I continue to notice what is almost a total disconnect to life by those following the toxic liberalism of the New Socialist Democratic Party.  I realize that I just offended some who consider themselves Democrats but do not wholly ascribe to the platform of their party.  I am not trying to offend anyone but expressing my mystification at the direction they are advancing.  In my view, based on the Bible, the Constitution, and Reason their agenda is nonsensical.  I said, my view, so give me a little space to explain why I believe that.  If at the end of my argument you still disagree, we will simply have to agree to disagree and hopefully, we can do that without being disagreeable and mean-spirited.

Our Founding Fathers not only included in our founding documents the concept of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” as being inalienable rights but they took steps to guarantee we would not lose them to tyrannical government or governors. They considered those rights as sacred as do I.  Any right that comes from God should be considered above the reach of government.  The government did not give us life, true liberty, and cannot provide for our happiness.  The federal government’s Constitutional mandate is to protect those rights not revise them or seek to rescind them. 

I have contended for a long time that the reason we are in the mess we are in today, politically, is relatively easily identifiable.  I blame several institutions as well as American citizens for our dilemma.  This will go against the grain for some, but Preachers are partly to blame.  I am one, and I shoulder the load of responsibility for my culpability in this condition.  There were too many times, I did not pay attention, did not speak out, and tried to leave politics to the politicians.  I did that to the hurt of America and individuals in America. 

In Ezekiel 33, we find that God’s gives responsibility to those of us charged with caring for the souls of people to be watchmen.  If we see danger or evil and sit silently the damage done is charged to us.  You may contend that is an overstatement of this principle but when I read the writings of Paul, Peter, James, and John, as well as the words of Jesus I find the idea of being a guardian of the flock mandatory, not optional.  God, I believe, takes the office of Shepherd very seriously.  If I saw a small child playing near a busy street and his ball rolled into the oncoming traffic, should I say, ‘That’s not my responsibility it is the parents’ and ignore the danger?  You would consider me a very bad person if I did.  How is remaining silent when danger is coming on the nation different?

I also blame Education for the problem.  Our System of Education from Kindergarten to Graduate School has morphed into indoctrination factors in many disciplines.  History, facts, and truth, take a back seat to political agendas and the multiple generations of propaganda have taken their toll.  We are, as a nation, dangerously close to embracing Socialism largely because of this indoctrination.  We allowed God to be ejected from the classroom, the public square, government, and much of life and wonder why we have the moral and social issues we have. 

We have evolved into a society where there is emphasis placed on equality, sung the praises of immorality, and made environmentalism a virtual religion or god.  Those are deemed to be superior concepts to our founding principles and the system we enjoyed for over 200 years.  The pursuit of ‘equality’, which seems to be a moving target in the definitions of those promoting it, is deadly.  Life is not equal and will never be.  We do not all have the same abilities regardless of opportunities.  People can be given the same opportunity and one will succeed and the other fail not because of the unfairness of life or the system but because of ability, commitment, vision, and dedication. 

If you are in the 1% economically, the middle class, or the bottom tier of our economic structure you should realize that property rights are purchased with your life.  Time is life!  Your earned money is life.  Your commitment is life.  Someone said, “All that life gives us is time and the capacity to use it productively.”  If the government takes what I have invested my life to attain, earn, or achieve in the guise of helping someone else, they are saying my life is not as important as that person who has not produced, earned, or invested themselves into achieving.  That is not equality it is redistribution not based on equality but ideology.

Is the mentality of pursuing equality at all costs and leveling the playing field the reason that many who follow the agenda of the New Democratic Socialist Party so caviler about life in general?  Is that the reason the baby in the womb is unimportant and valueless to them?  Is that the reason they have no problem with the late-term and post-term exterminations of babies?  Are they truly in favor of euthanasia as Hillary Clinton has on more than one occasion advanced?  Are the lives of some ethnicities deemed more valuable than others based on skin-color or some wrong done in the past societally? 

Somebody said, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs” so, in life, there will be difficulties.  We cannot produce a snowflake world where no one is allowed to be offended, traumatized by differing opinions, or have more or less than another.  God gave us Life, and in that Life, He gave us Liberty, the ability and right to choose. 

People will never achieve their potential until their basic needs are met.  We have basic needs that must be met for us to break free from the focus on those needs and become who we can be and achieve what we can achieve.  If we insist that it is the government’s responsibility to give us food, shelter, and clothing we transformed government and life into a prison.  Human beings are designed to pursue and hunt for happiness and success.  That’s what our Founders believed and advanced! 

Someone said, “The American Dream is not happiness, but the pursuit of happiness.”  Those following the toxicity of liberalism and socialism are not concerned with our individual fulfillment, they are interested in their ideological agendas.  If you add the quest and thirst for power and control to that equation you find such toxicity that the only possible result is hate, bitterness, envy, and tyranny. 

I ask again my title question, “Is it Ignorance or something else that is driving the Leftist?” I wish it were simply ignorance, but I believe the root of it is far more dangerous and even diabolical.  My view is that, to them, life be damned, liberty be damned, and the pursuit of happiness has no place in their dystopia. 

There will come a time when this will all be rectified but it may not be in our lifetime and before America as the Free Constitutional Republic is destroyed or transformed into a Socialist Despotism.  God will, one day, address this, though it may be in eternity.  I pray that we fight to stop it now!

God bless you and God bless America!

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