When I hear Democrats and others argue that building a wall is immoral, as did Nancy Pelosi, I wonder how deeply they have thought about the issue.  When you live behind a wall and call a wall for the nation immoral, what does that make you and how logical is that?  Logical?  Sorry, I ascribed that to a Liberal Leftist and I know better.  Logic and reason along with critical thinking have departed like the flowers of summer.  Fortunately for the flowers of summer, they will return, but as for logic, reason, and critical thinking, I’m not sure a better comparison might be the dinosaur.

The Border Wall Issue has fully exposed what the opposition is really all about and it is not morality but potential or actual voters for the Democrats.  The issue at the border spans a very wide spectrum of issues.  Those include preventing the influx or invasion of terrorist, gang members, drug traffickers, opioids, and human trafficking to name a few.  It is in the best interest of Legal Immigrants for us to secure the border because Illegals make it more difficult for the legal immigrants to get in or get jobs once here.  It is an economic issue, a healthcare issue, a welfare issue, and needed to protect our Electoral Systems and our System of Government.  Yes, voter fraud is part of the equation. 

I expect the endless meaningless diatribe and rhetoric from the MSM but when contributors on Fox News join their chorus it motivates me to turn off all the news outlets.  Maria Harf, Chris Hahn, Jessica Taylor, Juan Williams, Shep Smith, and Chris Wallace motivates me to turn them off and delve into the issue myself and expose Schumer and Pelosi as the frauds they are on this issue.

I have asked Liberals for a long time, “Why the Democrats support Sanctuary Cities?”  I have pointed out the criminal elements hiding in those places, the murderous activity against American citizens, the rape of American women, and the other crimes being committed and ask, “Why, defend them?”  I usually get some superfluous diatribe and hear the leftist talking points about civility, and morality and the defenseless women and children being protected.  They know they are not on solid ground factually, but they stand firm.

If the Democrats and RINOs were genuinely concerned about protecting America and Americans and were truly taking the moral high ground, the road less traveled, they would not support Sanctuary Cities and endanger Americans.  They would not seek the abolishment of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and try to prevent them from the needed funds and authority to deal with the problem effectively on the border.  They would want ICE and the Border Patrol to have the means and support to effectively and safely remove the illegals from our land.  We are a sovereign nation and have an obligation to our legal citizens to protect them both constitutionally and morally.  Why Not Do That?

They want the border to remain porous and virtually non-existent.  Their political reason is ‘potential or actual votes’ not the security and safety of America and Americans.  They do not want to send a message to the countries of the world that America is no longer a paper tiger and we will and do enforce our laws and if you come you will be deported or prosecuted.  That would be counter-productive to their agenda of building a larger Democrat Voting Base.  They are engaging in Vote Farming.

How can you expect people to take you seriously in your moral argument when you offer support for funding more agents and drones along the border but oppose the wall and insist on protecting Sanctuary Cities?  If you, on one hand, say you want the illegals caught and dealt with but on the other insist that they have a right to be here and defend Sanctuary Cities you are not credible, you are being a hypocrite.  It is my view that you are exposing yourself as a Voting Farmer trying to harvest a large crop of new votes, so America be damned, and your political agenda advanced.  That is not moral or constitutional, so your position is a purely political, not genuine concern for our borders or Americans. 

Our founding fathers recognized the principle and belief of what is known as the Castle Doctrine or a man’s house is his castle or sanctuary.  If you believe there should be no walls, no borders, not preventative for people entering the country illegally, why do you have security systems in your homes to protect your Sanctuary?  If you believe that there should be no walls, borders, barriers, or preventatives at the border why do you have 10’ fences around your homes to keep people out?  Tear down your walls, open your gates, unlock your doors and windows and place signs on your front lawn, “Everyone Welcome, my home is your home, enter and take what you desire.”  I can hear people screaming, “Roy that is not rational.”  I agree, but it is the definitive position of the Democrats.  They can fund the world, abortion, and so many other things but not $5 Billion for the Wall. 

I fully support, and we need Legal Immigration.  However, those immigrating must bring something to the table other than just seeking a better life.  That may sound harsh, but our Immigration policy and system have, until recently, insisted that people have the skills needed and are desirous and willing to assimilate into our nation and culture.  No, they do not have to lose their cultural identity, but they have to become Americans.  There are those who are afforded political asylum and even those are expected or should be to assimilate.

The Democrats are perfectly fine with a $4.4 Trillion budget.  They are fine with $27 Billion in foreign aid for economic development, health, humanitarian assistance, peace, security, and other objectives in those nations.  The Secure Fence Acts of 2006, remember that?  That Act budgeted $50 Billion over 25-years to control our borders.  But Congress only appropriated $1.4 Billion and ignored the rest.   The $27 Billion for foreign aid was for ONE YEAR, not TWENTY-FIVE.  How does that feel America?  Those in Congress are willing to spend 5 times what the President is asking for a Wall on foreign aid and projects to help them develop, grow, and enjoy protection but only a pittance for America.  That is disgusting and must end.

When I consider what we are sending to foreign nations I find the wall argument of the Democrats defenseless.  Did you know that we have been sending $687 million to Pakistan, Osama bin Laden’s sanctuary nation?  $7.2 Billion to Afghanistan, $570 million to Syria and even $20 million to China.  What are they thinking?  I don’t know but I know that there is no thought of what is best for America in the mix. 

Those in Congress continue to grow rich and live in multimillion-dollar mansions surrounded by walls and armed guards and average Americans are left without the desired and needed security along our borders.  How they grow so rich is a bit puzzling since they earn less than $200,000 in salary per annum.  Illegals cost the American taxpayer about $115 Billion each year. That is taking the actual cost and subtracting any taxes paid by the illegals and the net is $115 billion.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to spend $5 billion on the Wall and allow ICE and the Border Patrol to effectively deal with the problem?  It would be sound economic sense not to mention national security.  The position of the Left addresses none of those issues and is clearly a front for “harvesting” illegal votes and building a voting base for the Democrats. 

Call me whatever you please, but I am disgusted with the issue and the entire budgetary process in Congress.  It is time to Drain the Swamp and Dismantle the Deep State.  It is time to Reduce the Behemoth called the Federal Government.  NOT SOMEDAY, BUT NOW!

God bless you and God bless America!

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