I am frightfully serious in asking, “Are we, the American voters, as dumb as politicians seem to think we are?”  I would love to offer a resounding NO, but the continued election of some gives me cause for concern.  Politicians are a unique creature and until and unless the voting public prevents them from continuing their agendas, they assume that our lack of involvement is permission.  That is one of the reasons our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution provided so many warnings and safeguards for our system of government.  Unfortunately, those warnings have gone unheeded or ignored and the safeguards revised by the political elitist we keep sending to Washington.

I sometimes snicker when I hear politicians attempt to ‘talk the talk’ of whatever crowd they are addressing.  Hillary gave her best attempt to ‘talk blackish’ to an audience of African Americans in her campaign. If I were black it would have been insulting and revealing.  Pandering should be rejected every time, and in many ways, she was rejected, at least by enough people of all ethnicities to be defeated. 

One of the leading Democratic hopefuls, Joe Biden, is no less insulting as he attempts to ‘talk the talk’ to average citizens who know something about guns and self-defense. One of his feeble attempts to appear knowledgeable as in New Hampshire and he lapsed into his faux gun knowledge diatribe.  He said: ”I believe in 2A (2nd Amendment) but nobody says you can have a round – a magazine with a hundred clips in it…”  WHAT?  His attempt to use gun lingo failed so miserably that the audience should have been rolling in the aisles with laughter, thinking it was a comedy routine.

He continued his rant and talked about the soul of the nation and how his Dad would lie awake at night and stare at the ceiling wondering what would happen if he got sick.  He was attempting to address average citizens with the problem of healthcare and health insurance.  He went into a rant about sending the children off to school and then rambled about fire drills.  Then he attacked the NRA and announced, I have taken them on twice and beaten them twice.  What is he talking about?

He spewed forth more diatribe and said, “I believe in the 2nd Amendment but nobody says you have a round…a magazine with a hundred clips in it…a hundred b-b-bullets in it.  We protect geese more than we protect…no joke, you can only have three shotgun shells when you go shooting for geese.  But guess what, we protect geese more than we protect our kids.”  WHAT?  That incoherent rambling is hopefully not playing well with American voters.  But if it is then we are as dumb as he and the politicians think we are.

Hey Joe, let me speak to you as someone who has served in the military, been in combat, was raised in rural East Texas and been around guns all my life.  I am a hunter, a sportsman, and have a smidgen of knowledge about guns.  The shotgun is only limited to 3 rounds for migratory birds and without the plug can hold more rounds.  The term ‘sitting duck’ could be used to focus on geese and ducks.  The laws on limiting rounds for hunting them is designed to ensure that the number of birds will continue to be ample enough that people can enjoy hunting for years to come.  Deer, on the other hand, are not as easily killed as migratory birds and you just might have to shoot more times to hit and harvest your quarry. 

On the other hand, migratory birds nor deer have a propensity of invading your home and attempting to kill you.  Yes, I remember the movie “The Birds” but that is fictional, not factual.  When I seek to protect my home from an unwanted intrusion by a perpetrator seeking to steal or do bodily harm to me and my family, Joe Biden is not the man I want to determine what protection I can utilize. 

As a former Navy Seal once said when asked, “How many rounds do you need?”  He said, “One more than the bad guy.”  If someone invades my home in a surprise break-in, I probably will not have time to run for my hidden and separately stored back-up magazine for my 2 or 3 round mag.  Or as Joe said, my magazine that has 2 clips in it…  (Sarcasm intended).

When we add to Joe’s incoherent ramblings and rhetoric to the spin the liberal leftists use in advancing their paranoia of man-made climate change, universal healthcare, higher taxes, reparations, redistribution of wealth, and plunging us into the abyss of economic and energy regression we should be awakened.  They either think we are all blithering idiots, or they are.  Either way, they are posing a threat to our way of life, our freedom, and our Republic.  They are becoming a danger to themselves and us so, please reject them resoundingly in the upcoming elections.

America let’s demonstrate that we are not the mindless non-thinking pawns they have grown accustomed to.  Let’s show them the door and reclaim, preserve, protect, and defend our Republic and our Freedoms! 

God bless you and God bless America!

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