The saying is, “Hell, hath no fury like a woman scorned” but I would suggest that it “like a rabid liberal hater” as is evidenced in Congressman Adam Schiff and those following the toxic liberalism of their side of the political aisle.  Now that the Mueller probe has concluded, the report has been submitted to the Department of Justice and Congress is being apprised of its contents, Americans wait and speculate. We don’t know what we don’t know and may never know regarding the contents of the report and “investigation”. 

That, however, does not stop those on the Left from speculation, accusation, contention, and insistence that the probe continue. Why?  Because, as in the words of Congressman Schiff, “the evidence of collusion is in plain sight.”  He meant, President Trump was guilty, but I contend that he was right about the evidence being in plain sight.  Unfortunately for him and his argument, the evidence did not point to President Trump but Hillary Clinton and those on the Left.  Congressman Schiff’s argument was and is, “There is a difference between seeing evidence of collusion and being able to prove a criminal conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt.”  That is especially true when there is no evidence to condemn the person you targeted but substantial evidence against the one you are trying to protect.  That makes your case very difficult to defend.

Congressman Schiff has vowed to subpoena Robert Mueller and others to ‘get to the truth.’  Congressman, I contend that you are not interested in the truth but in trying to discredit and destroy Donald J. Trump the 45th President of these United States of America.  You lost an election you did not think you would lose and lost your opportunity to complete the ‘fundamental transformation’ begun by Barack Hussein Obama, or at least had it delayed.  You are angry, and your bias has blinded you to any light of truth. Power, it is said, corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

I have long argued that there needs to be a ‘day of reckoning’ for those who perpetrated this hoax of Russian Collusion by President Trump.  We have spent two long years and millions of tax-payer dollars in pursuing this elusive rabbit with nothing to show for it.  Nothing, that is, except a few virtually non-related indictments while ignoring tangible proof of criminal violations by the Clinton Team and the Obama administration. 

This hoax began before the appointment of Robert Mueller and is directly linked to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in their efforts to derail the Trump candidacy and election.  Once, Trump had won, their objective was either to impeach, impugn, or destroy him, his family, and anyone connected to or supporting him.  Let me offer a disclaimer, “I do not like everything President Trump does or how he conducts himself at times.”  However, I am appreciative of the things he has done to help right the ship of state and turn us in the right direction.  I voted for him and will do so again if he is the nominee against the Leftists on the Democratic ticket.  He has taken steps that I heartily applaud.

There are some people and organizations that should be held accountable for their collusion and involvement in the perpetuation of this “investigation.”  An “investigation” based on false information which was bought and paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign.  It was deemed ‘opposition research’ and was never “intelligence” gathered by our Intelligence Agencies validated and vetted.  It was hearsay, outright lies, innuendo, and largely fantasy.  I have believed that it was, in part, an effort to do basic CYA for both Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and Barack Hussein Obama.

Let me offer the names of some who should have their feet held to the fire as a result of this outrageous incredibly costly boondoggle which has damaged America around the world.  It has done possibly irreparable damage to our System of Government and in that great harm to the American people on both sides of the political aisle.  That, in itself, is a tragedy and demands accountability.

CNN should not escape because they were the first to advance the “pee dossier,” which prompted BuzzFeed to publish the dossier in full.  CNN subsequently gave massive amounts of airtime to analysts, former officials, and Democrats who pushed the Russian collusion narrative.  It published numerous false stories.  Investigate and hold them accountable.

BuzzFeed must be held accountable.  The Washington Post should be in the cross-hairs of scrutiny for they were at the head of the pack of vicious wolves seeking to devour this president.  They published leaks regarding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn discussing sanctions with the Russian ambassador.  Flynn pleaded guilty of one count of lying to the FBI but there were no collusion charges. Investigate and hold them accountable.

We must not exempt the New York Times for they published a front-page, top-of-the-page story in Inauguration Day suggesting that the president had been wiretapped.  The suggestion of corruption was the intent, not factual information.  Then, the illustrious Congressman from California Adam Schiff’s involvement should result in his ouster from Congress.  It will not, but in my humble opinion, but it should!  He has been the lead purveyor of this theory without any proof and while ignoring the obvious evidence to the contrary and against his favored ones, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  Investigate and hold them accountable.

We must include another California Congressman in this accountability demand, Ted Lieu.  He has worked with Schiff and the Leftists in the continuation of this hoax and even demanded that there be a “pause” on the ‘entire Trump agenda.’  Basically, he wanted to suspend Trump as president until the investigation was over and he was ousted from office.  Then, a journalist who was close to the FBI, Benjamin Wittes was the front man on Twitter inciting the story and paranoia.  We also dare not omit, a former British parliamentarian, Louise Mensch who advanced the theory of ‘sealed indictments’ against Trump and his associates and grand jury investigations that did not happen. Investigate and hold the accountable.

            Two more, of the many more, would include herself, Hillary Clinton, who advanced the idea that Trump, Comey, Russia, and whomever else she could think of bringing about her defeat.  Then, a Clinton campaign official, Robby Mook went public insisting that there was collusion between the Trump team and Russia.  He did that on the heels of the release of the DNC emails.  Again, I contend this was more about CYA for those on the left than any desire to find the truth or any belief on anyone on the Left that there was actual collusion between Trump and the Russians. Investigate and hold them accountable.

People will believe what they believe, and no matter how much evidence or the lack thereof against President Trump is presented, some will insist he is the epitome of evil and must be destroyed.  Some will praise him as a saint and because of the hoax give him a pass on all things.  Some will defend Hillary and Obama to the death and ignore factual documentation of their involvement and violations of the law.  The Mueller report will do little to allay this condition.  America, we can survive but not if we allow the Leftists who are now largely Socialist to prevail.   NOVEMBER 2020 is critical.

God bless you and God bless America!

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