In recent history, the Republicans have cowered in the shadows when the Democrats used the media to rail charges against them.  They bought the Leftist rhetoric regarding Public Opinion and how to gain support.  However, each time they hid in the shadows the Democrats advanced their agenda, America lost ground.  Millions of Americans became fed-up with that pathway and in the 2016 election voted against the Leftist Agenda and voted for a non-politician hoping things would change for the better.

On many fronts, that is exactly what has happened.  The sad reality is that too many of the Republicans in the House and Senate continued to collude with the Left seeking to protect their ‘Place and Power’ and refused to back the President in his promised agenda.  The amount he has accomplished without the full backing of the GOP has been impressive.  Maybe not to you, but it has been to me.  I have watched the Republicans cave to the Democrats for decades and it infuriates me.  I do not vote for a politician to go to Washington, DC and just play the game.  I voted for them to keep their promises and restore America.

The Democrats, I believe, a relying on past history and expecting the GOP to cave and go into hiding over this latest coup attempt.  They do not expect to be placed under the spotlight and held accountable.  I hope that President Trump continues to demonstrate the intestinal fortitude to take them to task.  They need to be placed under oath on every possible occasion and be forced to commit perjury or tell the truth.  However it seems that the truth is not in them, so I know they will lie and lie and lie.  Will the GOP and the Department of Justice (DOJ) actually do anything?  Time will tell!

Mitt Romney is colluding with the Democrats and showing his true colors.  I am hopeful that the GOP in DC will hold the line and do what they should do, Stop the Democrats Coup.  Congressmen like Jim Banks of Indiana give me hope.  He challenged Representative Michael Martin who was spinning the Democrat spin on Ukraine and Trump.  Representative Banks insisted that Representative Martin read the specific line in the transcript that provided impeachable or indictable evidence against Trump.  Representative Martin could not, because it does not exist!

There was also Elise Stefanik the Republican from New York who stood boldly against the Democrat Elitist.  I am hopeful that this is a sign that the GOP is finally realizing that caving to the Democrats is not the answer.  She hammered Adam Schiff over his lies and the inconsistencies regarding the ‘whistle-blower’ and demanded that he resign.  Of course, he will not, but at least someone is demonstrating the courage and willingness to buck the Democrats and stand up to their political bullying.

I have asked politicians and Republicans, “What is the purpose of the GOP?”  I know what I believe its purpose is but the evidence in their actions over the past decade or so, is contradictory to my vision.  Their budgeting and voting often project the picture that those in Washington are Left-of-Center, not Center or Right-of-Center.  That is troubling especially when the Democrats have moved for the far-far-far left and embraced Socialism and Globalism.  With the power structure of the GOP leaning left in their voting and actions and the Democrats swinging even further Left, it would appear that the trajectory of the United States is to the Left!  That is not what millions of us want and not what we are voting for.  Therefore, something must change!

I am devoting time in an attempt to Primary some Republicans in 2020 and get some genuine Constitutionalist and Conservatives nominated and elected. Will that be possible?  I don’t know but it is worth the effort.  However, if the incumbent wins the primary, we must defeat the Democrats because they are far worse than most of the Republicans.  I did say MOST!  I’m not sure that people like Romney are better, but that is a horse of a different color.

We are truly living in perilous and treacherous times in America.  Yes, there is escalating violence that makes our streets dangerous but that is not the peril of which I speak today.  The lines of demarcation that have been drawn and are being drawn are pushing us eerily closer to a full-blown ‘civil war’ and that I wish to avoid.  It is mandatory that conservatives take a firm stand to defend the values of this nation and devotedly ‘protect and defend’ the Constitution.  We must seek to see the restoration of our founding principles and beliefs as a nation. 

I believe that we must reassert the religious and cultural underpinnings of this nation.  I believe we must seek to see the restoration of the value and benefit of two-parent families.  I believe that we must give life to a restoration of our unique history and value our heritage.  We must teach historic truths and refuse to allow the revisionist to sanitize our history and rewrite it to their liking.  We must end Political Correctness and revitalize Freedom of Speech.  We must insist on the Rule of Law, support the Free Markets, and defend the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. 

If America is to be restored as the vanguard defending the principles upon which America was founded, we must reject the toxicity of liberalism. e must remind the GOP of their true purpose and why we voted for them.  We must work to see a society restored where everyone has the right and opportunity to speak their minds without being branded a racist, bigot, or suffering from some phobic malady.  We must stop the destruction of the Democrats in 2020 and beyond or we will witness the total collapse of the Republic.  I believe that with all my being!

God bless you and God bless America!

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