I realize that I have just entered the Land of the Taboo and will possibly stir up hate, anger, vitriol, and cause me to endure some personal attacks. That is not my objective, but I cannot be silent with there are those in our government and society who are advancing incredible evils.  I can call infanticide as is in the proposed legislation of Virginia and the legislation of New York nothing but murder.  I don’t like abortion at any level because I view that life in the womb as just that A LIFE and a Living Human Being waiting to be born.  The calls for extreme physical abuse including maiming, murder, rape, sodomy, and more by some today toward those who support this president and disagree with their position is alarming.

If you find my open declaration so disagreeable you can no longer associate with me on any level, that is your choice.  I am open to honest discussion of all issues but when it comes to genocide, infanticide, and the proposed violence those on the Left are calling for I call it what it is, EVIL!  I did not say that each person who has supported the Democrat Platform and voted for them is evil, but the policies being advanced by the extreme which seems to be rapidly becoming mainstream of the Left is. 

The Left is terrified that should President Trump be allowed to make another appointment to the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade would be history.  I cannot address whether that is a justified fear or not, although I would support the overturning of that law.  I am opposed to abortion and won’t get into a debate here on rape, incest, and the danger of the life of the mother.  Those are discussions that we must engage in, but I believe the matter of abortion is a State issue, not a Federal one.  That does not mean that I support Abortion or Abortion on Demand in any stretch of the imagination but believe it is a matter, like many others that each state should decide for themselves. 

There was a time when even Democrat Bill Clinton called for abortion to be “safe, legal, and rare.”  Yes, he said, ‘rare’ as well as legal and safe.  I am incredibly concerned about the new limits or lack thereof proposed by the Left regarding abortion.  Where does this lead and where does it end?  What is behind this latest push by the Left to make the life of the baby in the womb so valueless that they could endorse killing it, after live birth, via a botched abortion?  Killing full-term babies cannot be called choice, it is murder!  Hate me, love me, be indifferent to me, that is your choice, but I cannot sit silently while the door to societal genocide is opened.  What is next, ethnic cleansing?  Where does it lead? 

Only seven countries including the United States allow for elective abortions after 20 weeks.  Those countries are Canada, China, North Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam.  The Netherlands and Singapore draw the line at 24 weeks.  However, the legislation in New York and the proposed legislation in Virginia would obliterate those lines and make unwanted babies, fair game for obliteration.  How can the Left call for empathy, compassion, sympathy, tolerance, or any of the demands they make on the Right with this view of human life in the most defenseless of all humans? 

I agree with a statement I heard recently that there are two basic explanations for this new push to legalize infanticide.  One is economic and the other is a stepping stone to their ultimate objective.  The first is utterly disgusting and the latter is so vile it is unconscionable and evil.  The fact that our government awards Planned Parenthood $500 million annual is a bitter pill for this American.  The Republican-controlled Congress did little to defund that entity allowing its funds to continue and has done absolutely nothing toward the securing of our borders and building a wall.  The wall is designed to help funnel people to entry or check-points, so they can be properly vetted and screened.  The design is to protect Americans from being murdered, raped, or accosted by illegals who were criminals and evil when they arrived. How is that a bad thing?

Planned Parenthood is incredibly partisan and spent over $38 million in 2016 in support of Hillary Rodham Clinton.  How much of that came out of the $500 million tax dollars they received?  Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue is more than $1.5 billion.  It is my view, that Planned Parenthood like many Unions is nothing more than money-laundering operations or arms of the Democrat Party.  The silence and inaction by the GOP are incredibly disturbing and another reason to Clean House in Washington, D.C. immediately!

The ‘stepping stone’ issue is an entirely different one.  I suggest that once infanticide is legalized, and that is the desire of the national Democrat Party of Today, it would rapidly become accepted as The Law.  People would become anesthetized and adopt a ‘ho-hum’ attitude toward this act of murder.  Our consciences would continue to be seared and we would be unemotional and no longer give it a second thought.  No, not everyone would do that, but millions would and possibly already do. 

The problem then could be expressed in the question, “Who else in society is inconvenient or unnecessary?”  Would the next target be the elderly who are a drain on the economy through lack of productivity and the heavy use of the healthcare system?  Would the disabled or the infirm become targets based on some sliding scale of deemed value to the Utopian society in the minds of the Leftists?  Where does it end?  Call me an alarmist if you choose, but if this becomes a reality and touches your or your family you will regret not having listened to our warnings.

Their plan could easily be implemented and achieved hidden from public view through the Democratic plan of Medicare for All.  If the government fully controls our healthcare who or what is to prevent them from determining what care, we can and will receive or if we receive it?  We know statistically that a small group of people account for most of the medical spending.  We know that about 30% of all Medicare expenditures are attributed to 5% of the beneficiaries that die each year.  We know that about a third of that cost occurs in the last month of life.  The economics in the minds of the devious makes that a sought-after prize and a reason to eliminate that cost.  Newborns with health problems and seniors at the end of life are costly, but they are human beings and deserving of quality healthcare. 

I remind you of the objective of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood.  She wanted, and they want to sterilize what they deem, “morons, mental defectives, and epileptics.”  Other ‘undesirables’ would also be forced into sterilization and concentration camps or FEMA Camps would become the norm.  She also said, “We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.” The Democrats are flexing their muscles and the GOP must stand in their way.  This is evidence, in my view, that we have embarked down the slippery slope of a dystopian society where the All-Seeing Eye of the Government decides who lives and who dies.

I am not ashamed of Him in Whom I believe. He is God!  Jesus Christ is my personal savior and I value life.  I value All Life and believe that God is the only one who has the right to decide who lives and who dies.  I want an America where our inalienable right of “Life” is recognized and protected.  I urge you to pray about where the country is headed and reevaluate your political party position.  Where will it end? 

God bless you and God bless America!

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