Let me state at the outset, this is not a one-sided tendency but one that is so deeply ingrained in politics and politicians it emanates from both sides of the aisle and is pervasive in much of society.  Of course, I am speaking of something in particular so rather than any further attempts to stimulate your interest, let’s get to it.

This can be and must be applied to numerous situations, words, and events, but one that comes to the forefront of my thought consciousness is “Global Warming.”  The more I research the transition and development of this idea, as advanced by Al Gore and scores of others on the Left, I observe some interesting facts and factors.  No, I do not find evidence to support the theory of man-made global warming, but how Global Warming became Climate Change and why.  It was both the work of politics and an effort to package and sell an unsellable commodity to the public.

Those advancing this theory discovered that the public and most politicians were not buying the concept and were unwilling to advance the desired policies being requested. That prompted them to do something interesting.  Their think-tank or whatever consortium of like-minded advocates they had networked together came up with an ingenious idea.  They changed the theory from being called ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change.’  Seems a bit benign on the surface but it is far from benign.

That simple change enabled them to base all their research on computer models which are only as good as the information put in them and politicize the weather.  Al Gore became an incredibly wealthy man as he engaged in this hype.  Others have become incredibly wealthy and powerful and entire nations have been brought under the thumb of the proponents and human beings have suffered more than a little. 

Let me refer you to a published declaration that appeared in the Wall Street Journal in January 2012.  In that research and article, the reports from sixteen eminent scientists declaring, “No Need to Panic About Global Warming.”  That should have been the end of this hoax, but they were ignored, and the hype continued.  Let me give you a statement from those scientists and you then decide if you still believe that man is causing global warming or climate change to the degree the Al Gore’s of the world insist.

“Today’s CO2 concentrations worldwide average about 380 parts per million. This level of CO2 concentration is trivial compared with the concentrations during earlier geologic periods. For example, 460 million years ago, during the Ordovician Period, CO2 concentrations were 4,400 ppm, and temperatures then were about the same as they are today. With such high levels of CO2, the Earth should have been boiling.”

Based on those facts I must remain a doubter or denier of the theory and hold to my belief that God is in control of the weather.  I do not believe that God is an absentee landlord and that puny man is capable of causing the disruption of which we are accused.  Those scientists also stated something more that should bury this theory once and for all, but it hasn’t and will not.

“According to the website, the current global average temperature is roughly ‘shy of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. About 55 million years ago – just after the age of the Dinosaurs – the era known as the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) saw average global temps as high as 73 degrees Fahrenheit.” 

I have read research from eminent scientists that suggest that rather than focusing on global warming we are moving in the direction of another global cooling.  They believe that a ‘cooling’ globally is possible and likely in this century rather than a ‘warming.’  I had someone challenge me saying, “If you don’t believe in ‘global warming’ your grand kids will.”  Seriously?  They might, they are being taught to be people who think.  However, I believe if they think and do actual research they will be like their grandpa and deny that this is the work of man. 

If the Global Warming or Climate Change advocates get their way, we will be plunged back into the pre-technological and pre-industrial eras and everyone and everything will suffer.  Transportation, manufacturing, energy, medicine, and even education will be hampered if not destroyed. 

A basic study of science reveals that the many arguments regarding CO2 emissions as being the greatest enemy of mankind and the planet is ludicrous.  The idea that CO2 emissions are the main driver of weather patterns is not an established scientific fact and there is much disagreement in the scientific community over its role and influence. 

To argue, as some politicians have that bovine flatulence must end to save the planet is based on imagination, not scientific data.  What if we went back to a time where there were millions of animals include the Bison or Buffalo that roamed freely across the planet.  Did they not pass gas?  How did the cow suddenly become the culprit?  Those four-legged creatures are simply a pawn in the scheme to gain control of everything through paranoia and fear-mongering.

Changing the name of something or redefining it has happened in many other things and the among the newest is the idea of Socialism being sold as Progressivism and Liberalism.  The redefining of genders and the expanding the basic factual DNA proven number from two to dozens is simply part of the scheme to package and sell an idea or agenda.  Free speech, if it is from a conservative, constitutional, or religious position is now Hate speech and not protected by the 1st Amendment. 

America, if we are to survive we must reject the presumptive postulations by the Left and return to following God’s moral law, using rational reason, and restoring the Constitution as the Law of the Land.  We have much to do, and it is imperative that each of us shoulders their own share of the load and gets to the business of reclaiming the Constitutional Government our Founders established and charged us to maintain.

God bless you and God bless America. 

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