I asked that question recently and one of the group members said, “That’s not my question, my question is can America survive another decade or even another year?”  There is validity in his concern, but my focus is not just what happens for me but for posterity.  I am interested in what we will leave the coming generations including our children and our grandchildren.  Can America survive the assault, transformation, and modification that is being proposed and desired by various elements within our Republic? 

America has long been a winning nation.  Until Korea and Vietnam, we won the wars we fought in a definitive and conclusive manner.  Those engagements are emblematic of a slow erosion in our America worldview and freedom.  I agree with those who contend that no matter what measuring stick you use, America rises to the top in success on virtually every front.  I heard a person declare, “America is number one in opportunity, quality of life, access to healthcare, academics, and diversity in intellectual and political thought. Why we are even number one in dog and cat ownership.”  The last sentence was assuredly tongue in cheek.

Americans are historically competitive, which seems to be an intrinsic part of our DNA.  President Trump frequently speaks of America leading again.  Of course, he is making a political statement to entice or inspire people to think about what is happening and vote for him. I have no problem with that and would expect nothing less from any president.  You do not hear American exceptionalism from a single Democrat in Washington.  That is troubling.  In fact, most of them ascribe to the view of former President Barack Hussein Obama that American exceptionalism is either a myth or a thing of the past.  That too is troubling.

Some of the current crop of Democrats vying for their party’s nomination for president embrace the ideology of communism and most of them are leaning heavily toward socialism.  That is troubling.  The failed hopeful, Robert Frances O’Rourke blatantly declared that his view of our Freedom was we do not have any.  He vowed to take away our guns, especially the AR-15 and AK-47 as well as strip religious organizations of their right to follow their core doctrinal beliefs. 

Andrew Yang is literally giving away our money and Bernie Sanders no longer bothers explaining how we would pay for his brand of Socialism.  Elizabeth Warren uses smoke and mirrors to sell her healthcare plan and other fiscally disastrous proposals.  Joe Biden can’t remember where he is and defends his son and himself in their corruption and his own quid pro quo.  Time would not permit to detail each of them, but American exceptionalism is not part of their message.

Back in October, the Quinnipiac poll had Elizabeth Warren leading the pack and Joe Biden trailing by a full 7 percentage points.  That is interesting and troubling.  President Trump and most of the Republicans express confidence in the American people but Democrats like Warren do not trust Americans or America. 

I had a Warren supporter tell me, “I can’t be friends with you because you support Donald Trump and Trump supporters are not worthy of life and going to hell.”  Warren’s give-a-ways could not be paid for with a 100% tax rate but those who want to get something for nothing do not care.  Their Utopian world does not extend beyond themselves and what happens to the rest of them is not even a blip on their radar. 

The News Media have become nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Leftists and the President, Republicans, and all conservatives face an uphill battle in overcoming their misinformation, distortions, and outright lies.  The Left wants to regulate America back into the 18th century economically, technologically, industrially, and make the government god and all-powerful.  The stifling of business via regulations and taxation will destroy our economy and push us farther toward recession or a depression that the former president did in his 8 years in office.

The Democrats impose regulations, strip away liberties, and make Americans less free.  President Trump, to his credit, has taken actions that allowed CEO’s of businesses to turn their focus away from recycling rainwater and worrying about plastic straws to growing their businesses, becoming more transparent with how they pay their employees and reinvesting in America. 

Can we survive the next 100-years?  Yes, but we may not survive the next 4-years if we allow those who would strangle America’s economy with insane and inane agendas.  We may not survive the next decade if we allow those embracing the Ultra Liberal Leftism that now drives the Democratic Party, take back full control of the federal government.  If you think that the economy of Obama, the obsessiveness and intrusiveness of the federal government was bad, don’t blink, if they regain power his failed policies will look like prosperity compared to what they now offer. 

The 2020 elections, at every level, will determine what happens over the next decade, the next generation, and the next 100 years.  If the Democrats retake the White House, maintain their control of the House of Representatives, and reclaim the Senate we may be toast. 

Our taxes will skyrocket.  The borders will be virtually erased.  Citizenship for those who are expected to be Democratic voters will be handed out like Halloween candy.  Our national security will take an immediate and dangerous hit.  Our 1st Amendment Rights if we are conservative or Christian will be in danger of modification if not removal.  Our 2nd Amendment Rights will be severely diminished and various firearms now legal will become illegal.  Healthcare will be damaged so severely that care for many will become extinct and the costs, even the Free Healthcare will go through the roof. 

Can we survive the next 100-years?  Hey, I am beginning to agree with my friend more concerned about the next decade.  America, we have the clearest choice we have had in a very long time if not anytime in this coming election. We can take a stand for America and our Freedom or we can turn a blind eye and through wrong voting or not voting and allow the Leftists to destroy our Republic and us. 

I refuse to accept the tyranny of the Left without a fight.  I am part of the Save America Resistance that has no organization or funding.  It is American Patriots who refuse to give up or give in to the destructiveness of toxic liberalism that seeks to ‘fundamentally transform’ America into something none of us truly want.

God bless you and God bless America!

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