What revolution are you talking about, Roy?  The Democrat Leninist-Marxist Revolution of the Fundamental Transformation of our American Republic into a Grecian-style Democracy or a Socialist Tyranny or both.  I have said it numerous times and had people respond with charges that I am nothing more than the little boy crying wolf and a conspiracist!  I believe that I am neither, but that is a judgment you must make for yourself. 

The oft-parodied slogan, “If You See Something Say Something” is woven into the fabric of my sensibilities.  I also believe in the biblical directive God gave Ezekiel to “warn the wicked” and “warn the people” of impending danger and wrong.  I believe that I have a duty, an obligation, and a moral mandate to do just that in life and that includes politics.

There is a discernable parallel between the New Democratic Socialist and the Bolshevik takeover in Russia that formed the USSR.  Those seeking power today in America and those in power within Russia differed very little in their ideology. The Democrats, presumed to be moderate and those on the far left differ very little.  Democrats, nationally, are Liberal Leftists Socialist Globalist and are chained together in a quest to wrest all power and control out of the hands of any opposition and Rule with their Iron Fist of Totalitarianism.  That may cause angst and even anger in the hearts of some but look at what is happening in America and tell me there is no concerted effort to alter who we are and transform us into what we were never intended to be.

Vladimir Lenin rose to power on the strength of an incredible lie and the fantasy of the collectivist.  He succeeded in forming and bringing to power the Communist Party dictatorship, which ruled with their Iron Fist for at least seven decades.  Lenin was a Karl Marx acolyte and his lie and that of the Bolsheviks is little different than the distortion of the New Democratic Socialist or Democrat Party today.  Those in power, like Lenin, do not believe in the Socialism and Collectivism they preach.  Lenin owned a Rolls-Royce and lived in luxury as do many of the purveyors of the Democratic Platform of today. 

The War that is being waged in America is a pincer movement in many ways and the complicity of the RINOs is dangerous and destructive.  That is another reason to purge from the ranks all the RINOs as well as those following the toxicity of the liberal agenda of the Democrats.  They are waging war on our American heritage, values, and freedoms.  One of their foremost battlefronts is ‘class warfare.’  

They learned in studying Lenin and other Communist tyrants that the most successful way to gain control is under the guise of fighting for “the people.”  That is the claim but what they are doing is ‘enslaving the people’ in their regulations and confiscation of rights and property.  Yet, millions are like the proverbial frog in the pan of water and are failing to realize that the temperature is being elevated to boiling and destruction.

The Democrats are selling an elixir which they insist will cure all the ills of society. They claim their ideological agenda will make the playing field level for everyone regardless of ability or effort, and provide endless freebies without out negative side-effects.  The image they seek to conjure in the minds of those not truly using the cognitive brain power and exercising rational reason is that there is an ‘endless supply of funds’ to facilitate their objectives and promises.  Any third-grader should know that is illogical, but those addicted to ‘government freebies’ and ‘entitlements’ do not think, they keep their hands out and their mouths open for more and more.  The idea and ideal of ‘earning’ what you have and ‘personal responsibility and accountability’ are anathema to their ideology.  God help us!

The assault on this president is unprecedented and something I have never witnessed in my life.  As bad as many on the Right thought the former administration’s policies were and the corruption of both the man and many of his associates, we did not take the current path.  I guess losing an election they thought impossible to lose and the impeding of their objective to complete the ‘fundamental transformation’ was too big and too bitter a pill to swallow.  Of course, there is more to it than that.  They are far less concerned about Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with a foreign government to steal an election than the loss of power.  Power is the opiate of Tyrants and Oligarchs and the New Democratic Party is filled with those who would be both.

The Democrats have shifted away from any semblance of moderation and compromise.  Their obstructionism has fueled riots, hate crimes, paranoia, phobias of numerous kinds, and created an impasse that could lead us to bloodshed in the streets of America.  That is disgusting, dangerous, and diabolical!  It is not done on a whim but has been a part of a planned and organized assault on the Republic and our Freedoms!  Doubt me if you please, but if you actually pay attention you will know there is validity in what I am saying, and the warnings are not to be taken lightly.

There is a War brewing within the ranks of the Democratic Party. Those who are called centrist are not dramatically different from those who are extreme leftists they struggle for power and control is ensuing.  Will that bode well for them in 2020?  Time will tell, but if the Republicans and President Trump are smart and they will use the ideological travesties of the Democrats and it will mean defeat for the Leftists.  However, if history is an indicator of the future, the Republican Establishment will fight Trump every step of the way and fail to fully get behind him and fail to focus on the Democrats failed policy offerings.  I pray that will not be the case!  America is too valuable a prize to allow infighting to destroy us. 

What could happen to the Democrats nationally if we work, pray, and encourage our elected officials to be smart and effective?  They could be soundly defeated. We must remember that political evil is readily apparent in today’s America and political evil comes in many forms.  However, the endgame is always the same: evil rulers rule the people while living lives of lavish luxury unaffected by the plight their policies inflict on the populace.  They promote Socialism while living lives of benefit from Capitalism.  They will not be affected by shortages, delays, or denials in healthcare nor suffer from the impossible burden of taxation and regulation.  They are Rulers and we are their Servants if they get what they want.  How America cannot see that is beyond my ability to comprehend.

I pray that the War within the factions of the Democratic Party will result in the irreparable fracturing of that Party.  If they lose, and I pray they do, they will cannibalize those not adhering to the Toxic Liberalism of the Leftists Socialist of the New Democratic Party.  If that happens they will be relegated to the ‘trash heap of history.’  Sadly, that will not solve America’s problem because a new entity will arise like the Phoenix from the ashes and the ugly head of the diabolical toxic liberalism, socialism, and globalism will win the hearts of the disenchanted. 

My conclusion is that there is a war within the ranks of both parties and there is a war by those on the Left against most of our foundational institutions including marriage, the right to life, the right of personal property, and all of our Liberties and Freedoms.  What can we do?  My approach is largely unchanging.  We Pray!  We Pray!  We Pray!  Then after we have Prayed we Work, Work, Work!  We become Involved!  The luxury of being a spectator in today’s world is no longer an option.  If we Spectate we Disintegrate as a Society!  How much is your Freedom worth to you?  That’s how involved you should be!

God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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