This issue is a political argument, not a scientific one.  Regardless of what the Left or the Right says, it is political!  There is no settled science, no empirical data to support the argument for man-made global warming or climate change.  No genuine threat to the planet, only hype, hysteria, paranoia, and fear-mongering.  How’s that for infuriating some and hearing a hearty Amen from others.  There is no middle ground on this issue, and it has gone bonkers politically, nationally, and even globally. 

The Leftist Socialist Globalist Progressive Democrats and any Republican that argues for government intervention on ‘Climate Change’ is either deluded, dishonest, or has failed to use reason and logic.  Yes, I am making a statement that will alienate some and possibly get me booted from various Social Media Platforms and unfriended on Facebook, but it is what it is.

I had a person attack me regarding Global Warming or Climate Change and said, “You may not believe in climate change, but your grandchildren will.”  My response was and is, “No, mine won’t.  They are being taught to think and have faith in God.  Yours may because you believe in it.  My grandchildren will be laughing their behinds off at the hysteria and paranoia being advance by the Leftist because the predicted cataclysmic worldwide destruction will not occur.  It will be another of the long list of failed prophecies regarding the doom of man-made global warming or climate change.” 

This is not and has never been about a threat to the planet and life on earth.  It has been about money, power, and control.  You must destroy Free Market Capitalism if you seek to impose Socialism on society.  The ignorance of the millennials and others regarding Socialism is astounding.  Many of them truly believe that Socialism is about everybody getting a piece of the pie, suffering ending, and all things transformed to equality.  They do not understand the historical data about this failed philosophy and the tyranny involved in its implementation.  Why?  Because they have never been taught the truth.

What good is Free Everything such as Free College if the students are not qualified academically to be in those classrooms and cannot manage the material being taught?  What happens then?  I will tell you what will happen, and it is not pretty.  The structure and content of the classes will be lowered to the lowest level of the class and we will have an entire generation of people with college degrees that are functionally illiterate.

Expanding that even more we will have a national debt and deficit that finally fully bankrupts our republic.  We will have taxation so exorbitant that businesses will cease to exist, many will cease to work because working produces no benefit.  Why work if by working you only take home a small portion of your salary?  Why work if you can draw a larger sum from the government than you can by working and paying taxes?  Equal?  Yes, but not in progress but in poverty and pain. 

The war on production, which is required in the Greening of America, seeks to place in the hands of the government control of all production.  Sadly, millions are buying the hysteria and hype fearing that we will not have a life-sustaining planet and atmosphere by the time the millennials are 55.  One party is fallaciously touting itself as the champion of humanity and proclaims that it will do or try to do something to turn the tide.  The Left insists that even if they cannot prevent the impending cataclysm caused by the climate, they will at least slow it down. 

If you live in fear of annihilation by the climate and one party proclaims it will push all its chips to the center of the table to avert that disaster and insists the other party does not care if you die, who do you back?  When the Democrats insisted that all seniors were going to stop getting the Social Security checks, they won the votes of millions of seniors who were terrified of that prospect. 

It did not happen and if we could have moved beyond the needless fear and found some Conservatives able and willing to articulate the reality, we could have avoided that setback.  If you live in fear and truly believe the hype about Climate Change or Global Warming you will, out of fear, side with the proponents of waging war on fossil fuels.  You will be wrong and give up liberty and control to the powers that be, and we will all suffer.

It would take a total abandonment of my faith to embrace the hype of the Left regarding Climate Change and Global Warming.  I would have to shelve my confidence in God.  I would have to ignore the incredible structure of the planet and the universe.  I would have to become chicken little to believe that bovine flatulence or smoke from factories or automobiles is going to destroy the planet.  One volcanic eruption puts more CO2 into the atmosphere than all that man does.  God knew it when He created this planet and is not an absentee landlord.  He is, was, and always will be in control.

The scientific data indicates that we have virtually the exact carbon emissions as we did in 1985.  NASA has reported that the rise in global temperature has been 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit from 1880 to now.  Wow!  That is a signal that we will be fried in our sleep inside ten years, right? 

The recent CNN attempt to elevate the hysteria to the boiling point was nothing but a political ploy to help the Democrats defeat Trump.  They attacked the Free Market and Capitalism but failed to tell the viewers that the United States with its economic system and use of fossil fuels was the world leader in reducing carbon emissions over the past 15 years. The main reason for this reduction was “fracking” and natural gas.  The candidates kept making ‘scientific’ claims that are unverifiable, bogus, and some outright fabrications. 

You cannot ‘tax’ carbon emissions and solve the problem.  Ending oil and gas exploration will not solve the problem.  Banning nuclear energy will not solve the problem. Banning plastic straws, incandescent light bulbs, and putting filters on cow’s butts won’t fix the problem. 

Bernie Sanders one-upped the others and proposed a dangerous agenda.  He blamed human population growth as the cause of climate change and insisted that we must curb the size of the population.  That is not new and an integral part of Agenda 21.  If you give the federal or world government the power to decide the size of the planet you also give them the power to decide who lives, who dies, as well as how and when.  That, in my view, belongs to God, not man. 

You can believe that man-made global warming and climate change is the most dangerous enemy since WWII if you choose. I choose to believe the Bible when it says, “God created” and God’s Promise that so long as the earth remains there would be “summer, winter, heat, and cold.”  This is a political ploy to gain control and control means loss of liberty, restrictions, regulations, and repression by the federal government.  I do not believe the federal government should be all-powerful or to be viewed as the final authority in all things. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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