Political lunacy is not a new phenomenon, but the level to which the modern Democratic Socialist andHaters have raised it is historic.  Many of us have known and been saying for over three years that the Democrats and Never Trump adherents have taken the position – “Nothing Trump Does Is Praiseworthy or Acceptable.”  If you are in either of those groups, you can argue that I am wrong, but facts are stubborn things and the proof is in the pudding. 

The Socialists Democratic Party has coalesced around a unified policy regarding President Trump – Hate Everything He Does and Take the Opposing Position.  That is EVERYTHING!  If Trump does something good, deny it’s benefit.  If Trump takes a stand against our enemies, defend the enemy.  It almost appears we are watching a Pavlovian test being conducted and the Socialist Democrats immediately respond to everything Trump does or says negatively.  It appears to be a conditioned response and one that should obliterate their chances of winning in November.  I said should, not would, because there are millions of Pavlovian dogs who will vote with the Democrats, so we must wait for the outcome. 

The Socialists Democrats have become amazingly predictable and Trump the results-oriented businessman is not blind to that predictability.  I hope that he and the GOP will utilize every advantage afforded through the inane and idiotic position of the Left offer and hammer the reality home to the American voter.  That will require that each of us become involved and articulate, to the best of our ability, what is happening and why we need to Drain the Swamp and Dismantle the Deep State.  We cannot sit this one out, our future and freedom are at stake.

The Socialists Democrats are demanding the preservation of Iranian cultural heritage while traversing the United States demanding that all Confederate historical monuments be destroyed.  That is more than a little ironic and, in my view, hypocritical.  The Democratic Media devoted hours reporting on the funeral of the killed Iranian Terrorist General treating him as they would an American politician of note.  He was lauded as a statesman and they were useful tools in the advance of Shiite propaganda.  Yet, they call themselves News Outlets.  No, they are propaganda arms of the Left and their position has become increasingly anti-American.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats passed a resolution hoping to strip the President of his constitutional powers and duties to protect this nation against all enemies foreign and domestic.  They hoped for a massive response from Iran so they could escalate their fear-mongering that Trump was plunging the world into WWIII.  The meager response from Iran was somewhat predictable and did minimal damage and cost the U.S. no lives.  But Iran claimed they killed upwards of 80 Americans while the Pentagon confirmed that no lives were lost.  The Media played the Iranian version and made no effort to confirm their reports, it was what they wanted so they aired the erroneous reports and hoped for many more American lives to be lost.  That is despicable.

President Trump, unlike President Obama, is decisive and willing to take definitive action to protect America and America’s interests.  He stepped up his actions to defeat ISIS and inflicted massive defeats for those terrorists.  Tehran’s Hezbollah army based in Lebanon was fighting in Syria.  Iran’s Quds force was organizing Shia militia in Iraq to dominate its neighbor and was fighting the Houthi uprising in Yemen.  The killed Iranian General was the mastermind behind all of this. He had the blood of hundreds of Americans on his hands and eradicating him was clearly legitimate.

President Trump took the lead in air and missile strikes against Syrian chemical weapons facilities with the support of the British and the French.  Obama kept moving his ‘red line’ and did nothing, but Trump draws a line and when it is crossed acts.  The Democrats hate that, but it is good for America and keeps us safer than we would be otherwise.

North Korea has rattled the sword numerous times but backed off each time because they know they cannot win a war with the United States.  The foreign policy of this President, unlike the former administration is decisive and definitive.  He has demanded that our allies step up and shoulder their fair share of the load of defending freedom.  He has defended our friends and not backed down from our enemies.  He has taken the position that “Strength is the best method to obtain peace.”  China, a formidable foe does not want the American economy destroyed, they rely on it too much.  They also know that a full-blown war with America would not end well for anyone and they desire survival as much as anyone else.

The danger of Iran is that it is a nation controlled by Theocrats so rationality will not always prevail.  Religious wars are the most dangerous and destructive of all wars and Iran is a ‘religious’ nation. I did not say Christian but religious and their diabolical twist of reality is deadly.  It is quite possible that they will submit to the insistence of their Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and launch more strikes and more deadly strikes.  If that transpires, this President will take definitive action and Iran will be forced to learn another lesson.  It may take that before they are forced to accept reality and they may be so hell-bent on advancing their ideological beliefs they are willing to be obliterated.  We must pray!

I agree with former Navy Seal Jack Carr that President Trump’s actions forced Iran to ‘stand-down’ and saved American lives. The Media, the Left, and Millennial websites began to advance the paranoia of WWIII and a reinstatement of the ‘Military Draft’.  The end of the world was in sight for them.  Had we had a president like Trump when Benghazi was attacked, we would have seen a much different outcome and American lives would have been saved. 

I agree with Mr. Carr, that when I heard about the death of this diabolical soul I did not cheer, gloat, or rejoice, I remembered.  I remembered 9/11.  I remembered Benghazi.  I remembered the USS Cole and the many other terroristic actions against our military and citizens.  I remembered and had a sense of peace that America was finally returning to ‘protecting and defending’ our own.  Iran must never be allowed a nuclear weapon, they are unstable and willing to use that weapon.  The Socialists Democrats in Congress cannot be trusted to keep our mission secret until carried out, therefore, I support not informing them ahead of time.  The Media cannot be trusted therefore, they should also be kept in the dark.  Wake Up America! 

God bless you and God bless America, let’s fight to the finish and win in November 2020.

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