Each day as I pray, I sense the darkness of this world all around me and the sweet presence of the LORD assuring me that He is still in control.  Each day as I read my Bible I realize the depravity of man and the incredibleness of the Grace and Mercy of God toward us.  Each day as I read what is happening in our nation and what the political jockeys are doing, I weep because of the insanity of many of the political hopefuls.  I weep over the complicity of the mainstream media to spin the spin offered by the toxic agenda of the Socialist.  I find it impossible to fathom the failure of millions to recognize the warning signs and how many are embracing the liberal agenda. 

Each time I muse on what I have read regarding American politics I ask myself, “Why Can’t We See the Signs?”  Of course, many do, but there are multiplied millions who are blind to the dangers and the impending destruction of the agenda of the new breed of socialist in America.  As I attempt to answer that question in my own heart, I realize disturbingly that human greed and self-centeredness is a major culprit in the problem. 

The liberal leftists who are clearly socialist have discovered that they can use human greed and the self-centeredness to achieve their agenda.  When you add to the mix, distrust, envy, hatred, and the fanning the flames of phobic distortion you have the perfect storm for destruction. 

I brought my question to a conversation recently only to have those with whom I was talking to accuse me of thinking I was smarter than everyone else.  That is a million miles from the reality of my heart, but apparently, their perception based on my arguments and presentation of facts, as I know them.  I keep looking for ways to bring clarity to the issues of today and enable people to see the lurking dangers.  When I achieve that objective and am able to formulate my questions and guide the discussion into reason and logic I find that minds are changed, and eyes are opened.   Tragically that fails too frequently because of the perpetual spin presented by the only sources of news many have, The Liberal Main Stream Media.

It appears to me that too often we ask the wrong questions and arrive at wrong or irrelevant answers.  One person recently said, “I think our public discourse is one long non-sequitur.”  I said, “Yep, mostly hot-air and filled with balderdash.” It saddens me that when I try to talk to some, I find that when facts and verification enter the equation they resort to name calling, raised voices, and accusations and innuendos.  The blinders come down over the eyes, and reason departs the brain.  It is at that point that I usually just walk away because I have found that it is futile to try to talk to someone who has made up their minds and are not open to facts or reason.  My time is too valuable to waste in senseless arguments absent of reason.

Let me walk through some headlines I saw just a few days ago.  I will take one day, not a week or a month’s worth of headlines but one day.  I would like to discuss all of them but for the sake of time and appropriateness, I will refrain from that temptation.  Some headlines were in the form of a question and others where exposures of agendas, dangers, and problems.

In the American Spectator, one headline read, “Census and Citizenship: The Wrong Question.”  It was not an article defending the Democrats but changed the question to “Why in the name of sanity and reason should those of other countries who are not citizens be represented in Congress and be allowed to vote?”  It revealed what I have long said the Democrats and too many Republicans are all about power not what is constitutional or best for America.  Okay, now that I have failed in restraint in discussing each item, let’s move on to the next one.

The American Thinker had a headline that read, “Kamala Harris Calls for A Federal Ban on the Right-to-Work Laws.”  The article reveals the nefarious purposes of the powerful lobbyist of some of the incredibly strong left-leaning unions in America.  It also addressed Senator Harris’ thirst for power and her lack of understanding of how our economy works and the needs of working men and women everywhere.  She continues to suggest that she will rewrite existing laws via the Executive Fiat route and that makes her a Dictator in Waiting and Tyrannical. 

The Chicks on the Right had a headline that read, “Beto Bizarrely Compares Our Immigration Laws to Slavery.” Imagine that, an Irish guy from Texas who pretends to have Hispanic and Mexican roots via his adoption of a Hispanic nickname believes that national sovereignty is a problem and should be discarded.  He claims that the “illegals”, those who have ignored our laws and violated our national sovereignty as living in “modern-day bondage.”  He compares our immigration laws to slavery.  Wait, doesn’t he want to be President, and would he not be required to take an oath to “protect and defend the constitution”?  A document that is meaningless to him and most of the Democrats running for POTUS.

Then Fox News had a headline, “Steve Hilton: Joe Biden should be called ‘Joe China’ – and never be allowed near the White House Again.”  Old Joe says that he wants to make America “normal” again.  What is normal to him?  Back to the Obama policies and beyond marching headlong into corruption and destruction.  Thanks, but no thanks, Joe. His corruption and under the table dealings to secure financial rewards for his son and himself should be of concern.  After all, Trump’s business dealings have been a major issue for the Democrats, but Joe’s and Hillary’s and other prominent Democrats, not so much.

The former Senator and Vice President, Joe Biden has a long and sordid history of having his hands in the till and backing donors over Americans.  He could never combat China’s rise when the Chinese government has been funding the Biden family businesses for decades.  Based on the Democrat standards set for Donald Trump, Biden is so soiled and an irreparably compromised by a foreign power.  Disqualified!  No, the Democratic Party is selective in who they consider qualified and disqualified.  I won’t go into the Biden history, but it is readily available for anyone who desires to know the truth.

Those are just a few of the incredibly clear warning signs that millions are ignoring, not seeing, or missing.  Will we wake up enough people before the 2020 Elections to stem the tide of toxic liberalism and socialism in America?  That is reason enough for each of us to be on our knees and on our feet to prevent the Leftists from taking over.

God bless you and God bless America!

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