The Destruction of America from within has been predicted by numerous communist leaders in the past and our founding fathers warned of that possibility.  I saw some comments and theories advanced by Pat Buchanan that trouble me, if he is right.  I sometimes agree with Buchanan and sometimes find that I cannot embrace his reasoning and suggestions.  But that is nothing new, I feel that way about every politician or national leader.  I guess I could or should say, I find that the case with every human on the planet with whom I engage in dialogue.  We do not all agree or always agree, and that is the beauty of man and our Free Republic.  In fact, I believe a certain level of disagreement is healthy because it brings more ideas and potential solutions to the discussion.

Back in April, Pat Buchanan described democracy as being in a ‘death spiral’ and recently he said it was a ‘dying species.’  I won’t get into the argument that America is not a direct democracy but a republic and representative democracy, that would be too lengthy for this discussion and not completely germane.  Buchanan and many others, including myself, agree that the two-party system in Washington, DC is in a state of irreversible ‘gridlock.’  That is lamentable because, as we have witnessed for over the past three years, the lack of interest in governing by the Left and the often incompetence of many on the Right. 

Buchanan argues that comity and collegiality are vanishing, and in that, I believe he has a valid point.  He insists that in Europe splinter parties arise and ‘illiberal democracies’ take power.  I do believe that he is correct in his assertion that we are experiencing a significant moral and social decline in the West.  I believe that condition is being imposed and advanced by many of those governing us.  It is trickling down from those in power and given legs by the Media.  I believe it is a systematic orchestrated and designed a plan to divide and conquer.  Those pushing that agenda are not interested in the betterment of America but the control of its citizens. 

I do believe we have been witnessing the dangerous rise of the political elite which is becoming or has become a permanent governing class.  I do believe that we the people are increasingly losing our ability to give oversight, direction, and are systematically being dis-empowered governmentally.  That dis-empowerment and the attempt to control us produced the Tea Party and were a major factor in the election of Donald J. Trump in 2016.  I believe that his election was as much a rejection of political elitism as it was anything else. 

The rise and legitimizing of political correctness, the insistence that citizens in various walks of life undergo diversity training has and is doing great harm to our nation.  Do I believe that we need to be tolerant and accepting?  Yes, with qualifications.  I believe that we should view all people regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religion, or political ideology as humans and treat them with respect.  That tolerance and acceptance ends when any of those segments attempt to force their views on everyone else.  No one, not me, not you, not anyone has the right to force another to adopt their beliefs or preferences. 

If you attempt to force me to accept a set of religious beliefs that violate my convictions, I will resist.  If you attempt to force me to embrace your chosen sexual lifestyle, a lifestyle that is anathema to my faith, I will resist.  If you attempt to force me to embrace any ethnicity as deserving of dominance over another, I will resist. 

I owe others nothing but respect, providing they do not violate that olive branch. Likewise, they owe me nothing.  I seek to follow the Golden Rule, but when a person makes it clear that their intent is to destroy me, I resist.  I will when necessary, practice my inalienable right for self-defense.  I will practice my inalienable right to freedom of speech, religion, and my right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness.  I also agree that you have the same rights.

Intrusive bureaucratic government is becoming more a norm than I am comfortable with.  In our Republic, the form of government is supposed to be determined by electoral approval.  Simply stated, we the people are supposed to decide what our government is and the direction it takes.  If the elected representatives do not follow our wishes, we are supposed to have the option and opportunity to reject them at the polls and allow them the opportunity to pursue other interests.  That is becoming increasingly more difficult with gerrymandering, voter fraud, and the commandeering of national political parties by the political elitist. 

In Canada, most of their population voted for policies and politicians who advance an ideology that I adamantly oppose.  It seems that too frequently in such nations the conservative alternative offers a bland brand of conservatism and fails to attract much attention.  In France, 66% of the people voted against the nationalist Marine Le Pen and for the globalist Emmanuel Macron.  Most of them were indigenous French, not third-world immigrants.  That is revealing of the drift or shift or our world toward the dangerous idea of globalism and the incoherent offerings of Socialism.

I am quite concerned that without a resurgence of fearless leaders who are unafraid to tackle the sacred cows of political cronyism in Washington, regardless of who is in power we are destined for more of the same.  In many ways, I find myself increasingly thankful for a man like Donald Trump.  Not because I view him as a saintly or a highly moral person, I don’t know him well enough to make those judgments.  He makes me cringe, at times, in what he says or how he says it.  However, it is apparent to me that He truly loves America and wants to see her restored to greatness. 

I am thankful for someone like Trump who resists the status quo in an unashamed and fearless manner.  He is bold as a lion when it comes to standing up to the establishment.  He believes what he believes and as a pragmatist and businessman, he seeks to find a solution.  Is he an egotist?  What person seeking any national political office isn’t?  Most of us like recognition and are thrilled when given credit for accomplishments.  If we eliminated human ego from society, we would have no politicians, no athletes, no actors and actresses, no entertainers, and society would be incredibly boring.  Ego is a part of the human psyche and held in check and channeled properly is a positive force.

I sometimes engage in discussions about third-parties and alternative candidates.  The discussion centers around alternatives to the Republican or Democrat, and most of the time, I see them as no-win candidates.  We have witnessed the power of the spoiler role in those third-party offerings.  One of the most glaring is Ross Perot who gave us Bill Clinton and defeated George H.W. Bush.  Was that good for America?  I do not believe it was.  I considered the elder Bush a globalist and left-leaning Republican, but I considered Bill Clinton’s liberalism even more damaging to America.  Clinton’s liberalism helped elect George W. Bush, but it also opened the door and blazed the trail for Barack Obama and that door is more frightening than any haunted house at Halloween. 

I do believe that our system of government is in danger and it is imperative that all America’s patriots rise and reject the present offering of the New Democratic Socialism being advance by every Democrat desiring to be President.  Please vote NO on the toxicity of liberalism in November 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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