The Democrats have no qualms about outing anyone and everyone when they believe it helps their cause and advance their rhetoric, spin, and agenda.  Where are the Republicans with the same fearlessness?  Where are the Republicans who can and will articulate the truth, define true conservativism and constitutionalism and demand the Rule of Law be adhered to?  Where are they?  If you find them, please let us know.

We have endured a coup attempt orchestrated by what can rightly be identified as the Deep State.  This charade has been ongoing for over three years and will likely continue until Donald Trump is no longer President and the Democrats hold the full reins of government.  If Trump is reelected, and I pray that he will be, we will see a ramped-up effort to resist, obstruct, and destroy him and the promised agenda.  America be damned seems to be their view.  They have a singular objective and that is control through destruction.  That makes their agenda more than troubling it may prove terminal for the Republic.

Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and now Nadler have and are conducting their ‘inquires’ using Gestapo style tactics.  They are continuously trampling on the rights of the minority on the committees, ignoring facts, advancing fabrications and illegally leaking information to the press. 

Congressman Adam Schiff has made ludicrous claim that he does not know the identity of the so-called ‘whistle-blower.’ That assertion should have emboldened the Republicans and a true champion of Freedom should have arisen and immediately exposed his pretense.  The Republicans appeared anything but emboldened and that did not happen.

Adam Schiff or his staff met with the ‘whistle-blower’ and orchestrated the complaint.  They knew who he was long before he went to the ICIG and it is plausible to believe that they coached him and possibly wrote his complaint for him.  Many, including Senator Rand Paul, has identified the man as Eric Ciaramella.  He was a John Brennan plant in the White House to spy on Trump.  He is joined at the hip in this conspiracy with Alexandra Chalupa another protected potential witness the Republicans want to question.  How deep does this go and how high up in the previous administration do the tentacles of this corruption reach?  Someone said, “Only God knows.”  However, I believe that many in Washington know.

Lt. Colonial Vindman, a man whose service in the military I appreciate and applaud is verifiable member of the resistance.  His testimony was more hearsay than anything and largely rooted in his connections with the unidentified member of the intelligence community he consulted.  Schiff interrupted Congressman Nunes in his questioning of the Lt. Colonel and attempted to insist that it was legally disallowed to ‘out’ the whistle-blower.  That is a blatant lie and Schiff knows it.  Nunes knows it too, so why did he back off?  Where is the fearless determination to pull back the veil and expose this farce to the world? 

The ‘whistle-blower’ has no statutory right to anonymity.  He has a right to protection but not anonymity.  The Intelligence Community Whistle-blower Protection Act clearly establishes rules for anyone to report waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption.  It has legal protections against reprisals and punishment but not anonymity.  Congress may elect to keep the name secret but there is no law that demands it.  If someone accuses another of wrong-doing the accused should have the right to face his/her accuser face to face. 

Even New York University’s Law School published an article that debunks Schiff’s claim of legal protection through anonymity.  The article’s analysis was: “Many of those seeking to protect the whistle-blower argue that it is unlawful to publicly identify an anonymous whistle-blower. Whether that is, in fact, the case is complicated and highlights a significant flaw in how the whistle-blower protection laws actually apply,” wrote national security expert Kel McClanahan, who runs the D.C.-based National Security Counselors, in the journal article. “Simply put, there is no clear, unambiguous provision in either the criminal or civil law generally prohibiting the disclosure of a whistle-blower’s identity.”

Ronald Reagan was the first conservative in decades that was able to articulate conservatism, constitutionalism, and republicanism.  His message resonated with the American people and he won not one but two elections.  Donald Trump has arisen for such a time as this and has offered hope to millions of Americans who are fed up with the ‘status quo’ and ‘business as usual nothingness’ Congress has engaged in for decades. 

Donald Trump, among other things, presents a thorn in the side of those who are devoted advocates of a Universal Government.  What I mean is his America first is a fly in the ointment of those who want a UN type world government where no nation is sovereign and has its own protected borders.  After all, in their view, we are all citizens of the world.  That philosophy is anathema to the principles of Freedom and the basic concept of America’s founding.  Many of our modern presidents were a member of organizations such as the Trilateral Commission or other Universal Governance Groups.  Trump has been other than that and that makes him dangerous to them.

There are many other reasons he is hated including his protection of our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights.  His willingness to defend our Religious Freedom has targeted him and branded him as some diabolically deranged person unworthy of breathing the air of the planet.  Sadly, even some members of the clergy, with national voices, have joined the chorus of decrying his positions.  His willingness to stand in opposition to abortion on demand has added to the hate.  His success is a constant irritant to those on the Left and some openly lament that the economy is robust, hoping of a recession.

It is time for the Republicans in Congress to take the appropriate actions and fight for us fearlessly rather than fecklessly.  They know possibly more than we, the dangers lurking in the bureaucratic shadows.  If they are not willing to throw caution to the wind, forget about long political careers, drop their quest for acceptance and power and stand for us we need to help them move on.  I want the Swamp drained no matter which letter follows the name. 

God help us win in 2020 and continue the fight to restore the government to the ownership and oversight of the people.  Let’s return to being a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”  America is too great a prize to become timid.  We need Mighty Men and Women in Congress to stand fearlessly for America and do what they promised – Set us free from government strangulation!

God bless you and God bless America!

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