In some of the attitudes, actions, reactions, and legislation that is coming down the pike in the wake of this latest crisis in America and the world, I keep asking the same question.  My question, “Is doing it the way we’ve always done it the right thing to do?”  In some ways, President Trump and Congress have little choice but to keep doing the same old things, because a significant portion of Americans think that’s how it should be done. 

Why do people think that way?  I suspect it is partially because that’s how it has always been done and even though the band-aid approach has not worked in the past, we keep hoping it will work.  Why do people think that?  Because that’s what they’ve been taught in the schools, they hear from the media and political rhetoric.  If you hear something long enough, often enough, and emphatically enough, eventually you begin to believe it has validity.

We have seen times when our leaders deviated from those ‘always’ ways and we found some hope, help, and relief.  However, politicians and those who control the classrooms and airwaves insisted that this was the wrong approach.  They succeeded in their message because they convinced some, who were not significantly benefitted that only the rich benefitted not the little man.  The seeds of anger sown in by those seeking power or the deceived have produced a fruit that today demands, “Do it the way we’ve always done it.”  That is a recipe for disaster and often fails to achieve the prize sought.  I believe that is where we are in America today.

First, the coronavirus or COVID-19 is serious!  It is not something we need to ignore, but the danger of overreaction and paranoia is immense and dangerous if not more dangerous than the virus. 

I have been wondering and been asked, “Are we about to have martial law declared in America?”  Well, to a degree it already has been put in place, and some have called in ‘martial law lite.’  We have mandatory closures of businesses and churches.

We have schools, primary and secondary, closing for extended periods of time.  Some of those schools do not have the wherewithal to do online education.  Likewise, many homes do not have the capacity to access the internet, have the necessary equipment or tools to participate.  What happens then?  Do we just suspend education?  At what point, do we move back to any semblance of normalcy in America and the world.

I know business owners who are deeply concerned about the welfare of their employees, the needs of their customers. Some are wrestling with whether to leave their money in the bank or take it out.  This situation could be viewed as a trial run for martial law. I personally believe it is inspired by the most nefariousness of evil seeking to gain total world dominance and governance. 

Did they maliciously release this virus?  I am not saying that, but like Rohm Emanuel, they adopt the philosophy that you never let a crisis go to waste.  We are facing a health and well-being situation as well as a freedom and liberty concern.  This is far-reaching and what we do not know is possibly more frightening than what we do.

I would never have thought I would see the day, in my lifetime, there would be virtually no ‘push-back’ when government officials would take actions that could be viewed as an infringement on our inalienable rights.  I am seeing virtually no resistance by the masses when governors mandate the closure of schools, businesses, restrict travel and even insist that people not go to church. 

I believe that one of the reasons for this lack of resistance is we are now seeing the fruit of multiple generations that were indoctrinated by the liberal mindset of our public schools and universities.  Again, I am not minimizing the threat and whole-heartedly endorse positive, proactive, and preventative measures to deal with this situation.  I am concerned that we have a generation of people who believe that everything comes from the government, therefore the government can decide everything.  That is not universal but covers a large swath of our modern society.

We have multiple generations that have been taught in our schools, indoctrinated by the media, and duped by politicians.  They have been arguing that the constitution is a dinosaur, outdated, antiquated, and was written by evil white men who were racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic capitalist interested only in themselves. 

We had the precursor to some of this after 9/11 and the watched as new TSA policies were imposed and often abused.  We have watched as, our fear of terrorism, allowed the government to spy more openly and freely on American citizens without just cause.  We have watched, as the federal government time and again attempts to ‘throw money’ at any problem thinking that another stimulus or bailout will rectify our ills. I hope this new relief package in the tune of $2 TRILLION will work. History suggests that it will not fix the problem but be a temporary band-aid. So, why do we keep doing what we have always done hoping for a different result?

I read a statement by someone that said, “I think a lot of people are willing to do social distancing, etc., but they are unwilling to live in perpetual fear.”  I agree, at least I hope that person’s assessment is correct.  I hope our confidence in God and our resolve will propel us to take the needed action and continue to hope and live the wonderful life we have been entrusted.

Our economy is being decimated largely due to the paranoia and fear. Imagine what our economy would be now if this had begun during Obama’s economy.  We could be in breadlines by now!  Our, society is being transformed forcing us into our homes and causing many to cower in fear at the lurking invisible death that is in the air. 

I believe that the president we now have has helped make this less destructive for Americans. I believe he and his team have been insightful, attentive, and he has been willing to take the needed steps to curb the influx of people from infected areas.  He has not and will not make all the right decisions, but I am thankful for his leadership especially when I compare it to that of Barack Obama and the proposals of the Democrats. 

I believe there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I believe that as in every other crisis including two World Wars, American resolve, the American spirit, and American excellence will rise to the surface.  I believe we will move beyond the madness and begin, with greater vigor than ever, to restore this nation, our economy, and our way of life. 

I don’t know how this crisis will impact people’s votes in November, but I pray that we will stay the course and not allow the philosophy of “Doing it the way we’ve always done it” prevail.  I pray that we will not accept the massive Socialism and Governmental Control offered by the Left. Historically, we have reacted to a crisis in the political realm by reverting to the “old paths.”  If we do that and give the Democrats, the White House and control of the government we will be shooting ourselves in the foot or the head.  Now is not the time for old ideas, it is time for innovation, daring, excellence, confidence, and faith!

I stand with the president.  I stand for America.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom!   God bless you and God bless America!

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