I view what is transpiring in my beloved United States of America, the land of my birth and the nation to which my patriotic loyalty lies, with a heavy heart.  I weep because of the seeping and creeping drift, shift, and erosion of our core founding principles have been so diminished and tarnished we no longer resemble the Republic the founders envisioned and established.  You may disagree, but if you take a step back and take a deep breath and look at what is happening with an honest heart, you will see that there is validity in my argument and lament.  I have a deep love for my native land and the foundation upon which it was established.  I believe that many, if not most of you, share that sentiment. 

You may be an avid “Never Trump” zealot and devotee and believe that you are taking that stance for all the right reasons.  You may believe that America would be better off with the Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Ocasio-Cortez, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, or Robert O’Rourke in the White House.  Name any other leftist Democrat and the storyline is the same, more taxes, less freedom, open borders, and more government regulations and control.  If you truly believe that we would be better off in that environment and under that governance, I cannot understand your reasoning but defend your right to the position you have taken.

The “Anti-Trump Hysteria” of today is one of the darkest moments in our American history and we have had some dark moments.  I do not want to sugar-coat our history, nor do I want to revise or rewrite it.  I want us to learn from our mistakes, make the proper adjustments and proceed with the pursuit of the prize the founders gave us, the Free Constitutional Republic that recognizes and defends our inalienable rights.  I want to return to being, a nation in which all the legal citizens are afforded and allowed the right to Live (LIFE), be Free (LIBERTY), and pursue our Dreams (HAPPINESS).  I cannot imagine anyone not wanting that for All Americans, but some want part of America exterminated, silenced, and suppressed.

 I believe that in the decades to come, President Donald J. Trump will not be remembered as the maniacal monster he is portrayed as being by the Left.  That is unless the Leftist and Anti-American Powers control the writing of history, but if history is truly written his accomplishments will be noted.  Will he be deemed by history as one of our greatest presidents?  I cannot answer that, I will leave that to the historians.  Remember the Flower Children and the Peace Movement of the ’60s?   They grew up and many matured into reasonable and responsible adults who directed their energies to productive things.  Some did not but many did.  I have met some of them and had them apologize to me and thank me for my service in Vietnam. 

  All that is happening now in the ANTI-TRUMP era is not because Donald Trump is some wild-eyed right-wing radical but because those, behind the scenes, who want to fundamentally transform America into something other than the Free Constitutional Republic are manipulating, motivating, and buying the hysteria.  The claim that Trump is Hitler should be laughable but sadly, some well-meaning and good-hearted Americans have bought the spin and rhetoric, and, in their deception, they react.  I’ve had seniors express their fears, arising from the seeds of the Democrat fear-mongering that they will no longer have medication or their social security because of Trump, so they vote Democrat, some for the first time in their lives.  The hysteria fanning the flames of fear and paranoia is working on far too many and that makes me weep.

Until recently the Democrats were for a Border Wall but since Trump became president they are in opposition.  What changed?  Only the party in power and the person occupying the White House.  That makes me weep.  Even their hero, Barack Obama, who did everything he could through Executive Fiat to undermine and cripple our immigration laws said, “we cannot allow people to pour into the U.S. undetected, undocumented, and unchecked.  Americans are right to demand better border security.”  That was in 2006, but what changed?  Only the party in power and the person in the White House and that makes me Weep!

When the Democrats including Schumer and Pelosi were for a wall the activists were not screaming to the heavens that a wall was immoral.  That only came about when Donald Trump became president.  That makes my heart heavy and my eyes run over with tears!  If you do a little fact checking and statistical analysis you will find that in the 2016 election more Hispanic, black, and Asians voted for Donald Trump than for Mitt Romney.  For anyone to claim that Trump is a racist and has an agenda to suppress all, but white people are not reflected in the voting of 2016 or in the polls of today.  With the continued drop in unemployment among all ethnicities, the growing economy, and the lower taxes people in all walks of life are seeing a brighter future.  That is not Hitler and not a monster’s work, it is the work of a person who wants America to succeed.  He may or may not be right on all fronts and may even be misguided from time to time, but he, unlike former presidents is willing to stand alone, if necessary, to achieve that objective.

Let me offer you a tidbit you might or might not know.  Mitt Romney won 54% of the votes of those who earned over $100K annually and 38% of those in the $50K range.  Trump, on the other hand, won only 47% of the $100K group and 41% of the $50K group.  In case you missed it, there are a lot more in the lower end of the economic spectrum than in the higher one.  Trump proved to be a candidate that appealed to people on both sides of the aisle who saw that America was headed in the wrong direction and wanted something definitively done in Washington.  They wanted lower taxes, secure borders, less government regulation, a strong national defense, and our rights and freedoms protected.  I cannot imagine any American not wanting those, but apparently, some still don’t want them.  I wonder how many are returning their tax cut to the government because they don’t like it?  I suspect the number is hovering around ZERO.

One more note, from the statistics I have seen, it appears that during these past two years of the Trump presidency the millennials’ support for the Democrats has dropped about 10 percentage points.  That is not good news for the Left and another reason they are so adamant on keeping the borders porous.  They need the illegal votes and need to make them citizens so they can become the new voting base of the Democratic Party. 

As a believer in God and a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, I long for America to return to our moral and spiritual moorings.  I long to see an America that values all lives including those defenseless ones in the womb.  I long to see an America that is color blind and values achievement based on merit, not skin pigmentation or religion.  I long to see an America where the federal government lives within its means and we reduce both the debt and deficit.  I long to see an America where we can disagree without resorting to violence and vitriolic rhetoric.  I long to see an America like the one I grew up in and our Founders envisioned and established.  My heart is heavy but filled with love and hope.  Will we see it?  I believe we will because I believe in God and the power of prayer and in the benefits of personal involvement in life.

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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