Who rebelled and who must pay?  We, the voters who did not complacently and compliantly pull the lever in favor of Hillary Rodham Clinton are the ones who rebelled.  We are also the ones that the Democrats, the Leftists, the Globalists, and the Big Government proponents deem must be punished.  We must now pay for our mortal sin of rejecting their offerings and failing to follow them as docile sheep to our own slaughter.  We strayed from our assigned pasture and found that the grass was truly greener on the other side of the fence.

I remember well the fall of the Iron Curtain and the wall between East and West Germany.  I remember the dismantling or dissolution of the USSR.  Ronald Reagan argued, rightly, that human beings, at their core, want to be free.  That is a truth written in the DNA of humanity.  It is a truth that many politicians and despots either do not understand or they simply do not care.  Those in power, want more power, and those oppressed want more freedom.  In the right circumstances and with the right leader will result in Rebellion. 

The emergence of Donald J. Trump in the 2016 presidential campaign produced a leader with the ability to speak to issues that resonated with a very large swath of Americans.  Hillary called us “deplorable” and Obama called us “bitter clingers.”  How dare anyone to dispute their assertions that they were the rightful Lords of the Earth?  How dare anyone not bow at the shrine of toxic liberalism and embrace the fundamental transformation planned for America?  Their reaction to Trump’s election and our resistance or rejection of their agenda has reminded me of tyrannical despotic regimes of history.  Resist and die seems to be their mantra. 

They call this a ‘revolution’, but I contend that their reaction is a ‘counter-revolution’ because the rebellion took place in the 2016 presidential election.  We rebelled, we resisted, we rejected, and now we must pay.  Donald Trump’s message resonated with the millions of us who were ‘fed up’ with the terribleness of our government.  We were utterly disgusted with paying exorbitant taxes to have them squandered, wasted, stolen, and misused by inept and corrupt politicians and their cronies.  We wanted change, but not the kind the Democrats were offering.  We wanted the Swamp drained and the Deep State dismantled.  We wanted our government back.

I will not say that we have achieved those desires fully under President Trump, but we are light years ahead of where we would be under Clinton or any of the Democratic hopefuls then or now. I understand the derision and disbelief that the Democrats had regarding Trump’s entry into the contest.  I did not think he had a chance when he entered the race and I confess, he was not my first choice.  However, as the campaign rolled along, I heard things from him that were completely other than what I was hearing from the Left and too many on the right.  I heard him saying those things consistently and not vacillating from city to city but offering to restore what we had lost, our government.  That began to resonate with me and did with millions of others.

What we did, in voting for Trump, was considered rebellion and treason by the Left.  The Deep State, the Globalists, the Power Crazed in the Democratic Establishment and the RINO’s do not tolerate disobedience.  If anyone strays from their script and agenda, they must be crushed and crushed so severely that it is a warning to anyone daring to stray.  They always seek to make examples out of anyone who resists and rebels.  If they could have public floggings or firing squads, they would.  Instead, they use the media and every other tool possible to utterly destroy the lives of any of those deemed to be a deplorable or bitter clinger.  Those of us who hold the constitution as our national guide and interpret it as written in the original intent must be destroyed.

I can remember when Mikhail Gorbachev, in the Soviet Union instituted glasnost and perestroika.  He appeared to want more transparency in government and a loosening of control over the Russian people.  That could not be tolerated by the supreme powers in the Communist Party and in 1991, they sought to stage a coup and depose him.  That coup failed and his policies succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations.  No, Russia did not become a representative democracy, but I use it as an example comparable to what the Democrats are staging against Trump in this fraudulent attempt to impeach the president.

Trump’s campaign slogan is like fingernails on a chalkboard to the Left.  When they see the MAGA hats or hear the words, “Make America Great Again” their blood boils, their blood pressure soars, off the charts, and their ire boils over in demonstrated hatred.  Their actions are, in my view, a counter-revolution and those rarely succeed without overwhelming firepower and military might.  I do not believe they have either at their disposal and therefore, I believe their attempted coup will fail and America will move forward toward the desired restoration.

However, I am fully cognizant of the dangers of sitting on our laurels and allowing them to continue without exposing their illegalities. I am fully aware of the danger and damage that will be inflicted on our Republic and System of Government if we do not soundly defeat them at every level in 2020.  If we want to keep America the Free Constitutional Republic and a “government of the people, for the people, and by the people” we must VOTE and DEFEAT the Democrats in 2020.  I truly wish we could offer a constitutionalist and genuine conservative in every Republican candidate.  We cannot, but the Liberal, Leftists, Socialists of the Democrats are a far worse choice.

I was made aware of a song that the German band Scorpions released after the fall of the Berlin Wall, “Wind of Change.”  It became the anthem of that sudden zeitgeist and those winds became a hurricane of triumph.  Three decades later, we are witnessing an attempt by the Democrats to erect a Wall of Tyranny in America and the smell of Freedom is drawing many to resist their resistance and counter their counter-revolution.  I am one of those and will fight to the death for Faith, Family, Freedom, and America! 

I pray that millions will see what is so obvious it is not possible to miss. The Democratic leadership, especially in the House of Representatives have made re-acquisition of Power and Control their top priority.  Their view appears to be America be damned, the American people be damned, the economy be damned, and our liberties and freedoms be damned.  They want Power and Power they will have or destroy us and themselves in their quest to achieve it.  Let’s help them find the door and show them the unemployment line.  The Trump economy has produced many jobs, that some of them could fill, although there are few stable shoveling jobs available. 

Help us to prevent the Leftists from regaining total control of our American government in November of 2020.  Help us to reelect President Trump and keep the window of opportunity open for at least four more years.  There is much to do, and no time to rest and there is no place for bystanders or spectators in this war.  Soldier up and let’s get busy!

God bless you and God bless America!

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