I am not specifically speaking of the United Nations, the Globalist, and the New World Order advocates and adherents, but another danger that is very real and incredibly nefarious and threateningly dangerous.  That to which I am referring is the push, plan, and desire of achieving Shariadom in America.  I know that is a social media taboo to speak of Islam in anything other than glowing acceptance and tolerance, but I must say what I see and sound a warning.  I suggest that if we continue the pathway opened wide under former President Barack Obama we will see this become a significant reality in America.

Before you cry foul and say that I am simply being an alarmist and that America will never allow Sharia Law to become the norm or even acceptable you might want to look around you in modern America.  You might want to examine some of the Muslim or Islamic organizations that have as their tenets and platform exactly what I am describing.  You might want to check out some of our major cities that now have Sharia Compliant Zones where our American Law Enforcement will not patrol.  You might want to examine the teaching of the Koran and the many Imams who have called for a fatwa and jihad in America and the West.  If you still believe me to be an alarmist after that, that is your choice.

There is an organization called the Assembly of Jurists in America (AMJA) which is part of the international network of Muslim scholars who preach, teach, and demand that Sharia Law as a governmental system is superior to democracy or our Republican system of government.  Islam, if you view it from their teachings, is more than a religious system or order it is a political or governmental system as well.  There are many Muslim organizations which have become very involved in politics in America.  They are not satisfied with preaching in the mosques they want to have a national platform in Congress, and they are gaining inroads at an alarming rate.

The Council of Islamic Relations (CAIR) calls itself a “Muslim civil rights organization” solely focused on an Islamic view of the world.  They care not one wit about anyone else but Muslims.  The rest of us, to them, are infidels and must either be annihilated or pressed into servitude.  In 2015 a new organization was formed that is, in my view, quite dangerous, well organized, and well-funded.  The JETPAC or Justice, Education and Technology Policy Advocacy Center encourages all American Muslims to become devotedly involved and invested in politics on a local level.  That’s where they can gain a foothold and launch their national platform with far more efficiency and ease than trying to start at the top.  MPower Change is committed to creating a political platform based on Muslim issues and organizing around it.  The Politically Correct push in America demands that we accommodate and tolerate them.  We do so to our own hurt.

Each of those groups is affiliated with the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood and their stated goal is the implementation of Sharia Law.  They publicly say that is not their intent, but their mission statements, stated beliefs, and calls throughout the world if Islam is diametrically opposite to their assurances.  They want to replace our Republican Democracy or Representative Democracy with Sharia Law and thereby impose their religious governance on all Americans and ultimately the world.

Many of those scholars involved in these organizations attended Egypt’s Al-Azhar University, the world’s highest academy of Islamic learning and interpreter of the definitive sharia text – The Reliance of the Traveller.  There are over 100 top Muslim leaders who are members of the AMJA and Imams in over 3,000 mosques in America look to them for guidance in their operations as mosques and political activity.  The group’s name in Arabic, “The Group of Sharia Specialists in America” reveals their true purpose.  No matter what they say publicly in media soundbites their purpose is in their name and written agendas.

They are pushing for Muslims in America to follow the comprehensive, sharia-compliant fatwas they have issued.  The AMJA possesses authority to provide legal rulings for the worldwide Islamic community and keep Muslims in America connected to the Muslim Brotherhood pushing for sharia compliance.  One fatwa instructs Muslim judges serving in non-Muslim countries to judge by Sharia “as much as possible, even if by ruse.”  If that does not get your attention, what will?

The AMJA was deeply disturbed over the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and issued a Road-map for Muslims to defend Islam using the American Constitutional Rights to hide their true purposes.  They cited three specific Trump administration actions they were concerned about:  The executive order barring entry to those from ‘countries of concern’, namely, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.  They were incensed over Trump’s support for a Congressional bill to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization.  The third thing that was possibly the most infuriating to them was the moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.   In their Road-map there are veiled and some not so veiled threats to American citizens.  They are serious, and we must be as well.

In 1993, Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, and co-founder stated that he and they want the United States of America to be governed by Islamic law in the future. In 2003, he admitted that if Muslims became a majority in America, they would likely seek to replace the Constitution with Sharia.  The newer Muslim organizations are echoing the sentiments of CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AMJA positions.

In 2018 we saw a marked increase in Muslim participation in our American elections.  Research and exit polls indicated that 78% of the Muslim vote went to Democrats in the mid-term elections.  Another block vote that the Leftist can count on, but this block is as dangerous for them as for those on the Right.  The Islamic vote is not designed to advance the cause or ideological position of the New Democratic Socialists Party but to use them as a vehicle to gain control and have a voice in national politics.

Americans we have watched the Muslim Brotherhood for three generations advance their ideological, political, and religious agendas.  They have been patient, dedicated, and fully invested in the pursuit of their purposes.  Now, it seems their work is bearing fruit and our Political Correctness and the insane insistence that we tolerate anything and everything ignoring the realities easily seen is going to bring great harm to America and Americans who are not Muslim and do now want Sharia law.  They are not in a position to take over and there would be an all-out blood shedding war, but they are gaining power and taking little segments of land and society and as America turns more to the Left and Socialism they gain power and find new doors to walk through.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

God bless you and God bless America!

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