I am overflowing with disgust over the diatribe, rhetoric, spin, and fallacious accusations that President Trump abused his power and the ludicrous charge that he obstructed Congress.  The current clamoring that he is killing people through ineptitude and disinterest in America and Americans is infuriating. 

I suggest that Congress has proven to be sufficiently adept at obstruction and there is no need for outside efforts to achieve that.  They frequently get in their own way.  Their continual abuse of power and authority has become increasingly apparent to anyone willing to look.  If you are a follower of toxic liberalism you probably cannot see that reality because your bias has blinded, you.

I resurrect something that is ancient history in news and politics and refer to the three-plus-year investigation and attempt to overturn the 2016 election and oust President Trump.  That is ancient history, right? 

With the current COVID-19 crisis or pandemic and the focus on that threat, who looks at old news?  I do!  I believe that there is a need to focus on what has happened politically to enable us to avoid those abuses in the future.  Need I remind anyone that we have an election coming in November and it is the most critical our nation has faced?  We will decide on America’s future and fate and that demands our rehearsing some things and moving forward to others.

When Adam Schiff and his congressional committee obtained the phone logs of their political rivals, they committed a serious ‘abuse’ of authority and power.  They crossed legal, constitutional, and moral lines that should not be easily forgiven, forgotten, or swept under the rug.  This may be business as usual in Washington, but it is not acceptable, and we need to deal with it.  We need to demand that the Department of Justice and Congress address it and take steps to ensure it does not continue or happen again.  Will that happen?  When pigs fly is probably the reality, but it is still a problem!

We must keep it on the front burner and demand investigation of the reality that the supposed whistleblower Eric Ciaramella along with Victoria Nuland received regular updates from top officials at Soros’ Open Society Foundations.  Those emails that were obtained via the Freedom of Information Act exposed the reality that those two and other Obama administration officials were kept up to date on Soros’ whereabouts and positions on Ukraine and other issues.  Imagine that.  Why were Soros’ location and position important?  He is possibly the neck that turned the head of the former administration and many Democrats in Washington today. 

If you investigate James Clapper, the former Director of National Intelligence and the Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk, and the Chief Technological Officer of CloudStrike you discover their connections to Ukraine and Burisma Holdings. Remember them?  That is the entity that Hunter Biden got his sweetheart deal with for being the son of Vice President Joe Biden.  They are all involved in the Atlantic Council which is a super liberal think-tank that receives much of its funding from Burisma Holdings.  Wow!  The dots connect so easily and yet nobody in Washington seems to care. 

The DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa, who worked tirelessly to dig up dirt on Trump and his then-campaign manager Paul Manafort, visited the Obama White House 27 times.  Soros surrogates and associates visited frequently. Those include Daria Kaleniuk the co-founder of the Soros-funded Anticorruption Action Center in Ukraine.  Gina Lentine was the Eurasia program coordinator of the Soros funded Open Society Foundations.  There is an extensive list of people with Soros connections who visited and knew each other.  Yet, the Democrats tell us it is all coincidence and no connections to Soros, Obama, the DNC, or Hillary Clinton.  Therefore, there could be no conspiracy or coup because it was all coincidence.  Yeah, and I see pigs flying over the unicorns in my backyard.

If you have been paying attention you know that there was a concerted effort by the Obama administration to subvert our constitution and award the Deep State Total Control.  When the 2016 election rolled around, they knew that having Hillary in the White House was their only hope of advancing their agenda.  Contrary to the opinion of many, they feared Trump.  I can say that because of the extensiveness of their efforts to stop and destroy him.  Had they thought, as was reported by the media, that he had no chance they would not have bothered and gone to the lengths they did. 

The FBI was involved in the abuse of power and has become something quite other than what they are intended to be.  They have become a political weapon of the Left and that must end.  Cato Institute Research fellow Patrick Eddington filed several Freedom of Information Act requests to find out if the FBI ever conducted surveillance of several organizations dealing with government. 

Those requests received what is called the “Glomar response.”  That is where an agency says it can “neither confirm nor deny” involvement in a particular activity.  Nice, right?  Their response indicates that those organizations may have been spied upon and could still be spied upon.  That response is unacceptable, to me and should be to everyone. 

The FBI has a long history of targeting and spying on Americans whose political views and activities posed a threat to the FBI’s power and influence with politicians.  In the 1930s and 1940s, the FBI spied on supporters of the America First movement including several members of Congress. This is not new but needs to end and people like Mueller, Comey, McCabe, and others need to be brought to justice and forced to take responsibility for their abuses and be held legally accountable.

Ignored in the IG’s Report was the reality that the FBI and DOJ likely asked Putin’s buddy for help to get dirt on Trump.  The Report suggests that Bruce Ohr and his compatriots were willing to cut a deal with a Russian oligarch in their attempt to ‘take down’ Trump.  The IG’s Report states an overlooked or conveniently omitted statement that suggests some dangerous dirty dealings.  It says: “On December 7, 2016, Ohr convened an interagency meeting (including representatives from the FBI) regarding strategy in dealing with Russian Oligarch 1.”

A junior colleague who attended the meeting asked Ohr why the U.S. government would support trying to work with the Russian Oligarch 1.  Ohr’s response is telling, “He told her that Steele provided information that the Trump campaign had been corrupted by the Russians and that the corruption went all the way to Trump.”  They worked and continue to work to ‘get Trump’ and restore control of the government to the Left.

The Abuse of Power and Authority exists, continues, and will continue until and unless we elect the right people and see the proper appointments made that will have the courage and integrity to END IT.

God bless you and God bless America!



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