I WILL SAY IT AGAIN – “There is a War in America, Right Now!”

I said that recently, and the person I was talking to was both an avid hater of President Trump and a doubter as to the war being waged in America.  He charged me with being an alarmist, a purveyor of ‘fake news’, and I believe his word was ‘nincompoop.’ I asked if he knew what the biblical term for donkey was and apparently, he did not so I suggested he research it.  I also told him that I fully defended his right to be a biblical donkey as well as a political one.  He muttered something and stormed off shaking his head and his fist. I doubt that I’d be welcome in his circle today as, to him, I am personal non grata.

Google, Facebook, and other internet outlets have, from time to time, have taken action against, Christian posts and videos while allowing some of the most reprehensible ones supporting other groups.  There is a war being waged, largely against freedom of speech for certain sectors of society while claiming to be unbiased.  I use Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other internet mediums to convey the message that I believe is vital.  However, there will come a time when I will not be allowed on any of those outlets because of my political and religious beliefs.  My beliefs will be deemed ‘offensive’ to those who believe differently than I and I will be branded a purveyor of hate speech. 

Let me take that one step further and suggest that if toxic liberalism regains full control of the government that label could award me with a federal indictment of some kind and possible jail time.  I am not living in fear of that possibility but with an awareness of its existence.  There are things said on public forums that I do not like.  There are some that I find personally objectionable and even offensive.  However, I am 100% behind the 1st Amendment that guarantees everyone the right to speak what they believe, with some specific caveats.  If anyone calls for the annihilation of any other group of people that is not speech that society should tolerate.  It might be protected by the 1st Amendment although it poses a threat to society and Congress could and probably should pass a law regarding that violation of civil behavior.

The danger in what I just said is who will make the call on what is dangerous and what is not?  That’s why, for the most part, I support each community and state defining what is acceptable and what is not.  It does not necessarily take a law to prevent some unwanted speech or behavior.  You may or may not agree with that and I can accept your dissent.

Recently Google employees recently objected to a Christian video on marriage that was being aired on several YouTube channels.  A Google vice president reviewed it and agreed that it was offensive and had it taken off the air.  Offensive?  What was it about the video that was deemed offensive?  It suggested that gap people could become Christians, but like everyone else, they are expected to follow Christian or biblical teachings on sex and marriage.  The person producing the video has been a critic of ‘homo-hatred’ and ‘ugly rhetoric’ directed at homosexuals.

In this video, he contends that same-sex relationships, represent one of the many sins that Jesus died for.  He contended, as do I, that marriage is to take place in the context of male and female relationships.  He quoted the Bible, (a mortal sin in the minds of the Left) and spoke of same-sex marriage, in the same way, the Bible refers to it.  His video appeared as an ad on channels operated by homosexual YouTubers and that started the uproar.  Hey, YouTube and Google, you could have controlled where it aired, but you didn’t.

One must wonder why it is acceptable those in LGBT to air videos supporting their lifestyles but a Christian one is unacceptable?  Their argument, “nobody likes to be told they are a sinner.”  Seriously?  If Christians are disallowed from saying or producing anything that any person anywhere and at any time finds offensive, what can they say?  Where is their 1st Amendment protection?  Nobody at Google, YouTube, Facebook, or any other social or network medium is concerned with offending Christians or Conservatives.  Yet, if a Christian says or does anything, and most of what we say and do is deemed offensive to those who disagree, we are labeled ‘haters, bigots, racist, homophobic, or some other tag.’

Let me suggest that being opposed to same-sex marriage is not a fringe position but one that is, largely, mainstream in communities of faith.  I do not support doing physical harm to anyone simply because they follow a lifestyle that I believe wrong.  I also do not support censorship of those of us who disagree with homosexuality or any other belief or political persuasion.  Freedom of Speech must be Free for Everyone or it is Free for No One!

Our children are being bombarded in school, in society, and via the medium of television with the intent of achieving acceptance of same-sex marriages as a normal and acceptable lifestyle.  That attempt to indoctrinate and persuade is deemed acceptable, but any opposition is deemed offensive.  Let me say this once, “If you are a homosexual that is your choice.  God did not make you that way, you, through many events in life choose that lifestyle and orientation. I do not hate you, but I will never say that what you do is right, because I believe it is wrong biblically and morally.”  Some will kick me to the curb over that statement and this article and that is their choice.  Some will feel that I did not go far enough. Some will feel I went too far.  Love me or hate me, I defend your right to believe and say what you believe and ask that you respect mine. 

I do not expect everyone to agree with everything I say.  I do not want them banished from all social media and society for disagreeing.  There are some things that the Bible is incredibly clear on and speaks to it in black and white or in concrete terms my view is: Disagree if you choose but do not expect me to amend my views by rejecting the Bible.

There is a War in America and it is not just a War by Social Media and Internet Outlets against Christianity it is a War on our inalienable rights including the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendments.  What God gave us as a Right is or should be untouchable by the government.  I don’t like CNN, MSNBC, and the other liberal news outlets but I defend their right to exist.  I don’t agree with the Democratic Party on much if anything, but I defend their right to exist.  My disagreement with their agenda, doctrine, and ideology are reasons that I find, time and again, that I cannot vote for the Democrat in our elections.  My vote is directed at protecting and defending Faith, Family, and Freedom which, for me is a defense of the Republic and the Constitution.

God bless you and God bless America!

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