the womb is nothing more than a blog of tissue until it is fully born into this world.  A living organism that has a heartbeat, fingerprints, can feel is not a blob of tissue it is a baby, albeit an unborn baby.  I find abortion at any stage troubling but when it is in the last trimester I can view it as nothing short of murder.

Please don’t tell me this is about women’s health or a woman’s right to choose.  At what point is that life in her womb awarded a choice?  Her choice was before pregnancy.  I understand the argument of rape and incest.  However, how do two wrongs make a right?  I say that with empathy for the woman who suffered either of those abuses.  What about the child?  There is the avenue of adoption as an alternative to abortion.  I know the woman will endure the pregnancy and it will serve as a constant reminder of her plight, but how long will the emotional scars of aborting that innocent baby last?  There are always two sides to every coin.

Within the realm of the Right to Life is the matter of doctor-assisted suicide and self-defense.  No, they are not related but both fall into the category of the Right to Life.  I believe, based on my understanding of the Bible that taking one’s own life is not right.  The determination of when we die is or should be in God’s hands.  On the matter of self-defense, the Bible teaches, and our Founding Fathers understood that this right was inalienable.  That right includes the use of deadly force if necessary in defense of our lives and the innocent around us.  That is where the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution comes into focus.  That is a God-given right, not a government prerogative.

On the matter of welfare and entitlements, I believe it is the responsibility of every individual practice benevolence.  It, I believe should be the view of the Church, the community, families, and individuals to care for the poor, widows, and orphans.  There is nothing in the Bible that directs the government to do that and it is not a provision of our American Constitution.  In fact, those who wrote the Constitution believed that it was prohibited to take tax money for benevolence.

The Bible speaks of the person who does not provide for his own as being worse than an infidel.  It also declares that a person that will not work should not be given sustenance and provisions.  Therefore, when the government takes tax dollars and provides billions in entitlements and welfare that is counter to my faith.  There are some people who cannot work and provide for their own and I realize that if individuals do not do their duty and churches fail, we cannot let them suffer needlessly.  However, that does not mean ignoring the Constitution or our personal duty is okay.

Before you accuse me of being uncaring and unfeeling know that I believe and practice caring for the poor and needy.  I do not do as much as I probably should or even as much as I would like, but I believe that the onus is on the individual, not the government to care for the poor.  God’s promise is that if we give to the poor He considers it a loan to Him and He always repays.

When we adopted the mentality that it was the government’s job to care for the poor and needy we abdicated our responsibility and took the easy way out.  The easy way?  Seemingly, but the cost of that easy way has imposed a burden on the Republic that the foreseeable future generations will not be able to pay.  We have bankrupted the nation in our abdication of responsibility.

When a political party adopts a platform of Pro-Choice, Pro-Entitlements, and Anti-Self-defense, and in many ways Anti-Bible, I find it difficult to support that party.  No, I find it impossible to support that party.  For me, and I do not put this on anyone else, to do so would be to denounce my faith and reject my core convictions.  That is something that I cannot do.

Therefore, my core convictions and my Christian faith prevent me from voting for the Democratic Party because of their stance on abortion, self-defense, entitlements, immigration or amnesty for the illegals who violate our laws and those who harm our citizens.  I cannot support them because of their stance in favor of same-sex marriages, the mandate that those who hold convictions otherwise violate their conscience to accommodate those choosing that lifestyle.  I cannot support them because of their willingness to ignore the Constitution.

The Democratic Party booed God at their national convention and have taken positions that are in opposition to Christians who hold to traditional marriage.  They have demonstrated a willingness to impugn and vilify Christians insisting their biblical views disqualify them from public service including judgeships.  Our American Constitution identified as inalienable the right to Worship according to the dictate of our hearts without interference from the government.  Obviously, if my worship endangers the safety of other people that is not allowable either constitutionally or biblically.

Love me or hate me, accept me or reject me for what I believe, but know that it is my right.  I defend your right to believe what you choose and to express those views civilly and peaceably.

God bless you and God bless America






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