Life is filled with the ironic and we face many enigmas in life.  At the risk of being Captain Obvious, life is a mystery and often a riddle.  Sarcasm can be brutally mean, or it can be playfully fun and what I’m going to mention will seem mean to some and playfully fun to others.  It is a matter of perspective and the ideological worldview one holds.  With those teases in place, let’s proceed.

A few days ago, I saw a report whether a leak or an acknowledgment by the Trump administration I know not, but it caused me to laugh.  However, now it has made the full circuit of the media, Facebook, Social Media of all types, and has gone viral. The Leftist largely Democratic and now Democratic Socialist all insist that any attempt to secure our border is inhumane and, in their pious words, “not what America is all about.”  However, they ignore the obvious, bypass the evidence, ignore the facts, and proceed full-speed in the pursuit of their harvesting the new crop of Democrat votes in future elections.  To ignore the real problems at the border and the genuine threat to our national security is to be willingly blind or so lacking in cognitive brain power to be a threat to oneself.

Michael Moore, not one of my favorite people, and one I desire to give little recognition to has produced several movies designed to attack anyone disagreeing with his Climate Change and Globalist views.  One of those movies was “Sicko.”  His focus was on the American healthcare system, the costs, the uninsured, and the typical diatribe and talking points of the Left.  I found it ironic that Mr. Moore, who was sick with pneumonia, opted to go into a hospital in New York City rather than seek care in one of those countries who offered, in his view, far superior universal healthcare.  Why not Cuba, Mr. Moore?  You said their healthcare system was superior.  Hey, if I was filthy rich and needed healthcare and believed some other country offered better care, guess where I’d go!

On our southern border, discounting the real threat from terrorist entering illegally for nefarious purposes, the problem presented if the sick are allowed free access is grave and will send scores of Americans to their graves if not rectified.  There are those seeking to come into this country, illegally, who are infected with numerous communicable diseases and some are labeled exotic.  It is not simply people with lice, scabies, acne, or a head-cold, many are seriously ill with diseases we conquered decades ago.  Before you blast me for being inhumane, insensitive, uncaring, and lacking compassion, I must ask, “Why did they leave home, sick?”  Why make the trek across incredible difficult terrain facilitating the worsening of their condition rather than seek care in their homeland? 

If you believe that it is the obligation of America to open its doors to everyone with any kind of disease who seeks to enter this country illegally while barred from coming legally with those diseases, I must ask, “What Are You Thinking?”  No, I ask, “Why Aren’t You Thinking?’  Let me go a step further and ask, “If you had children in the home and someone knocked on your door or just climbed through the window with a deadly communicable disease, would you want them to stay?”  Some will say, “Of course, I’d help them, it’s the right thing to do.”  Others would say, “No, my family must come first, and I must protect my children.”  The President and Congress have the constitutional responsibility to protect us and border security is one of those many needed actions.

It has been reported that there are at least 10,000 people in America illegally who are from nations identified as terrorist sponsors or terrorist nations.  The majority of them are from Iran and California has the largest Iranian population outside Iran of any place in the world.  They are truly a sanctuary state!  Either we recognize the sovereignty and the threats to our national security or we facilitate the destruction of our Republic.

The irony that I mentioned, in the beginning, was that the Trump administration proposed releasing the immigrant detainees onto the streets of sanctuary cities.  You talk about poetic justice that would be classic!  Immigration agencies rejected the proposal and I understand that, but it was classic and brilliant and made me laugh at an unlaughable situation on our southern border.  Nancy Pelosi’s district was considered a prime target and she immediately reacted and called the plan “despicable.”  I laughed again.  Nancy, your plan to open the borders, defend sanctuary cities that endanger Americans, threaten our national security, and pose an astronomical strain on our economy, healthcare system, and law enforcement is “despicable.”  I guess when the shoe is on the other foot, it hurts, right?

I laughed when a Trump official suggested that it would be right because the argument of defending sanctuary cities was that being a sanctuary made everyone safer.  Therefore, said the official, “those immigrants, migrants, illegals, or whatever they are labeled would be safer there than they would be in a non-sanctuary city, right?”  That is ironic and brilliant! 

I love the declaration of Trump and some Republicans that if the Democrats truly believe that the illegals are needed to make and keep America what our Founders envisioned they should embrace receiving them in their cities.  They also said, that if the Liberal Open Borders advocates truly believe these people made life better they should be elated to receive them with open arms.  Are they doing that?  Exactly the opposite.  They don’t want them in their cities, at least not in mass caravans.  It is amazing how attitudes change when people actually have skin in the game. They want the illegals to be allowed in America but would prefer them to be sent into largely conservative regions and then given the right to vote.  Isn’t that interesting?  No, it is diabolical and spells out the endgame in their plot.

America, we would do well to laugh at the daring of President Trump and see the reaction of the Democrats as a reflection of who and what they are and what they are all about.  If America and Americans were the focus of their efforts and agenda, they would want the border secured, but they don’t.  Why?  Why not ask one of the Democrat Politicians that very question and see what response you get.  You will either be attacked as one suffering from some phobia or called a racist, bigot, or some other derogatory name.  You will likely get an angry response or be ignored completely.  That should tell you all you need to know.

America it is time to ‘get ‘er done’ and secure the border, drain the swamp, dismantle the deep state, and make America Great Again!  

God bless you and God bless America!

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