Hillary Clinton and others have been funding and attempting to organize what they have called “The Resistance” since and even before President Trump was inaugurated.  Hillary had the audacity to identify herself as “an activist citizen and part of The Resistance.” 

Hillary continues to claim she is the real winner of the 2016 election and her refusal to accept defeat and the outcome flies in the face of her demand that Trump state before the election he would accept the outcome.  I am not sure what drives Hillary and others like her, but I am certain that part of that equation is the thirst for power and control.  They truly believe they are ‘entitled to rule’, and we should be the groveling pheasants thankful for their willingness to rule us.  After all, anyone who resists is deplorable, right?

The immediate riots after the 2016 election, the destruction of person and property by the so-called Resistance was a symptom of a grave illness in our Republic.  Sadly, the prescription for that illness presented by the Democrats was ‘take to the streets.’  Former President Barack Obama encouraged his followers to “get in their faces” and said, “if they bring a knife to the fight, we will bring a gun.”  Civility, the Left demands from the Right is glaringly absent from the public and private encouragements by the Left. 

Before the Inauguration of President Trump in January of 2017 media outlets such as Vanity Fair were asking, “Will Trump Be Impeached?”  He had done nothing.  He had not yet assumed the role of president.  The only hope they had was the fake Steele dossier that everyone knew was phony and had been bought and paid for by Hillary and the Democratic National Committee.   Yet, Politico and others were asking, “How soon will he be impeached?”  There has never been a question that they would try, but try as they might to uncover something impeachable, they have come up empty.  Yet, they continue to fabricate, distort, and use Nazi Gestapo style inquisitions to sway the public. 

Congressman Adam Schiff appears to have no soul and is either so dangerously arrogant or disturbingly dumb. He continues his quizzically bizarre insistence he has concrete evidence against the president.  Interestingly, he has yet to present any of that unimpeachable evidence and insists it exists.  He insisted he had indisputable evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election. 

He insists that he does not know the identity of the Ukraine whistle-blower but will bring hellfire down on any Republican that mentions the name.  How would he know?  If he does not know who it is, which is a blatant lie, and everyone knows it.  His arrogance or delusional state of mind impels his personal pursuit of his quest to get Trump at all costs!

The result of this three-year journey into nothingness has given us a ‘do-nothing Congress” beyond anything ever witnessed.  Is this what we elected the members of Congress to do?  If it is, we need a new system of government because this one is broken beyond repair.  If this is what people voted for, then the American voter has completely lost touch with reality and personal vendetta has become more important than the progress and development of this nation.  That would make us as bad, if not worse, than the dictatorial and coup driven nations in various parts of the world.  Our doom is sealed and our Republic dead, we just haven’t realized it.  Maybe it has been dead so long we can’t smell the stench of the rotting corpse.

The Left has been wittingly or unwittingly growing an army of resistors and revolutionaries that are fighting for causes they do not even understand.  They are seeking to replace our system of Representative Democracy or Republicanism with Socialism and Tyranny.  They are seeking to implement policies and agendas that will obliterate any progress we have made economically over the past three years and plunge us into a recession and depression that could make the Great Depression a walk in the park.  The Democratic Party, like it or not, has officially become the Party of Socialism.  That makes America the loser in this current coup.

If the so-called Resistance wins and ousts this president or defeats him and the Republicans in 2020, America loses.  If America wakes up and realizes that the offering of the Democrats is significantly higher taxes, costs, restrictions killing economic growth and limiting our freedoms, we can win.  The Left offers abortion on demand and a devaluing of human life to the point that euthanasia and genocide become plausible possibilities in their quest to solve the Climate Change problem and fix our world. 

If the Democrats win Freedom of Speech will be severely restricted, and the PC Police will monitor all social mediums and workplaces.  Those following the Christian faith will be in danger of imprisonment and pastors will likely be required, by law, to present their sermons beforehand to a monitoring agency for approval.  So much for “whom should we obey, God or man” as being a minister’s guide.  History will be sanitized and revised to the liking of the politically correct and conservativism will no longer be a publicly viewed commodity. 

Hate is a powerful force and if allowed to run its course terminally destructive.  The hate for President Donald John Trump is beyond anything I have ever witnessed.  I knew some people that wished for the death of Barack Obama and hated him with everything in them.  However, I did not see the concerted and determined effort to ignore the outcome of an election and not just oust him from the White House but destroy him and his family.  I found his ideologies, policies, and agendas anathema to my views and my faith, but I accepted the fact that he was elected twice.  I determined that I would cite his failures and warn of more of the same if we did not defeat the Left in future elections but wanted no destruction to America to achieve that goal.

America can only win if the Attorney General William Barr and the special prosecutor John H. Durham truly bring the guilty to light and hold them accountable under the law and constitution.  If we allow this type of political coup to become the norm in American politics, All Americans Lose and America Loses.  Is that what anyone truly wants?  Do we want to see America become a failed Republic and coup after coup, many of which will not be bloodless, become the norm? 

If anyone is willing for that to become a reality, then leave me out of your conversations.  I keep trying to believe there are some redeeming qualities in everyone and hope that America will awaken from the stupor of delusion and return governmental oversight to where our founders placed it.  They believed it was to be “a government of the people, for the people, and by the people”, and so do I.

God bless you and God bless America!

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