What could I be talking about?  The question, “Should We Be Worried or at Least Concerned?” brings a myriad of thoughts into the discussion.  I suggest that many ideas could or should be brought to the table and embodied in the question of the need for worry or concern.  However, I am speaking of something specific.  I am targeting the plan of the Democrats to force America into a “Vote by Mail” situation.  I see that, not as a genuine attempt to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus but as a ploy to gain total control of the elections, ALL ELECTIONS!

I’ve been told that to sound this alarm is to engage in paranoia and engage in fear-mongering. I have even been told that it is an abandonment of my faith in God.  I disagree!  God instructed in Ezekiel Chapters 3 & 33 that it is the responsibility of the observant watchmen to ‘sound the alarm’ when they saw danger.  He said that failure to do so would result in the blood of those overcome being on our hands.  That is a powerfully stern warning and reason to engage in “see something, say something.”  I adapt that to cover all of life, the physical, emotional, fiscal, and spiritual.  In this attempt to force “Vote by Mail”, I SEE SOMETHING, and I am SOUNDING THE ALARM!

The Democrats, under the oversight of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, failed to secure all they wanted in the ‘relief bill’ and now they are at it again.  If you do not realize it, evil never sleeps and the nefarious appear to lay awake at night thinking of ways to implement their plans.  The Bible says in Psalms 36 that the wicked plan wickedness while in bed.  This is an extension of Rahm Emanuel’s edict, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  They don’t and they won’t.

The top Democratic hopeful Joe Biden agrees with Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats and insists that we must make it mandatory to implement “Vote by Mail.”  Pelosi has insisted that she will seek and demand at least $4 Billion to implement that plan.  She got $25 million for the Kennedy Center who then gave $5 million to the DNC.  How long will we remain blind and not draw the line in the sand and say, NO! 

Pelosi has insisted that there must be mandatory “Early Voting” in ALL STATES!  The polls, according to her plan, must remain open no less than 10 hours each day for more than two weeks before election day.  Let me ponder that a moment.  If this is to keep people from being exposed to the virus, why do the Democrats encourage public transportation which increases exposure?  Why do I include that question?  Because the plan mandates that polling placed be within walking distance of a bus or metro stop.  Isn’t that a bit counterproductive and hypocritical?  I conclude that it has nothing to do with preventing the virus but to gain the upper hand in the election. 

They also insist that it would be Un-American to purge the voter rolls of ineligible, illegal, or dead people.  Their argument is that would somehow be voter suppression.  How can you suppress the vote of a person who is ineligible, illegal, or dead?  They have no right to vote so their right cannot be suppressed. 

The Democrats are insisting that all who are eligible to cast a vote would receive a ballot.  I feel compelled to ask “Who checks the authenticity of those addresses, names, and protects against multiple votes, voter fraud, and other illegalities?”  The answer, Nobody! Why, because they insist that we must trust the American people to follow the honor system.  After, all only Republicans and Conservatives cheat, right?  Hey, watch out for those flying pigs and unicorns and the green cheese meteorites falling from the moon. 

California was forced to remove 1.5 million ineligible voters from their rolls due to a court settlement.  That was after their voter rolls revealed a registration of 112%.  Hey, that’s a nice cushion if you are a Leftist so why tamper with the goose that lays the golden eggs?  In California, we know that there were 5 million ballots, over 40% of the vote counted AFTER election day in 2018.  Why?  Those ballots had mismatched signatures and it was deemed needful to give them time to fix that discrepancy.  What? 

The illustrious New York Times published an article in 2012 in which they documented the many ways it is ‘easier to commit fraud by mail’ than otherwise.  That article declared that fraud was ‘vastly more prevalent’ in mail-in voting than in-person voting. 

Now, they want us to have that very system. I argue that if we adopt a “Vote by Mail” system, we will never again have an uncontested election or one that we can truly have confidence in.  That, I believe is part of the plan, to destroy our electoral system.  That would be followed by their insistence that we need to overhaul it and they would be in control of that overhaul.  If you don’t know where that would lead, I can’t help you.

Richard Hansen, an election law expert said that the most common kind of voter fraud is via Vote by Mail ballots.  He contended that when voter fraud occurs or when voter coercion is present it tends to occur with ‘absentee ballots.’  His argument and mine are that it is much more difficult to coerce someone to vote in a certain way when they are alone in the voting booth and no one knows how they voted. 

Who is behind this push?  It is backed by George Soros and his organizations.  He is throwing money at it as if it grew on trees.  One of the top organizations behind this push is the Brennan Center of Justice, based out of the NYU School of Law.  Soros has funneled a significant amount of money to them.  The Open Society has given them grants of $7,466,000 from 2000 to 2019.  Are you surprised?

Another activist group, Stand Up For America has been making over 19,000 calls per day to promote this plan.  The ACLU is involved and has received $50 million from Soros.  Other progressive groups are actively pursuing this plan including the National Association of Non-Partisan Reformers (non-partisan they are not), Public Citizen, Common Cause, National Vote at Home Institute, and the Center for Secure and Modern Elections.  None of those want secure or legitimate elections, they want to gain the upper hand and sway the elections as far left as possible. 

This is one of the many plans that would destroy our Republic and we must not allow it to become a reality.  Many other disastrous proposals are being advanced by the Left as they seek to ‘not let a good crisis go to waste.’  America, we have a clear choice in November and we must do what is needed to keep our Republic.  We cannot allow the Left to gain the upper hand and forever destroy our system of government and our elections. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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