I don’t care if you are a liberal or a conservative, this applies to you. If you truly want to allow the abolishment and abandonment of one of the most basic and core foundational precepts of our Justice System, ‘the presumption of innocence’ you are opening a door you do not want to open.  That is the condition existing today in Washington.  It is a condition that has been exposed in a dramatic fashion in the wake of Robert Mueller’s report and press conference.  He introduced a new and outlandish doctrine in both his report and statement, the doctrine of ‘not not guilty.’ 

He subtly, but blatantly called for the impeachment of the president and thereby revealed his real purpose and objective.  The first line in his report regarding the timeline that precipitated the file being opened was a blatant lie.  The investigation did not begin with Papadopoulos’ drunken tirade with the Australian ambassador in London about Russia and the election, it began long before that.  How long?  That is still being investigated but the timeline has been debunked repeatedly.  I was taught that if you begin with a wrong premise you end with a wrong conclusion and that fits this “investigation.”

Robert Mueller, as a special investigator and/or prosecutor, was supposed to be a neutral arbiter with the directive to bring a clear conclusion that the entire nation could unite behind.  That did not happen, and I contend was never part of the plan.  He ignored trails that led to the Democrats including Obama, Lynch, and Clinton as well as others.  He pursued side trails of process crimes against associates of Trump or anyone on the Conservative side of the ledger.  So much for neutral arbiter, that dog won’t hunt.

Robert Mueller is a swamp denizen, a deep state lawyer and entrenched in the good ole boy system of DC.  When he was the director of the FBI the Deputy Attorney General was none other than James Comey.  When Comey left his post, he secured employment as a multi-million-dollar general counsel for Lockheed Martin. Coincidentally, of course, Lockheed Martin was then awarded a contract worth over a billion dollars by Robert Mueller’s FBI.  Of course, it must have been a mere coincidence, after all both are deemed to be virtual saints with impeccable integrity, right?

After Mueller left his post at the FBI his saintliness was manifested in his superior ethics as he cashed in on his previous position and influence.  He went back to work for his old law and lobbying firm, Wilmer-Hale.  Guess who his clients were?  Those directly related to his previous government work.  Firms such as Booz-Allen-Hamilton, a giant surveillance contractor.  Bloomberg has called them ‘the world’s most profitable spy agency.’  Nice work if you can get it, right?  But of course, all coincidental and no reflection on his integrity and no tainting of his halo.

The Ole Boy System in the DC Establishment has a code that is strictly adhered to: “Protect Each Other, At All Costs.”  The secondary part of that code is: “Take Down Any Threat to Your Power and Position.”  Donald Trump is the mortal enemy of the liberal left and has awakened a sleeping giant of deplorables despised by the Left.

Robert Mueller’s press conference was not an explanation of the law, serving justice or the interest of the American people it was innuendo and smear.  It had one purpose and that was to damage Donald Trump in the minds of the public and give the legislators motivation to impeach. 

They could not prevent Trump from winning the election, so they have sought, devotedly, to destroy him and somehow overturn the election.  The presumption of innocence is not ‘not not guilty.’  The burden of proof is not on the defendant but on the prosecutors to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. They have not, did not, cannot, will not.  Why?  Because there was no crime, not collusion, no obstruction of justice on the part of Trump and his campaign. 

William Barr has stated that he does not see treason, in the legal sense, in what the FBI, CIA and other agencies did in spying on Trump but that is not to say, nor did he say, there was no criminal activity.  He is investigating and hopefully will dig deep enough and long enough to uncover the evidence needed to indict and prosecute those needing indictment and prosecution.  America needs that to happen! 

The Book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time for everything and this is the time to ‘fight back.’  The players in the coup all insist they did everything by the book and did nothing wrong.  If that is the truth, then why the push back, resistance, and stonewalling in providing the DOJ with the requested documents to make the investigation easier and swifter? 

You may be a Never Trump advocate and if you are I pray that you will realize the damage being done to our system of government by this insane coup attempt and never-ending war on this president.  If you want what is best for America, you surely cannot think that Hillary Clinton or any of the slate of Democratic hopefuls for POTUS would be the answer to our ills.  If you do, I’m wasting my breath trying to talk to you, so I will leave you to your views and try to speak to anyone who will exercise a smidgen of reason.  I know that sounds harsh, but the Republic is too valuable to pussyfoot around trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. 

We all make mistakes and I’ve made more than my share.  When I realize that I’ve made one, I try to rectify that mistake not be bullheaded and drive on to destruction because I’m too proud or stubborn to admit I was wrong.  No politician has or will do everything right but when one will fight for our Freedoms and our Nation, I take note.

God bless you and God bless America!

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