Other than the obvious, the depravity of man, what is the answer?  Some will disagree but, the further society drifts from the principles taught in the Bible the more illogical and irrational it becomes.  I said some will disagree because not everyone believes the Bible or believes in the God of the Bible.  I do, and everything I believe in every sector of life is rooted in that conviction that the Bible is true, and the God of the Bible is the One True and Living God! 

If I have not lost my audience, let me continue in my quest to find the answer to my question regarding today’s political and societal lunacy.  You may find it offensive to call it lunacy, but I am at a loss for any other way to describe what is happening in America today.  There are times when the prevailing winds of idiocy are so powerful I want to withdraw and find seclusion in some remote area with my Bible and family.  If it were not for my deep conviction that that course of action is foreign to the directive of Scripture and other than that of a person who truly loves this Republic, I would do just that. 

Patricia McCarthy, an Assistant Director in the Commercial Litigation Branch of the United States Department of Justice Civil Division and a former nominee for Judge of the United States Court of Federal Claims.  She was a nominee of Barack Obama for that court position, so she has ties to the Democratic Party.  Why do I mention her?  She wrote an Article for the American Thinker entitled, “Man’s Inhumanity to Man.  Democrats Have Mastered it.”  She reminded us of Victor Hugo’s novel “Les Misérables” in 1862 and used it to reflect on human beings, incredible capacity for being barbaric. 

She referred to France’s revolution and the Reign of Terror by the Jacobins in 1793 and suggested that the American Left has driven itself into a type of Jacobin frenzy and would use the guillotine on President Trump if they could.  She argued that the Left truly believes that the votes and voices of those with countervailing views should be disregarded and silenced.  They truly believe that history should be rewritten and revised to reflect positively their positions and discredit anything of the opposing view.  They believe they are smart, entitled, and mandated by all that exists to rule over those of us who disagree for they deem us to be ignorant and incapable of governing ourselves. 

The Left and too many on the Right in Washington, are possessed with the desire for power they are driven to use any means possible to attain and maintain it.  The Left, in today’s America, appears to idolize and even worship power and their actions, as well as their words, indicate they prefer Power to Liberty for the individual.  They want Freedom for themselves and want us to “Do as they say, not as they do.”  Presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, publicly declared that he would not pay his fair share in taxes unless forced to.  I don’t disagree with paying only what you legally must pay so that is not my complaint with Bernie’s position. His insistence that others do what he refuses to do.

The hypocrisy seen in the Mayors of Sanctuary Cities and the Democratic Politicians who argue in favor of Sanctuary Cities for the illegals and demand open borders is unveiled today.  They are protesting loudly when faced with the possibility of thousands of those illegals being dumped on their streets.  Wait!  If Sanctuary Cities make people safer and are vital to making America the Land of the Free, why wouldn’t you welcome all that can come to your sanctuaries?  I won’t hold my breath waiting for their answer or an answer with any semblance of sanity.

There was a time when I possibly could have voted for a Democrat, but that ship has sailed.  I’m not sure what Democratic presidential candidate that would have been, but on other levels, I possibly could have.  I disagreed with many of their policies but believe that men like Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy loved America and wanted Americans to do well and prosper.  I became incredibly disgusted with the National Democratic Party with Lyndon B. Johnson who was president when I went to Vietnam.  He did so many things that were contrary to everything I believe and foreign to the Constitution yet was deemed a champion of Civil Rights.  Johnson’s declaration about guaranteed Blacks would vote Democrat for 200 years should be appalling to everyone and especially them.

Jimmy Carter was a disaster, not so much because he was diabolical in his agenda and anti-American but because he was incompetent and held misguided views on many fronts.  Barack Obama stealthily and overtly waged a war on the Constitution, our America of the Founders, Christianity, and crippled our economy.  He was and probably will always be a ‘race-baiter’ and fanned the flames of discord at every opportunity.  Michelle admitted her anger and disdain for America until He became the Democratic candidate and even then, she revealed her true feelings time and again. 

The Left has incited riots, allowed and encouraged those calling for a level of violence that is one a par with Islamic terror against anyone who holds other values than those they espouse to go unscathed by their actions.  We have seen America move toward violence that could erupt in a shooting war at any time, pitting those on the Right against those on the Left in bloodshed.  The Democratic Party is trying to determine if it will be defined by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer or by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib.  Factions are being formed that are bent on the destruction of anything and anyone on the Right and some of their words indicate violence is an acceptable alternative to the ballot box. 

In today’s National Democratic Party, we see hate so powerful that reason has departed.  I fear that God is about to write “Ichabod” over the door of America.  It might serve us well to reread or read Victor Hugo’s book and realize that what the Left is doing is strangely like their pursuit of the destruction of Donald J. Trump.  America, we are headed for war if we do not return to and reclaim sanity.  That will not happen if the Democrats maintain control of the House of Representatives, reclaim the Senate and retake the White House. 

Now to finally state what I believe is behind the lunacy of today in America, I state the obvious.  It is first and foremost the depravity of the human heart.  It is also, the insatiable and corruptible thirst for Power and Control.  It is facilitated in the ‘brainwashing’ by Liberal Leftists Professors and Teachers seeking to shape the thinking of our youth.  It is the inherent greed of the human heart making the offer of freebies palatable and desirable with little consideration of the consequences or cost. 

How do we fix it?  It is my view that three pathways must be pursued if we are to see America salvaged and restored.  Those of us who pray must pray.  Those of us who hold valuable the Constitution, the Republic, and our Freedom must vote.  All of us must invest ourselves in awareness and uncover the truth and pursue the right.  The first step and third steps can and should begin immediately and the second must transpire in November 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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